Product DetailsDo you need a fun new activity to help the teens you work with learn about social skills? Filed Under: Elementary, Free Printables Tagged With: elementary, Feelings, Free PrintablesGet $250 in HOMESCHOOL FREEBIES + Extra Discounts with ANY BYB Purchase! In each case, cartoon strips provide opportunities to acquire and practice social interactions that meet them where they are at. The Social Skills Bingo Game for Teens features conversational prompts that will get your students talking and learning about social attitudes and behaviors. Includes: spelling, dictionary work, formal and semi-formal letter writing, surveys and graphical information, reading comprehension, punctuation and paragraphing, and summarising. Covers addition and multiplication of whole numbers and money, plus working with units of time. Students discuss a typical problem from a tabloid newspaper page and then, in pairs, work on different problems and how they would solve them.
This is differentiation at its best.Using Cartoon Strip InteractionsNot everyone can draw, so I have created resources for you to use.
He'll color and circle the different items that appear in the map key, building his critical thinking skills and helping him familiarize with geography concepts.

A great choice for your home, classroom, or clinic!With several included bingo cards, this game is perfect for small groups.
There is also a ‘DARTs’ type exercise that explores how to treat a person who may become ill, instructions to re-order, and posters to laminate and discuss.
For children who have difficulty with Acquisition, The cartoon strip offers very explicit, visual, step by step information on how to interact. The cartoon strips have four to six boxes, and have pictures of the people participating in the interactions. By combining the fun of a game with practical, educational messages, this set is sure to engage your students. For a child with difficulty with Performance, writing the interaction phrases in the bubbles creates practice that will enhance performance.
I am offering a range of interactions: requests, greetings, initiating social interactions, and negotiations.
Finally, for children who have not attained Fluency, the Cartoon strip will give them opportunities to build fluency and mentor children who are still acquiring the skills. I also offer these across milieux: many children do not understand that we interact differently with an adult, especially an unfamiliar adult or an adult in authority, than we do with a peer in an informal social situation.

These nuances need to be pointed out and students need to learn criteria to figure out the unwritten social conventions.Introduce the concepts: What is a request, or an initiation? Generate a number of different ideas, and write them on chart paper where you can refer to them again, later. Do that count to 5 or 6, or do they stare?Proximity: Did they stand a good distance for a friend, a stranger, or an adult?Voice and pitch: Was their voice loud enough? Were their shoulders turned to the person they were addressing?Teach Feedback Skills: Typical kids have trouble with this, since in general, teachers are not very good at giving or receiving constructive criticism.
Acquire new skills at making requests, initiation conversations and interaction, engage students in conversations, and become more social creatures in their own setting.

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