In a way, it was the end of a 15-year era for me and the Tacoma, Toyotaa€™s smaller pickup truck. The a€™97 Tacoma served me well, but at the end of 4 years, I wanted something with a few more perks. As nice as my new pickup was, it still lacked one basic feature that was also missing in the a€™97 a€“ a clock.
Fast-forward 5 A? years: I notice that my a€?newa€? truck is starting to struggle ever so slightly on startup. At the end of the 4-year lease in 2005, I gladly entered a purchase contract to pay off the remaining balance.
At this point I would like to regale you with amusing anecdotes about things that happened in and with my Tacomas. I started with some Internet research to determine the approximate value of my a€?newa€? truck, and after checking out the RAV4 options, I quickly fell in love with the Pacific Blue color.

I knew I could get more for my truck if I sold it myself, so I consulted my brother, who is an expert (nay, I say, genius!) at handling such matters. Money Smart Life calls this article "Don't Know What You've Got 'Til It's Gone" - if you keep a gratitude journal you know that it quickly becomes much more about being grateful for the transient things. Over-Choiced (Seal Press, 2010), which covers a wide range of topics including sections devoted to love, career, money and play. Amalia McGibbon has an English degree from Stanford and works as a freelance food and travel writer based in London. Lara Vogel is an MBA student in the UK who co-founded Hope Runs, a non-profit organization in Kenya. Over-Choiced is a forthcoming book (Seal Press, 2010) co-written by Amalia McGibbon, Lara Vogel and Claire Williams. Over-Choiced explores the radically different ways that today's twenty- and thirty-somethings approach life and love in this generation.

A Choyster is inundated by choices and has a hearty belief that the world is his or her oyster.
Everything - even the simplest things (the sun being out and warm on your face, the bed you slept in) can be cause for gratitude. She received her undergraduate degree from Stanford and will return to Stanford University for medical school next year. We argue that having too many choices impacts our desires and leads us to sidestepA  traditional time lines. At the heart of our theory is a term we coined - "choyster" - that best describes our bizarre little generation.

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