The classes last about 20 minutes and all you have to do is show up and register and learn how to perform CPR.
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Sign up to have exclusive MIX VIP Club contests, events, coupons, presales, and much more delivered to you for FREE. The internet gave rise to many great things – electronic messaging, paperless media, online-based companies, and widespread awareness. Nowadays, it’s inexcusable for caregivers – nannies, nursemaids, personal care assistants and babysitters – to be uncertified in CPR and first aid.
Even though many employers provide medical training for their employees, a person increases their value as a caregiver if they are trained in CPR and first aid prior to working for an individual person or company. Online CPR and first aid courses are cost-effective and equip students with the capacity to save the lives of infants, children and adults.
You should never take unreasonable chances and risk your own life to try and help someone else. If you become a victim as well, you will not be able to help anyone. Take a moment to think about the danger you may be exposing yourself to, and question whether or not it is safe to do without proper training.
Take a look the following pictures and attempt to identify what elements may present a danger. In contrast, however, most people take a CPR class with the intention of using a certification card obtained for the purposes of self credentialing, meaning that they are usually getting it for purposes of employment or entrance into an education program. Generally speaking, free CPR classes do not provide the participant with a certification card or enough time or attention to truly demonstrate mastery of the information provided.
Having a program in place where the student is tested on the information learned through examination and has the ability to review course material helps to ensure better retention of the skills. Place the heel of your dominant hand in the center of the chest and place your other hand interlocked over the top of that hand.
So you’ve been out there looking for a job or heard of someone who has had a rough time finding employment. The next thing within the application that is utilized to determine who is the best candidate is how the application reads. We have been dancing around the issue of qualifications, but if you really want to get the job, not only should you be qualified but you should also go above and beyond. Healthcare professionals and educators often are required to obtain CPR certification in order to meet the continuing demands of their industry. The job market isn’t the only place where people are mandated to obtain CPR certification. Our goal is to ensure that the student receives the highest quality training and service for the lowest price possible. According to officials, 15 year old Tyler Symes heart stopped beating after he was accidentally struck by a hockey puck in his chest.

Fortunately, the team’s management staff and a bystander successfully performed CPR to bring the child back to life prior to rescue workers arriving. Wednesday, September 11, 2013 The Arnold Volunteer Fire Department Inc is now offering CPR classes. Harrison will be conducting “Harrison Health Month” at each of its 13 campuses where we will be offering free CPR classes to our respective communities. Remember, if you are not properly trained and equipped to deal with a situation, do not expose yourself to risk by entering the scene! Are you going to run across busy lanes of traffic and help the patient on the street if there is no formal traffic control? It is imperative to look at the entire picture and make absolutely certain that you can be safe while providing care. The event proceeds will benefit the Creighton Children’s Center which will use any funds obtained from the cost of the class to support their preschool.
Other more noble reasons, include getting certified because you are having a child or just want to help your fellow neighbor out. EMS University offers CPR training and certification both online and in person in select locations.
You would be surprised to find that most people who apply for a job, don’t actually meet the stated requirements. I wouldn’t recommend padding your resume with service awards from previous companies or in-services attended 10 years ago, but I would recommend including relevant credentials. This is the slow season for education, so part of the idea is to stimulate participation during this low-volume time. The current classes will be held at the firehouse located at 1505 Ritchie Hwy Arnold, MD 21012. Believe it or not, good compressions are actually less stressful on the body and you can do more of them. There must be something about that person that an employer sees as more desirable than the other candidates.
Chances are that if your resume is done in a messy manner that your application will be rejected. List a history of past education and pertinent training as well as ancillary certifications.
I think getting CPR certified not only tells you about a requirement that needs to be met, but also about the person who is getting it. Getting a head start on CPR certification will help anyone who needs it by saving them a great deal of money.
In order to receive the discount, you can contact us through a comment or by using live support chat, email or telephone. A freak accident can happen any time and it was fortunate for Symes that people in the stands and coaches were able to assist in bringing him back to life. For questions or to register please visit our CPR Classes page for more information and description of classes we will be providing.

Bad compressions are not only ineffective, but tiresome because they distribute a majority of the workload on weaker muscles instead of using the advantage of your body weight as described below.
As a former supervisor and director in charge of hiring staff, I can tell you that there are several things that we look at right off the bat. Additionally, there is a chance that the patient’s life might not be saved that could have otherwise been. Think of the impact that could be made if people were required to obtain certification prior to graduation — but not so late as graduation from college. I absolutely love it when someone contacts me and says that they want to get certified because they are having kids or have kids and want to be prepared in case something happens. Many people use these certifications to meet the requirements of regulatory agencies or their employers. It may require a lot of effort, but I can tell you that typing your resume makes a world of difference and impresses the person reading it. In the education field, it is important for teachers (particularly preschool teachers) to maintain current certification. This is due to the fact that young children pose an increased risk for choking and succumbing to other hazards that might not be inherent in other industries. In any event, the original point is that meeting requirements is a good reason to get certified. But not just with kids — God bless their little hearts (I have 3 of them myself), but also with other loved ones, like your wife, husband, brother, sister, friends or even just for the sake of your community! Also, asking questions is not incorrect as long as they are pertinent to your possible job responsibilities. Aside from these qualifications, I would recommend driver training and anything else that can be obtained for free or for a discounted price. And speaking of other industries, the need for CPR is growing in the field of construction, transportation, health ancillaries, and other related fields. You want to make sure you know what you are getting into before you accept the position if it is offered.
Joining an employment organization may also help you get the tools you need to be successful in the job market. The design is not mainly to eliminate liability, but can also be marketed as a higher level of service to the customer. But realistically, having additional qualifications will help you stand out as a good candidate and may push employers into hiring you if everything else falls into play.

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