If we are brave the unknown will adopt us and feed us miracles Though we may teeter on the verge of oblivion We only see the truth our world hides from That we all stand on the edge of oblivion Every moment a razor thin foothold between the known and a dark void Now and then Here and after Life and death When we learn to walk without the fear of falling the edge expands And we can see that self-doubt is our only enemy.
Jeanette found her way to Pilates when chronic pain threatened to bring her performing career to a premature end. Jenn Seracuse attended the November 2008 training and was officially certified in May of 2009 and is now the Director of Pilates at FLEX Studios. Jenn trains a wide range of clients from top models, like Victoria's Secret Super Model Alessandra Ambrosio and Sports Illustrated swimsuit models Kate Bock and Lauren Mellor; to professional athletes like Tristan Thompson of the Cleveland Cavaliers.
Kirsten Ho attended the August-2008 Training with the Lindafit Pilates Cerification Program and was certified in March 2009. Joanna Sienkiewicz attended the September-October 2009 Lindafit Pilates Cerification Program. I truly believe that Linda's training program for aspiring Pilates instructors is the most real, beneficial, enjoyable, and rewarding program in the Pilates world.
Anna Morejon attended the LindaFit Pilates Mat Certification, Nov-Dec 2009, and mini-ball workshop, March 2010. I became increasingly more dissatisfied with my job in the corporate service industry and pilates soon became the focus of my life. I knew I wanted to teach as passionately as Jeanette and inspire others the way she inspired me.
I’m continually flattered by students ( and Pilates instructors alike) commenting on my knowledge, understanding and ability to communicate the mat work- I owe that to a truly gracious and incredibly knowledgeable Pilate mat GODDESS named Linda Farrell!
Gisele Assi was born in Sao Paulo Brazil has studied Ballet, Modern and Flamenco dance for 20 years. Born in Italy and living now in Switzerland, Paola Terribilini has been involved in fitness for over 20 years. I am a full time Pilates Teacher in Switzerland now, thanks to Linda who inspired me a long time ago. Stephanie Petruccio ~ My love for Pilates started when I took a few classes in college (The University of the Arts) as a modern dance major, but grew even more once I started taking Linda's classes at Broadway Dance Center. Stephanie Brooks is a professional dancer, fitness enthusiast, and advocate for the American Heart Association. Mary Sherwin received her BA degrees in Communications and Dance from the University of Washington and continued on to receive her MA in Choreography from Middlesex University in London, UK. After years of high impact workouts she moved on to Yoga as a form of exercise and a stress relief.
Amani Hafez has also been certified by AFFA and ACE as a GFI (general fitness instructor). Among other certifications are spinning, Zumba, TRX and the Les Mills Body Pump and Body Attack programs. Originally from Texas Meghan Robertson grew up studying and teaching dance in her hometown of Burnet.
Jana Sanford - After practicing Pilates for over 10 years and doing resistance and cardio training for over 20, I left my Corporate career to pursue my passion for health and fitness and helping others achieve their goals. Felicia Terlecki is new to teaching pilates but has been taking pilates classes for over twenty years.
Kate Zak - I started to train Pilates before coming to Broadway Dance Center but it wasn't till I met Linda that I developed a deeper understanding of Pilates.
I had taken Pilates classes growing up as an adjunct to my dance training but it wasn't until I was introduced to Linda that my appreciation for Pilates and my desire for teaching began to grow.
Morgana Rose Mellett grew up in the green mountains of Vermont, before moving to NYC in 2010.
Morgana is a member of Lori Belilove and The Isadora Duncan Dance Company, as well as an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, and Certified Yoga Instructor through Three Sisters Yoga. I have only positive things to say regarding Linda Farrell and her Pilates mat certification program.
Michelle Pucci-Orosz is a trained dancer, Pilates Instructor and certified personal trainer. Natalia Duke has been traveling and studying different healing modalities since she studied and received her Pilates Mat certification with Linda Farrell in 2009.
As a formally-trained ballet and tap dancer, Yvette Lenhart was drawn to the dual effectiveness of Pilates as a way to strengthen core muscles yet leave the body feeling centered and relaxed. Through Pilates (and stretching) she was rehabilitated and continued to dance professionally for another 13 years. Palmer is on the adjunct faculty of the Graduate Center at CUNY, is the Pilates instructor to the Women’s Swim Team at Columbia University, has been teaching pilates for over at eleven years at Body Strength and the New Dance Group.
Jenn has been featured in several major publications including Glamour, SHAPE, Women’s Health, MAXIM, People StyleWatch, AND New York Magazine. She also works with other film, television and Broadway stars, dancers, marathon and Ironman competitors, NYC socialites and of course new & expectant moms. My certification has provided me with a continuous flow of work teaching at gyms and studios across New York. The classes and trainings are small in number so you can have personal attention and thoroughly understand the material and exercises. She was first introduced to the practice while in college at Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts. I did my best to make her class at least once a week or whenever I could get down to NYC since I live in Fishkill, NY.

She is passionate about helping people live a healthy lifestyle and has taught fitness and dance for over 10 years.
She initially fell in love with Pilates during her rehabilitation from a dance injury and enjoyed how the discipline affected her entire well being. Aside from running, cycling, and Pilates, Kat also embraces strength training, TRX, and loves a good sweaty Hot Yoga sesh.
She fell in love with movement at the age of 11 when she took her first dance class and has been dancing ever since. She has found that the tools she has learned from becoming a certified Pilates mat instructor are often utilized in her daily therapy sessions with her clients. She had a successful career in the Fashion Industry and in past few years decided to pursue an alternate career path. A few years ago after a knee injury she discovered Pilates as a wonderful strengthing tool for her body. She has been teaching since 1987, later becoming the Reebok fitness consultant in Egypt, through which she had the chance of becoming an instructor trainer in Slide Reebok in Spain. Amani is owner and instructor trainer in Body Works Fitness Studio that has been operating since 1999.
After receiving her Bachelor of Arts in Dance and Theater from the University of Texas she bravely packed her bags and headed for the big apple. After taking her class, I realized that LindaFit Pilates was the absolute best program to go through in order to receive my Pilates mat certification. She has danced with New York Theatre Ballet, Eglevsky Ballet, Princeton Ballet and Hamilton Ballet Theatre and now has a not for profit called Live Dance Live.
In 2008, she graduated from the Ohio State University where she studied modern dance and pre-physical therapy. LindaFit's Pilates method lets the exercises (and the science behind them) speak for themselves, and her large following of both students and teachers speaks to her success. After teaching all through college she entered the corporate world and remained a fitness enthusiast despite no longer teaching. The programs are small and Linda cares that each person receives the knowledge and practice to be an articulate, well-educated and successful Pilates mat instructor.
She has always been passionate about the biomechanics of movement and the way one moves through space.
These yoga classes for guys in Park City will teach you about yoga, help you feel better, get stronger, and increase flexibility. Given her triumph over her injuries and her lifelong passion for movement and dance, becoming a certified Pilates teacher was the logical next step. Jenn loves transforming bodies by adding a modern spin to classic Pilates exercises and is a stickler for form and precision. She is currently an instructor for Linda Farrell at Barclay Tower, Boom Fitness Gym, Arias Dance NYC and also gives privates, duets, and trio mat sessions.
It gives you the most broad understanding and instruction on how to be an excellent teacher.
Her extensive list of private clients include actors, singers, stay at home moms, agents, makeup artists, stylists, sign language interpreters and models. She is currently working at: Namaste Yoga, Easton Yoga, Viva Pilates, and Villas at Whithall. If you’re ever in Morristown, NJ, please check out her classes at the new Barre3 studio! She is a fantastic mentor and friend, her knowledge about teaching techniques and human anatomy amazed me.
She has produced dance and theatrical work for Roberto Cavalli, Pepsi Co., BCBS, Heineken USA, Caesars in Atlantic City, Carnival Choreographer's Ball, and Broadway at Birdland with Diana DeGarmo. Amani's goal is to continue to grow as an educator to share the wealth of knowledge she has acquired in her years of teaching. Her extensive knowledge in Anatomy helped me leave the course as a confident as instructor in the human body. I also emphasize exercises that are easily portable, meaning they don’t require big or heavy equipment or a lot of space, so can be done almost anywhere, anytime. She moved to New York City to dance professionally with a number of independent choreographers and soon after was introduced to Linda Farrell.
Her knowledge and application of anatomy and Joseph's original mat-work stands the test of time. When Hollis took her first class with Linda in 2007 she fell instantly in love with mat Pilates and knew after her first class she would get certified. Morgana teaches Pilates classes in private residential buildings as well as at Equinox, Broadway Dance Center, West End Health and Fitness, and Boom Fitness. Furthermore Linda has continued to support me after my certification was completed by recommending me to gym owners and potential private clients and being continuously kind and caring to me.
She is a former professional dancer with 20-yrs of training in ballet, jazz, and modern dance. Lauren has completed multiple marathons while fundraising $55,000+ for cancer charities. Joanna also incorporates a resistance band and the magic circle in to her pilates classes. She currently teachs at Ballet Arts, Hot Yoga Yonkers and Equalize FitnessAnna teaches private sessions, as well as private, closed classes, for Art of Control.

Every August, she goes to New York for a month where she continues to study with acclaimed international teachers to sharpen and perfect her technique and teaching. I could listen to her talking for hours without any sign of boredom, Linda is 100% behind her teachers.
She made me fall in love with the technique and before I knew it, Linda asked me to help her with a few of her certification programs as a model for the students. She was impressed with how the Lindafit certification program strengthened her knowledge of the body and the repertoire that Joseph Pilates created. Her training program is very well structured and gives you just the perfect amount of time, attention and knowledge to feel secure to stand on your own legs. Having the opportunity to attend many Pilates workshops also allowed her to inject her own mat classes with not just the classical mat work but much more.
After completing the Professional Semester Program at Broadway Dance Center, Meghan went on to receive her certification from LindaFit Pilates in 2014. As a biomedical engineer and a sports enthusiast, I have a strong interest in the biomechanics of exercise and sports activities including golf, tennis, running and skiing in particular.
Pilates gives you core strength, greater flexibility, muscle tone, relief of back and joint pain, more energy, weight loss and just a happier you! It has been a pleasure to learn from her and also know that she really cares about her students and their future as instructors. I love to push the limits and use props such as fitness balls and it makes me so happy walking out feeling I gave my students my best.
She finished her mat certification with LindaFit in 2012 and has been teaching private Pilates lessons ever since. A mom of three, Hollis has used her LindaFit Pilates certification teaching mat Pilates in Westchester, NY as well as other group fitness classes. In 2005 she began a one-year period of training and apprenticeship and went on to receive her Pilates certification from the Sal Anthony Movement Salon in Manhattan.
You complete the program and feel a sense of accomplishment and feel prepared to go out there and make a difference in your classes and for clients.
Stephanie has been a teaching artist and fitness instructor at the 92nd St Y, Westside YMCA, Ballet Academy East, and Broadway Dance Center. Linda has been extremely supportive, encouraging and a great mentor throughout this process. She created her own combination of pilates, yoga and dance called Piiloga, in her fitness studio, Body Works. She now teaches classes in New York at both private and public clubs including Boom Fitness and The Colony Club.
I want the students to feel joy, to improve, to develop a sense of alignment all with an easy breath when walking out of my class.
Michelle's teaching experience includes Piloxing and Dance Cardio Sculpt at Elements Fitness Studio in Manhattan, Piloxing and Zumba instructor at Shotokan Karate Studio in Queens, Fitness instructor at Simply Fit Astoria, Dance Program Director at Camp Wicosuta in New Hampshire. Natalia currently teaches in Key West, Florida and leads wellness + relaxation retreats abroad. She completed additional certification in the classical Pilates matwork repertory with expert trainer Linda Farrell, as well as specialized training in Pilates and osteoporosis. I would strongly recomend you to take your pilates mat certificate with Linda Farrell .
Pilates seems to have become her obsession in the past 10 years, which made her pursue many certifications: Pilates mat certification by NESTA, Pilates Ball by ACE and finally Linda Farrell's, LindaFit Pilates Mat Certification. I loved working with her and appreciate all she has done for me in my learning process and career development. She continues to teach several Pilates mat classes (Broadway Dance Center, STEPS, Club H, Sal Anthony Movement Salon), in addition to working privately with clients of all different levels.
She believes in executing each exercise safely and efficiently giving her students motivation and anatomical education along the way.
Nicole is proud to be a member of the Pilates Method Alliance, as well as the IDEA Health and Fitness Association, committed to a high standard of excellence in health and fitness education. Stephanie has taught in seven different countries, and has experience working with special populations, disabilities, and injuries.
Nicole holds a bachelors degree in Speech from Northwestern University and a Masters degree in Education from DePaul University. She gives you a history of Pilates as well as a thorough anatomy lesson and explanation of every exercise.
Now that I have moved into a Director position, I have hired many Lindafit certified instructors to teach under me at FLEX Studios, because I know I am getting quality instructors with the knowledge & training it takes to be a superstar in this industry. I would highly recommend the Lindafit Mat Certification Program to anyone beginning the journey to becoming a Pilates teacher. Linda is a huge positive influence in my life and I appreciate everything she has done for me and for all of her support.

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