Or are you an online teacher interested in the latest technology to make your online courses more effective? For example, some online schools offer free training modules to help campus-based teachers learn how to transition to cyber-classrooms.
Michigan State University’s Virtual University Design and Technology website offers text-based lessons in topics including pedagogy and best practices, online course content, enlivening techniques, course structure and design, and hybrid courses. The Learning to Teach Online project has been developed by COFA Online, an academic unit at the College of Fine Arts, the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia.
This University of Pittsburgh videocast discusses online course planning and design, interaction, giving students feedback, assessment, getting feedback from students, and new technologies. Originally developed for Texas Woman's University, this course includes modules showing how to design a course, along with explanations of best practices for distance education.
Also from Texas Woman's University, this course gives tips to help you successfully create the navigation, layout, colors and design of your course content.

This step-by-step video resource shows teachers how to use technological tools such as Blackboard, wikis, online surveys, podcasting and more.
Seven Pace University online instructors give their best advice about being an effective online educator.
MERLOT provides a large, peer-reviewed collection of online curricula and other resources, as well as forums and publications aimed at online educators. European Projects design, management and funding: how to develop a good learning project and get the funds. European Projects design, management and funding: from shaping the idea, to select the right European programme, to get the funds. To obtain a grant you have to apply to your National Agency before the before 30th April 2013. Go to iTunes U's Pace University page and select "Faculty Contributions" to access these videos.

Search the MERLOT database for “distance learning” to find links to material to help you plan and design effective online classes. The consortium’s Effective Practices site is a way for online educators to share techniques, strategies, and practices in online education that have worked for them.
The video- and PDF-based episodes each examine specific successful online teaching strategies from many different disciplines, offering tips, guidance and pointing out the potential pitfalls to both novice and experienced online teachers.

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