As one of the nation’s leading corporate health and wellness program consulting companies we assist our clients in their efforts to find the best health and wellness programs for their specific needs. Where most wellness companies take a cookie cutter approach to wellness programs, Infinite Health Coach believes in tailoring health and wellness solutions to create highly personal wellness programs that fit the corporate culture of the organizations with which we work. We, as health coaches, have opened up an entirely new industry and the world is at our fingertips. This page is not only meant to inform you, but…to get you so excited that the electrical charges are popping in your brain and you think of a million different ways to spread your love and by doing so, change the world.
You will learn to create magical income streams that allow you to become prosperous and open you up to be able to offer the world all the light you have to share.
The magic of e-books is that you create the e-book, launch and market it properly, then you go on to something new and the book creates passive income. You can deliver e-courses as printed modules, videos, audios, webinars, phone sessions or all of the preceding. There are many different ways to develop an e-course, the secret is to offer what your target market needs. You can deliver your e-course by automated emails, on a message board, with a more sophisticated delivery system like Designed, Sealed & Delivered® (DSD), where it can be programmed to “unlock” at predetermined intervals and will deliver daily emails for you as well.
Becoming an affiliate for someone else can be a very powerful way to develop passive income. They need help getting the word out, so they offer commissions to people who can spread the word. The whole thing is automated to keep track of movement from the time you put your link out – to the time someone buys.

You are able to pick and choose what you represent, so be careful, pick the things you love and leave the rest behind.
An affiliate program allows teamwork that profits everyone…the seller, the affiliate and the end user. You may want to offer something you have that is equal or less value than your commission as an incentive to use your link to purchase the product.
You should only be an affiliate for things that you love…and know that another person would find value in. Be selective so that you get the kind of experience you need to call yourself a seasoned expert and to acquire credentials.
Not all of them will be for you, so study them carefully, make notes, Google and find out how…and try them out…and then, do what feels right.
They will do it once or twice a month and in intervals if the purchase is set up on payments.
You don’t want to do anything that confuses the new purchaser in branding, they must know that you are not the person selling the original product and that you are an affiliate for the original seller. Affiliates can spread the word faster and let more people know what you have to share with the world. Be generous, you may receive less for each sale, but you will have sales that would not have been created without your affiliate warriors. We started out with a simple WordPress plugin and now use Infusionsoft for affiliate tracking. Have the class present questions ahead of time and you can review, research and have a great answer prepared.

Make sure you know the people you get involved with and if you have a bad feeling about them – follow your intuition. Everything you do, all your business decisions, should revolve around the plans that you are making. If you don’t believe me…look at the diversity that some of the IIN Graduates have shown in their prosperous businesses and practices.
You are published, are recognized as an expert in your field, have something to promote on your website and sell online!
The same thing you use with your clients can be delivered online and turned in to more passive income.
Other people can spread the word about your coaching, e-books, e-courses, and goods you sell. This is a nice format because you are guaranteed to give the listeners information they find useful.
Don’t sell leather purses on a vegan website…and don’t sell cheap vitamins that run through your system, if you want what you say to be taken seriously. You can do coaching on your own, with a partner…or by partnering up with businesses (like doctors) who are working with your target client.

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