Several great resources of MLM Training, and other valuable resources to help you grow your business. Advanced SearchMost popular Resources:Free online Computer & University courses over 2,200 classes. LOS ANGELES (AP) — Colombian-born Nathaly Ordonez had practically given up on the idea of attending college after learning her family's visas had expired, leaving her saddled with immigration woes as soon as she graduated from her New Jersey high school.She eventually got a waitress job, but still didn't earn enough to cover the cost of school or get enough time off work to attend class. Using SAS On-Demand software, students will use the six-week online statistics course to generate a hypothesis, conduct tests and present their findings.
In this course, students will develop skills in data management, graphing, exploring data documentation and visualization. Students who complete the class successfully will receive a Statement of Accomplishment signed by Dierker. Get Free Updates!Stay in the loop with a weekly newsletter, with all our news from the previous week.
The course, which began on March 25, is led by Lisa Dierker, a psychology professor at Wesleyan who has worked for three years developing a curriculum designed to interest students in applied statistics.

Dierker got permission to use the software from Jerry Oglesby, the senior director for global academic and certification programs at SAS.
She uses a project-based approach and allows students to find data sets they are passionate about while learning the discipline of data analysis. SAS On-Demand is the company’s free offering that students can continue using for research projects long after the course is finished. In addition to viewing the lecture videos and reading class texts, students will learn by choosing their own research data to explore, based on their personal passions. After choosing a research question, they will construct a testable hypothesis, prepare and analyze relevant data and present research findings on student project blogs. Students will be evaluated on quiz scores, the applied research assignments and a final presentation of their independent research project. But fees can be waived if students can't pay, and scholarships have been offered to Haitians after the 2010 earthquake and Syrians fleeing to Europe, Reshef said.In the United States, immigrants who can't attend college because they don't have proper legal papers have also been enrolling.
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Some students aren't allowed to attend traditional universities because of their immigration status, and others can't afford it because they don't qualify for financial aid.Karen Soni, who came to the United States from Mexico as a child, said she attended a private university in Texas for a semester but had to drop out after paying nearly $6,000. Five years later, she resumed studying after finding University of the People, and works on assignments each morning before heading to her job at a marketing company and at night after taking care of her 5-year-old son."It is a little bit challenging because there is a lot of work, there is a lot of writing to do," said Soni, 27, who lives in a Houston suburb. I can do it at any time."The university has support from New York University and the Clinton Global Initiative and relies largely on volunteers and minimally paid instructors and free online books. It was accredited in 2014 by the nonprofit Distance Education Accrediting Commission.Courses are designed by the university and taught by assigned instructors, and students are expected to assess their peers in addition to joining in online discussion boards, submitting papers and writing journals. In South Carolina, Venezuelan-born Jesus Bolivar was barred from attending college because of his immigration status.

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