Not just the miraculous ten plagues, but also direct continuous supernatural help for 40 years. It is our conclusion, that the Bible describes Israel as being "out of Egypt" in three senses: 1. In the "final" sense, Joshua confirms they hadn't fully made the transition out of Egypt until after they crossed the Jordan. From a "theological" point of view, the Bible clearly states that it was precisely at the crossing of the Red Sea that God delivered Israel from Egypt. Even though there is not any direct evidence that Israel traveled at 3-4 days at a time without sleep en-route to the Red Sea crossing point, there are examples of this in the Bible.

It may be that God performed a similar miracle to assist Israel in their exodus out of Egypt. When you reach your "Ethan" (boxed in with nowhere to go) and are under the devil's Migdol (military watchtower) fear not. Christ, the cloud and pillar of fire, went led them like a shepherd who guided, fed and protected them.
In other words, the Gentiles saw the Red Sea as when Israel left Egypt and was totally free. More likely it says that while in Egypt proper (Goshen), then later after they left the suburbs of Egypt at the Red Sea, they did not believe.

Even the Gentiles viewed that from the "practical" human perspective, the Red Sea was the specific point at which Israel formally escaped Egypt's control.

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