By registering you have joined HLC’s spiritual family and added to HLC’s Stay Inspired email list where you will receive inspirational messages such as Coach’s Tip of the Week and 12-Step Recovery Blog, etc. Since 1999 I have offered Christian Life Coaching for Christians who need a mentoring program to help them live God's Word daily in specific areas of life. If you wish to work with me, I will give undivided attention to your needs, questions, and progress. While the lessons are the same for each specific level of growth for both programs, I tailor each to match the needs of my students in order to add to what they already know, rather spending time on information they are already utilizing. I Am Here To Help You Attain Your Spiritual Goals Through The Discovery and Development Of Your Life Purpose Through Christ! Christian coaching combines the skills of Biblical counseling, teaching, and mentoring, serving as an important asset within the Christian community to keep Biblical values and doctrines alive within the Body of Christ for positive change.
The person who takes this responsibility possesses all the skills below keeping them linked to the Word of God to achieve the highest level of Biblical wisdom, compassion and grace with guidance by Holy Spirit. Faith and Prayer- Developed faith and prayer is a must in all areas of coaching, specifically geared toward the personal situation of the client and taking account the uniqueness of personality.

Biblical Scripture- Scripture for meditation and spiritual growth must be given in order to help the client attain success while developing a deeper relationship with God. Listening- One of the most important Christian Coaching specifics is that he or she must be practiced in the skill of listening and must be able to rely upon Biblical wisdom mixed with the guidance by the Holy Spirit to interpret what they hear or don't hear from the heart as well as the head. Observing- Will remain alert to the underlying factors of a client's situation to help produce successful results. Analyzing- Will analyze important information about client to draw pertinent conclusions for problem solving and moving forward.
Timing- Must be aware of client needs to move to the next stage and should also know when to ask all pertinent questions. Organizing- A successful life coach is organized with client's information and not given to confusion. Complimenting- Must give clients positive reinforcement to make them feel comfortable and happy about the coaching process. Thirst for knowledge- Must be familiar with the changes around them pertinent to their client's situation.

Personalized- An important Christian coaching specific is that there is no strict pattern to Life Coaching. Understand Biblical Faith and Prayer dynamics in order to learn God's purpose for your life and continue on the right path.
You have joined thousands of other Coaches who have opted to commit to co-creating global transformation since 1993. They must update themselves with research and get familiar with new areas that are encountered.

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