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George explains the simple reason why TSL is a better approach to problem solving and decision making training! Our radio archive contains free, downloadable seminars, complete with follow-along PowerPoint presentations.
We deliver results through consulting and customized training that is based on Reality-Based Technologies, not the latest trend or fad. With offices in Lexington, KY, FIRST STEPS TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT (FSTD) designs and delivers best-in-class critical thinking and behavioral skills training designed to take your organization to the next level in Safety, Customer Service and Employee Performance.
FSTD delivers quantifiable results through consulting, coaching, and customized training. Grow your organization's HR capacity -- see our Train the Trainer workshops and Assessment Tools.

Here is a free Leadership ?Workshop? you can take right now in your office, at home or on the road.
In general, participants in the Five-Minute Leadership Workshop? (FMLW) are already highly successful leaders. Peak Performance!? took the lessons which thousands of clients have said are most effective and most directly applicable to real-world situations and packaged them into ?bite-size? pieces you can use right away.
Just agree to participate with an open mind and heart and try to implement the lessons so that you can obtain the results of better leadership within yourself and your organization. At Peak Performance!? , we believe that EVERYONE has capacities for leadership, though perhaps not in the same measure and not in the same areas. We further believe that extraordinary organizations cultivate leadership contributions from EVERYONE on their team. IP addresses assist us in many website operations, like running the statistical software that identifies the sections of our site that are most heavily used, and which portion of our audience comes from within the ASA network. You may also choose to provide optional details, such as maiden name, nick name, birthday, occupation, company, spouse's name, photos, or personal comments. Any personally identifiable information collected is for the purposes of official College business only.
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