The answer is different for everyone, but most people would agree that a great life includes something worth living for, maybe even worth dying for. Life coaching is a service in which trained individuals assist clients to improve the quality of their lives.
Life coaching is dually referred to as personal coaching because it takes into account all areas of a client’s life including career, family, friends, romantic relationships, fun and recreation, health, finances, personal growth, spirituality and physical environment.
A life coach helps people discover their true passions, values and life purpose, assisting them in creating and implementing a plan to make their dreams a reality, creating a life that they love. If you’re interested in how life coaching could help you with some of the challenges you’re facing, please call or submit your contact information below.
Just as sports teams hire coaches to help perfect player performance, business owners bring business coaching into their businesses to help them gain and maintain a competitive edge. Business coaching shows business owners how to apply successful business fundamentals to improve the the direction of the company and meet the needs of the business owner.
Business coaching is simply the provision of coaching services to people in any size business and at any stage of business development. If you’re interested in how business coaching could help you with some of the challenges you’re facing, please call or submit your contact information below.
Although the concepts of professional and personal coaching have been around for several decades, the concept of ADHD coaching was first addressed in the 1994 book, Driven to Distraction,1 by Edward M. In my work with business owners, I find that they often say to me that they have prospects that they haven’t followed up with (for whatever reason), or they lost track of some of the referrals people gave them.
Use these affordable, step-by-step solutions to fill your coaching practice with ideal clients. Choosing a viable and profitable niche will allow you to have a clear, crisp marketing message that attracts the clients you want at a price they’ll pay, generate quality referrals, work in your sweet spot, and have clients who stay longer and achieve more.
It takes time for potential clients to get to know, like and trust you enough to enter into the coaching relationship.
If coaches were only allowed to use one marketing tool, I’d recommend having an ezine or electronic newsletter, and I’m not alone.  In fact, studies show that even with all the social media venues available today, email is still the highest rated marketing tool for businesses. Public speaking is a powerful way to provide great value to your audience and at the same time subtly market your business.
You know coaching is powerful, and public speaking is one of the key ways to demonstrate the value that you, as a coaching professional, can add to the life or business of those in your audience.
But now you can craft your own strategic speech with ease with the Powerful Public Speaking for Coaches eCourse, or purchase a professionally written, ready-to-deliver speech that’s uniquely yours. With a pre-written strategic speech you will be able to naturally weave your marketing message into your presentation and deliver your compelling offer, all while giving your audience knock-out information.
Plus, when you listen to the speech being delivered by Kim, and you hear first hand all the incredible techniques she uses, you’ll be able to incorporate every nuance, every inflection into your delivery for maximum effect. Finding good products and services to support you in your coaching business is just one of many tasks on your ongoing ‘to-do’ list.
In an effort to help, I have compiled this list of some of my favorite products and services. FREE - Sign up to get "5-Minute Marketing: 101+ Quick & Easy Marketing Ideas" and as an additional bonus receive my monthly Marketing Tips as well.

Work With KimIf you are passionate about the power of coaching, ready to serve God and others, and looking for solid, realistic, step-by-step marketing help, check out the different ways that you can partner with Kim to build your business and change the world. This is the only full-service, six-month program for Christian coaches that gives you all the information, coaching, group support, weekly motivation and more you need to build a successful coaching business.
The most valuable advice that a youth baseball coach can give a young hitter is to think about hitting the ball up the middle. Something that inspires you, energizes you, pulls you forward and makes you jump out of bed in the morning, eager to start the day. Professional coaches provide an ongoing partnership designed to help clients do or achieve anything they desire in their personal or professional lives.
While most clients are typically motivated to hire a coach to help them with a prevalent problem or goal, life coaching aims to also create balance across the full spectrum of clients’ lives. A life coach acts as a motivator, a partner, a mentor, an advocate, a problem solver, a road map, a mirror, a guide and cheerleader, (among many other roles), all of which will help clients create the life they desire. By using proven business coaching programs and systems that deliver results, business coaching teaches business owners the fundamentals of running a successful company from sales, marketing, finance, team building, system development, growth planning, exit systems and more. In larger organizations, the coaching may become more specialized, covering such issues as leadership development and team building.
A coach helps people with ADHD carry out the practical activities of daily life in an organized, goal-oriented, and timely fashion.
Apart from being very successful and often exceptionally rich, they will also have a personal coach. All you need is someone who is an expert to tell you what steps to take, when to take them and then give you the tools to help you succeed.
It provides you with just the right information, everything you need to take action and then breaks those actions into bite-sized pieces so that you can fill your coaching business with eager clients. It provides you with just the right information, everything you need to take action and then breaks those actions into bite-sized pieces so that you can fill your coaching business with eager clients. Not only does it leverage your time & money, add value to your client’s lives and build a foundational relationship that converts prospects into clients, it will work for you even while you sleep. It provides you with the information you need to become a powerful public speaker and then helps you take bite-sized actions so you can fill your coaching business with eager clients.
No more research, no more sweating the small stuff, wondering if this line or that line is appropriate. You can now rest easy, when you realize that your speech will be a winner.  You will be more confident, you’ll get more offers to speak, you’ll reach more people, and you’ll end up with more clients. If you think about hitting up the middle, you can adjust to hit the ball wherever it is pitched.
Something that was made for you and you alone; that utilizes your unique talents and gifts. Typically done through a long-term relationship, life coaches aid clients in creating visions and goals for all aspects of their lives, as well as multiple strategies and the necessary psychology to support the attainment of those goals. A coach helps anticipate the obstacles on a client’s journey, working to navigate around, or when need-be, plow through difficult situations. Through a close partnership, an ADHD coach helps the client learn practical skills and initiate change in his or her daily life.

The success of using personal coaches is not restricted to the sporting world, many CEOs, entrepreneurs and people from all aspects of business benefit from personal coaching.
So I came up with a simple tracking spreadsheet to help my clients better know who they have in their pool of prospects so they know where they are at in their pipeline, and they don’t lose anyone (or drown them) on the way. From the foundation up, use this toolkit to ensure that your website will work for you even while you sleep. This free ‘taste’ of your services grows the relationship, allows prospects to see the incredible value you provide and at the same time adds them to your mailing list.
If you go to the plate hoping to pull  the ball, you will struggle hitting an outside pitch.
Ultimately this something makes a difference in the world around you, and will leave an impact on it, long after you’ve come and gone. A coach reminds clients of their greatness when they forget, gives them tools to be dynamic, and challenges them to take action in spite of their fears. Practicing with a high quality SKLZ Reaction Ball is not only beneficial but fun to do as well. Your front side will have opened up too soon  and you will not be able to drive a pitch on the outside part of the plate.
A great life would bring more meaning, purpose, love, laughter, wonder and adventure to your time here.  At the end of your journey you would look back on a life of significance, rather than one of regret. A life coach is a partner who is totally committed to helping you achieve what you want in all areas of your life. Public Speaking for Coaches is here to teach you how to harness the power of public speaking to grow your coaching practice. You have to have balance in everything that you  do in baseball, especially in hitting. Youth baseball bats are no different than adults bats, they need balance.Concentration at the plate is critical, and positive thinking helps. Try to watch the pitcher's hand and keep your eye on the ball be aggressive at the plate, but also remain loose and relaxed. If you let your arms get too tight, you will lose the advantage of having good wrist action for your swing, as well as your power.You should have a purpose to each swing in batting practice.
In your first round of batting practice you might concentrate on hitting every pitch to the opposite field. Prepare yourself for game situations, or the practice will not be as helpful as it could be If you find yourself in a slump, try to concentrate on defense and possibly save the game with a good play. Slumping hitters should remember that it does not always take a home run to help the team.Youth baseball players and coaches should look to improve the mental outlook of the whole team with positive comments to all players.
Hitting is so much about confidence.Hitting a baseball is very difficult skill that sometimes gets overlooked by coaches,players,and parents. Sometimes we take for granted how skilled these youth baseball players are and want even more out of them.Let's just have fun and enjoy this great game of youth baseball.

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