Our workshops and courses are designed to help you to get much more from your sewing and overlocking. You will always get our full support when you buy a machine from us and most makes of machines are supplied with manuals and instruction disks . Additionally Bernina provide free tuition courses in London for most of their sewing machines and overlockers. If you have attended Part 1, or if you already have some Sewing machine skills, then this is your chance to refresh those skills.
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In this lesson, Stephen walks you through various increases with examples of how they can change the look of your shawls.
Learn how to create an equilateral triangle with an extended wingspan as you practice the art of the yarn-over. Bring your creativity into play as you add beautiful symmetrical and asymmetrical designs to your shawl edges with Stephen's professional advice along the way.

Use various stitches, cast-ons, bind-offs and other techniques to create multiple edge variations for any style. Stephen walks you through multiple bind-off techniques, including back loop and i-cord, and shares helpful ways to weave in the ends and finish with a polished, even look. Now that your shawl is complete, learn how to block it using a variety of methods and techniques that will result in a beautiful end product. I have the absolute pleasure of now being able to offer evening classes in Knysna and George for all those of you who work and would like to further your knowledge in the sewing and pattern making area.
To fully complete The Beginning Sewing Level is typically 6 - 1 ? hour classes including the project below. Stephen starts with a garter tab cast-on and shows you different methods of creating angles and edges, encouraging creativity along the way. Stephen shares tips on how to audition and select yarns that will help you create a gorgeous, personalized shawl. Classes are not only for people who can sew but also people who have always been interested but never had the time or opportunity to do this.
Students should also work on their assignments at home to insure their skills are fully developed before the completion of the series of classes.
With unique combinations of yarn-overs, increases, shaping and color variation, this class will show you the different outcomes of these stitches before you even put the yarn on your needles. I offer the basics so once you have learnt this you now have the foundational basics to build from.

This class is designed to help each student develop and incorporate their unique creativity in their creations.
Combine these different methods to customize your own design or use his Boneyard pattern to make a basic shawl! My students are always so amazed in how much fun and how clever it is and once done properly and explained properly, everything just falls into place. Student will actually sketch out their design and transform their art work into a fully customized messenger bag.
This class is designed to help students learn the basic foundation of sewing helping to provide them with the basic skills needed to move on to more complex and advanced projects. Students will also have a chance to display their individual unique creations in Mood's Fashion Showcase, a night open for family and friends after the completion of the final class. What is wonderful about the pattern making process is that it gives you skills to tackle big projects by breaking them down into smaller bite size pieces and putting it all back together like a puzzle.

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