English is one of the most prominent languages spoken in India, but that doesn't mean everyone speaks it, nor do all the people that do necessarily prefer to use it.
Support is available in the latest release of the mobile app for people running Android version 4.3 and above.
Native speakers, if there's a locale Google could do a better job with, be sure to let them know. Prominent does not equal "most of the population speaks English." As the link you shared says, English is one of India's official languages and it serves as a lingua franca among Indians from different areas who don't have a shared native language in common.
This is a milestone the Google has done, Hindi is a language which is widely used in India and neighboring countries. Google says that the redesign will be visible to Android and iOS users with no mention of Windows Phone devices, so we can't say how well it will work there. You’ve probably already noticed the “Mobile-friendly” designation in Google search results on your mobile phone.
Google (along with Facebook, Twitter, etc.) knows that the future of the web is already here.

Google recently announced a new mobile-friendly ranking algorithm which will hurt search rankings for websites that aren’t mobile-friendly. John Haydon is one of the most sought-after digital marketing experts for nonprofits and charities.
So Google has rolled out Hindi support in both the mobile app and the browser-based version of Maps. To take advantage of it, users must select Hindi under the "Language & input" area of phone settings. Indians who are better exposed to outside world are very good at english, but that doesn't mean most of the population speaks english.
Each area has a different dialect and each state has a different native language, and ive managed to communicate in english almost always during my travels. When you travel to India for work or tourism, you only interact with people who are good enough with english.
You can now change the theme between light and dark, change the font size, and even choose if you want more in-depth snippets for each story card.

If your website failed the mobile-friendly test, and if most of your traffic is from mobile, talk to a professional. It's just that rest of the world mostly gets to communicate with those Indians who are good at english.
Navigation has been made easier with a new hamburger menu that gives easy access to various sections. This report will quickly show you how much mobile traffic your site gets, and therefore the importance of a mobile-friendly site for your nonprofit. Overall, it looks pretty nice; and, definitely looks like it could easily become a proper app.
There are a few other tweaks, like adding a weather widget to the Local section, a new Editor's Picks section, and a collection of posts that are popular on Google+.

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