The GET 800 SAT prep books below are designed to raise your SAT math scores with just 10 – 20 minutes of daily studying.
Consisting of beginner, intermediate and advanced courses, the targeted nature of these books will ensure that not a single moment of time is wasted during your SAT math prep. The main part of each book consists of 28 lessons that teach precisely the concepts, strategies, and SAT math problems necessary to take you to the next score level.
The beginner course is designed for students that are currently scoring below 500 in SAT math on official College Board practice SATs and want to get a higher score. The intermediate course is for students currently scoring between a 500 and 600 in SAT math.
The advanced course is designed for students that are scoring above 600 in SAT math and want to get an 800 score. This book has a powerful collection of the most clever and easy-to-follow problem solving methods and tips that will maximize your SAT math score with the minimum amount of effort. The problems in this book were carefully chosen in such a way that any student can immediately find the problems he or she needs to improve his or her SAT math score immediately in a quick and efficient manner. Using this book you will learn to solve SAT math problems in clever and efficient ways that will have you spending less time on each problem, and answering difficult questions with ease. The problems in these SAT math subject tests books were carefully chosen in such a way that any student can immediately find the problems he or she needs to improve his or her SAT math subject test scores immediately in a quick and efficient manner.
There is a book for the level 1 subject test and another book for the level 2 subject test. After your purchase you will be directed to a download page where you will enter your name and email address. There are over 1200 SAT math problems to practice with split into 5 levels and distributed among the 4 general topic areas covered on the test. The books are designed to generate huge SAT score increases with only 20 minutes of math preparation each day. Click The Video Below To See How An SAT Math Section Can Be Completed Correctly In Less Than 9 Minutes By Using The Techniques Described In Our Books! Note: My son is in the highest math in an International Baccalaureate program (an intense college prep program) and always scores in the 99th percentile on standardized math exams, yet he still found this book helpful and believes it will increase his math SAT score.
I think this book would really help those students who are working at an intermediate level to improve their SAT score, and it should really boost their confidence.
As another example, if your previous score was 550, and your new score is 650, you can now move up from the Intermediate Course to the Advanced Course.
For example, if your previous score was 300, and your new score is 400, then you probably still need practice with Level 1 and 2 problems.
Take another practice test from the College Board’s Official Study Guide under timed conditions to get your new math score.
These books normally retail for $29.99 each, but you can buy all six books now for only $87.
The difficult math problems are a bonus to the material you need to use to prepare for SAT math.
If you would like to buy any of these books individually, please click here to visit the GET 800 Product Page. Buy the books and if you are not happy with them you can return them and receive a full refund of $87. For $87, you will get electronic PDF files of the best SAT math prep books available that would ordinarily cost a total of $209.93. So prepare for the SAT in the quickest and easiest way and get into the college of your choice!
Researchers at University of California San Diego School of Medicine, with colleagues in Brazil and Senegal, have described the first “direct experimental proof” that the Brazilian strain of Zika virus can actually cause severe birth defects.
A father of four who went back to school at age 29 to provide a better future for himself and his children and a psychology major whose post-graduate plans include eradicating poverty have been selected to inspire new graduates to give back, as the student speakers for this year’s All Campus Commencement ceremony.

College Board, which administers the exam, gave Khan access to the new SAT that will be introduced next spring. Khan Academy, a Silicon Valley nonprofit known for its instructional videos, has developed quizzes and interactive practice tests.
The redesigned SAT will make the essay section option, returning to the traditional 1,600-point scale. Questions will track what students are learning in high school and the skills they’ll need for college, Coleman said. Hopefully Khan Academy will level the playing field more for hard-working students who can’t afford SAT prep classes.
I used to think that the poop-fan collision was at least ten years in the future, but I’m revising that downward at greater than one year per year. My prediction: the law schools will come first (already starting to happen, so not much of a prediction), then the big-money schools, then the rest. Steve Warner, a Math Professor and SAT math tutor whose students pay him $500 per hour to access these exclusive strategies and powerful teaching methods during private sessions. Additional optional material is also included for students that find themselves progressing at an accelerated rate. The simple yet effective strategies in this book can be implemented immediately without learning any additional mathematics. You will feel confident that you are applying a trusted system to one of the most important tests you will ever take. You will then immediately receive an email containing a link that will enable you to download all 7 PDF books in a single zipped folder. Warner realizes that every student learns differently and this is one of the reasons that many problems are solved in several different ways using different strategies. By arranging the problems by topic and level, you can easily pick out the problems that you need to focus on to raise your score without wasting time on problems that are too easy or too difficult for you. Warner’s teaching methods will naturally increase your mathematical maturity so that your potential score increases simultaneously with your actual score. Warner has had to teach SAT prep for 14 years to accumulate the powerful combination of insights and strategies found in these books.
It is written by an Associate Professor of Mathematics who has also been tutoring SAT Math students over the past decade, so the book is filled with years of experience and knowledge in what students need to know to maximise their marks.
Other books usually have the layout of 20 sample questions (like they would in the SAT), and you work through them, and check your answers. I used to teach with those books, but slowly I’ve transitioned all my students to using this book.
I was wrong, it provided me not only with the mathematical skills but the test taking skills needed to do well on the exam.
For example, if your previous score was 450, and your new score is 550, you can now move up from the Beginner Course to the Intermediate Course. By correctly completing these problems, you will know that you have internalized all the math concepts, tips and tactics to make you an efficient and effective SAT taker. Each book already has information on how best to use it, but the study plan gives you a step by step guide on how best to use the books with one another. You will then immediately receive an email containing a link that will enable you to download all 8 PDF files in a single zipped folder. Effectively, this means that you can try the 7 Step method detailed above to see if it does, in fact, raise your SAT math score to one that you want. CLICKBANK® is a registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 917 S. Still, the thousands of prospective students and families visiting UC San Diego for Transfer Triton Day were impressed by much more than just the campus’ proximity to the ocean.
Vocabulary words like “querulous” have been replaced with more commonly used terms such as “synthesis,” he said. Warner’s students have shown such significant score increases that the test makers have accused them of cheating with no evidence besides their score increase from one SAT to the next.

Other tutors and authors, while very intelligent, often make a mistake by teaching every student how to solve problems in the same way. The included study plan will point you to exactly the problems you need to work on to get to the next score level. This means that you can actually become capable of getting an 800 even if you were not before picking up the books. I think it is very clearly explained with plenty of good, relevant, practice questions and solutions. For students studying alone, I think the amount of work in this book is perfect to be covered in a one month period.
If one student gets into their first-choice school and that creates a big career boost, you have had an enormous impact, especially in cases where the student is actually quite capable in math, just not very good at tests under time pressure.
He also published several articles in scholarly journals, specifically on Mathematical Logic.
He has been tutoring for standardized tests, the SAT in particular, both individually and in group settings for over 10 years.
The annual event invites admitted transfer students to discover what it’s like to live and study at UC San Diego, from unique research opportunities to a vibrant, entrepreneurial student life. Warner teaches are the most effective ever published and cannot be found in any other SAT prep book!
Each book organizes these problems in a unique way to allow for the most efficient preparation with a very small time commitment. The introductory information alone is enough to raise your SAT math score up to 50 points before you even attempt one math problem.
The shortcuts and strategies that are taught to help speed up answering the questions are simple and easy to follow, and I like the way the solutions to the problems show both the shortcut strategies, plus the more formal methods that are used at school, to give the student a good comparison between the two methods. To be able to improve your SAT score with just one month of good practice makes this book real value for money. In addition to the personal impact, if that person earns a lot more money or has greater career satisfaction attributable to admission in a better program, you have literally added an annuity of wealth to the nation with each success.
If your score is over 600, but you see that you are getting several Level 1, 2, or 3 questions wrong, you should begin with the Intermediate Course. Steve returned to New York to accept an Assistant Professor position at Hofstra University. His SAT prep classes have been extremely effective in raising student math scores, usually well over 100 points, and many of his students have received perfect scores.
ClickBank’s role as retailer does not constitute an endorsement, approval or review of these products or any claim, statement or opinion used in promotion of these products. Warner’s approach of providing multiple solutions by helping them develop many methods to solve new problems, and to give deeper insight into the problems themselves so that those problems can be solved more quickly, more easily, and with no chance of making careless errors.
Explanations of the solutions are so thorough and comprehensible that even second language speakers can easily follow them.
The extra tips, optional information and further questions are good too for extra practice. Just the preamble to your The 32 Most Effective SAT Math Strategies book was worth the purchase of the entire book.
Steve’s email address is clearly written in each of the books so you can contact him directly for any SAT math related reason. He has taught undergraduate and graduate courses in Precalculus, Calculus, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, Mathematical Logic, Real and Complex Analysis, Set Theory and Abstract Algebra.

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