This is a really nice unopened Creative Circle counted cross stitch kit titled Gods Window kit number 1604.  It is 5 inches X 7 inches and has a picture of a blue bird in a window.
But, in some cases in our culture today, preschoolers either have limited creative play time or quickly lose the skill to “create.” I love technology and experience several benefits from it.
As a former public school teacher, I hover on giving too much constant direction to my own kids.
While I still agree that specific feedback helps, I actually have to make myself stop offering constant guidance in some activities so my kids can just create. I gave them materials and asked them to create dots, and let them create as they desired without even so much as “put some dots on this side of the paper, too” from me. This entry was posted in homeschool, preschool, special needs and tagged book-based theme, creative play, picture books, preschool, pretend play, special needs on September 11, 2013 by Caroline. All posts, photos, and printables are copyrighted by Caroline Flory at Under God's Mighty Hand, unless otherwise stated. See the bottom of the post for details.)Most preschoolers naturally learn to play in creative ways. But, with abundance of technology in our culture today with screens, TV, and regular direction in schools and organized activities, kids have lost some of the ability to play creatively without constant direction. You can find many felt learning activities online and I have some felt activities on my Home Preschool – Activities and Crafts Pinterest board.
We need structured activities to help promote specific skills, especially for my son with special needs.

With young children, sometimes a few questions requiring response help boost creative play.
If you click on one of those links and then purchase the bundle, I receive a small commission without affecting your cost.
Whether you’re looking for informal learning activities or more structured curricula, this collection includes inspiration for learning activities you can do at home with your preschooler, tons of great printables and an 80-minute audio recording to encourage you during these early years. I will have to mark international dot day and my calendar for next year (seems I missed it this year) and do something creative with my boys to celebrate! If you'd like to share any of these printables (thank you!), please link to the actual blog post, not the download file itself.
Below are some breath taking example of some of the finest street art you will ever cast your eyes on. There’s a lot of people who really dislike gratifti and look it more as crime rather than art. I consider creative play to be a broader term and “pretend play” to be one type of creative play. Peter Reynolds writes some of our favorite picture books (Ish is fantastic!) “International Dot Day” celebrates creativity and the truth that all kids (and adults) are creative in their own ways. These files and posts are not to be hosted or sold elsewhere, unless you have direct permission from me.
The beauty within these pieces of street art is the vibrances of the colours used in each piece and the realism.

Creative play is any open-ended play where the participants are creating rules and changing play without constant guidance from a “teacher” figure. This night sky felt play activity from Fantastic Fun and Learning can be used in specific learning activities and for open-ended play.
Joining in is simple: Read The Dot by Peter Reynolds, then allow your kids opportunity to create their own mark!
Each piece has taken several hours, and the attention to detail each one consists has is simply jaw dropping.
This post is a great compilation of 40 of the best graffiti designs from all around the world, each graffiti design pays a great attention to detail, which makes them unique and great designs.I hope you appreciate the great artwork showcased in the post. Since I need practice myself, keeping supplies as easily accessible as possible makes it much more likely I can (and will) set up opportunities for the kids to employ creativity. Check out this post on how I keep craft supplies organized and this post on organizing to allow for creative exercise play.
We practiced this week, and my kids loved making their own dot designs with Do-A-Dot markers. If you have any suggestions for artists we should check out we would love for you to share those artist in the comments section below.1.

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