Talk show host, bestselling author, and life coach, ready to lead you on the path of self-love to a happier way of life. That phrase 'stepping up' is creating so much havoc, as if we have to somehow be more than what we are. These are the qualities our culture holds dear: are our eyelashes long, our breath fresh, lips plump, bowels regular, hair luxuriant, skin a reflection of ageless beauty, and our body fat index no greater than 15%?
In a recent post I wrote "no more playing small'; now I know that it's no more playing small AND no more playing big. Our size is a reflection of the fullness of our hearts and the generosity of our actions, anyway, so let's stop worrying about visibility and stepping up. Explore Reba's books and online courses, and pick up her FREE GIFT to you: Chapter 1 of her bestselling journal, Imagine Self-Love. Course on Self-Love"9 Self-Love Keys to Change Your Life," is available through the Daily OM. Bhopal-based education group AISECT, has in a big way, embraced MOOCs mode of online course delivery and is set to emerge as the biggest player in India after its strategic tie up with Ireland headquartered MOOCs platform ALISON.

ALISON, which is the global leader in free online certified skills training for the workplace with 7 million registered learners and 800,000 graduates worldwide, has one million registered members from India. Primary Sidebar Free Search & Rescue Pocket Card FEMA Search & Victim Markings, Search TypesDownload and print for your lanyard, helmet or wallet. It sounds like it might require climbing up onto a high diving platform, naked for all the world to see. This culture is so much about appearances - and visibility, our culture says, comes with judgment. A dove needn't try to be a dove, she IS a dove; gentle, mean, greedy or content, she's still a dove.
AISECT known for its IT skills course delivery in semi-urban India is planning to offer over 2000 courses by next year. So, in a blended model students enrolled for an AISECT MOOC course will have the choice of studying at home or coming to the AISECT Centre to make use of the available facilities. It's as simple (and as complicated, I know, I know) as just being ourselves - I know, I know, it can take decades but it is nonetheless still so simple!

Well, maybe some of us do, and they should live and be well, but I want nothing to do with it!
We each are the exact right size and we don't need to strain to be bigger or constrain ourselves to be smaller than we are. All 750+ diploma and certificate level ALISON courses will be offered through the AISECT MOOC portal. Additionally, AISECT will offer courses on school curriculum as well as courses on higher education subjects. Initially, the course curriculum will be available in English and Hindi but more regional language content will be added to the MOOC platform over the next few months.
I wouldn't want to live anywhere else, but my dear culture, you had my head spinning round, trying to figure out how to win at this game.

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