These games focus on the concept of the decimal and offer a vast array of different exercises for several specialized subjects, all presented in a fun and meaningful online learning environment.
They combine lessons from basic arithmetic skills, such as adding, subtracting, dividing, and multiplying decimals.
Most of the games focus on one specific subject, so students and teachers can choose games that meet the individual learning needs of each child.
The games here are great for 5th grade students and provide just the right level of challenge for students of that age group - fostering learning by challenging their skills, but not frustrating them by asking them to solve equations beyond their ability. In this game you play a detective who is looking for the suspect which is hiding behind a secret decimal number. Round to the nearest tenths the decimal number that appears below.Click the spaceship that has the correct answer, and it will be sent on its way.

Round to the nearest hundredths the decimal number given below.Find the shark with the correct answer and shoot it.Try to act quick - don't let the sharks eat the goldfish!
This is similar to a matching memory game.Click two cards to reveal the fraction or decimal numebr that is hidden underneath it. Help the secret agent gather his materials to build a tree house for his son, and calculate their costs. Children can also learn about place value and rounding of decimals, and comparing and ordering different numbers as well.
Click its correct decimal digit according to the sentence at the top, to collect all 10 ducks. Solve the problem one step at a time, by typing the missing numbers in the highlighted boxes.

If you find a matching pair - they will disappear and a part of the hidden picture will be revealed.Try to reveal the full hidden picture by finding all the matches.
When finished, click the "Check Answer" button, to recieve feedback and get your score.After solvoing the addition problem, a subtraction problem will appear.

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