Imagine walking through your local book store or library, ALL the books are sectioned by genre. Due to the rapid growth of YA readers, two new genres have been added to the list of fiction category’s. 3)New Adult (NA)- generally, NA’s main characters are between the ages of 18-25 (sometimes they can even go up to 30). 4) Romance-  almost always tell the story of a unmarried man and woman who meet and fall in love. Remember…Choose what YOU want to write about, not what you think others want you to write or what others expect you to write!
It is important to know your audience, genre, and marketing points BUT it is even more important to remember to write from your soul.
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Those authors in bold have been recommended by one or more people as being generally mindfucking - any books listed under their names are particularly odd.
Most books generally turned out to not be too bad, but occasionally Ia€™d come across something that would leave me with a sick feeling in my stomach for weeks. Starting from a preliminary list of 200 titles created by bookshops and journalists, 17,000 French voted by responding to the question, "Which books have stayed in your memory? In fact, according to The Economist, a true list of the ten most valuable single books ever sold would have to include five copies of The Birds of America.
You will talk with Broiled Face, and find out what happens when Somebody steals your knees, you get caught by the Quick-Digesting Gink, a Mountain snores, and They Put a Brassiere on the Camel.From the creator of the beloved poetry collections Where the Sidewalk Ends and Falling Up, here is another wondrous book of poems and drawings. Knowing what category your novel fits into will help you and your agent understand how to market and sell your book.
YA stories are not told with the hindsight of adulthood and involve conflicts that are relevant to teens. Most of the plots are about a newly-independent female or male trying to figure out who they are -as well as- find their life’s purpose.

These books tend to have plenty of trials and tribulations, but in most cases, they seem to end happily.
Some thrillers are spy-thrillers, dystopian-thrillers, war-thrillers, techno-thriller, etc. This genre requires that the criminal be found and brought to justice, which means the reader CAN NOT know until the end of the book who the criminal is. I’m going to do it because writing a novel is worthwhile and because I have the talent to do it. For years I have read innumerable Young Adult novels which, in my opinion, is why it is easiest for me to write in that genre. The moment you start writing JUST to get published is the moment you lose who you are as a writer. Ia€™ve largely outgrown this a€?genrea€? of late, but here are my picks for the ten most disturbing books of all time.
Dystopian novelsA?a‚¬a€?stories of the horrific futureA?a‚¬a€?are so common as to be almost forgettable.
The 100 Books of the Century (French: Les cent livres du siA?cle) is a list of the one hundred best books of the 20th century, according to a poll conducted in the spring of 1999 by the French retailer Fnac and the Paris newspaper Le Monde. A»).[1] The list of acclaimed titles mixes great novels with poetry and theatre, as well as the comic strip.
The last thing you want to do is finish your book and realize that it does not fit into any particular category, therefore, making your book non-marketable. A strong character plays a drastic role in the success of a Young Adult fiction -as well as- a fast-paced plot or deep plot.
The stories generally focus on life experiences in the teenage age bracket and also post-teenage age bracket. For years I was afraid to admit that title because I had nothing to show for it, but even so, I was still a writer. As a writer it is undoubtedly important that you stay eager and enthusiastic about your idea. Any one of these books is capable of leaving you feeling a little depressed at the least, and permanently scarred at the worst.

From the post-apocalyptic wasteland to deadly viruses to social malaise, all possible bad futures end here. To help you brush up on your knowledge of the very old and very valuable, we've compiled a list of the ten most expensive books ever solda€”no white gloves necessary. YA writers were not always taken seriously in the literary world (until John Greene came around) so I wanted to write books that were a bit more serious. So after a few exercises -which I’ll share with you- I decided YA was best suited for my writing style. There are so many other things a writer must learn about themselves before they begin their novel, but that is a start. Look through our overview, and then head upstairs to check your attics for any forgotten dusty tomesa€”you could be a millionaire and not even know it.
Most importantly, agents and publishers do not want to try to figure out what category your manuscript fits in, they want YOU to tell them.
Being a new writer can be scary, but, never let fear consume who you are capable of becoming! These questions and answers should help you find some of your strengths and what YOU want to see in your own book based on analyzing the books you have read in the past.
Here is the list of books that will officially induce mindfucks, sorted alphabetically by author.
In my younger days if I heard a book or movie was disturbing or hard to handle I generally took that as a challenge.
Publishers, booksellers, and readers describe books by their literary categories, or genres. If you select mystery, fantasy, romance, science fiction, or thriller, you'll see the many subgenres that you can explore within these categories. You can and probably will be rejected if you do not know what your manuscript’s genre is.

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