Specialists are a brand-new character system that Treyarch is introducing with Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.
This page will serve as a full guide for specialist classes, detailing their abilities, their weapons, gameplay videos, and more. Want to learn how to master every single specialist? CLICK HERE to get your hands on our in-depth Ultimate Black Ops 3 Guide to obtain tips, tricks, strategies, and more for using each specialist’s weapon and ability with the utmost skill! A veteran Call of Duty player that obliterates opponents and shares his gaming wisdom to better the CoD community. Tag: black ops 2 An overview of what we consider the best class for levelling up fast in Black Ops 2. I thought for sure a nice AAA blockbuster article would put a smile on the usually dour faces 'round here that are sick of indie stuff and side-scrollers. Xbox, Xbox Live, and all other Xbox Live specific terms are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corp. It was officially announced earlier this year that the next Call of Duty game being made by Treyarch is indeed Black Ops 3. As one would expect, the military and security forces are also using these technologies to improve and perfect soldiers. With all these new abilities and game mechanics players will have to learn a slightly newer playing system. Our guide covers everything from standard stats for every weapon in the game to advanced training that will help you learn how to improve your skills and become an unstoppable, deadly force in BO3.
Below, we reveal some of the coolest emblems around plus provide the video tutorials for each one. Players sporting the Reaper specialist (or just any player in general) may want to take their love for robots to a whole new level by putting on an emblem featuring the ultimate man-machine, Iron Man.
Finally we come to a design that showcases the traditional lineup of characters from one of the most hilarious shows of the past couple decades – South Park. In order to avoid being hit in the spots where it hurts, the Vampire sometimes puts on his leather briefs when he goes hunting. Bullets are also able to travel through enemies so, if they line up perfectly in your sights, you can take out multiple players with a single shot.
This means for every kill, assist, and other action you complete you will earn bonus points, racking up score that can aid you in earning your killstreaks.
Might be useful for dodging deadly attacks (such as the Annihilator) or getting setup for a stealthy, assassin-like kill. Once lain, if an enemy comes within the traps’ proximity it will explode, causing serious damage. Gives the player a good bit of extra health and makes the character much more difficult to take down.

This is great for getting out of a bad situation or performing lethal stealth attacks on your opponents. As you probably know, most of the decent weapons, perks and scorestreaks are not unlocked until you reach the higher levels so it's important to get a good head start.If you're one of the gamers who got Black Ops 2 around the release date you'll know that levelling up is one of the most important aspects of multiplayer, especially so if you want to compete against pro players. Black Ops 2 BuildablesSay hello to the new buildable in Black Ops 2 Origins - The Maxis Drone! At this point I would prefer some of the older ones remastered as CoD is running out of ideas.
I am pleased so far.By watching three minutes of MP gameplay I can say that I am enjoying BLOPS3. While some were hoping to see World at War 2, most are pleased that the Black Ops series is returning in 2015.
That being said, in Black Ops 3 players will have access to a few abilities that weren’t present in BO1 or BO2. This means that in order to be a great player (one that can rack up kills, get high-level killstreaks, and so on) you’ve got to master these new capabilities.
Our team consists of veteran Call of Duty and FPS players (some have even played on the pro circuit) that know exactly what it takes to be an absolute beast. Gamers from all parts of the world have graciously made ridiculously cool BO3 emblem designs and provided step-by-step tutorials for each one. This emblem could use a few little tweaks to improve the eyes and other features, but, overall, it’s a great one to start with. The remaining three will likely be announced within the next couple of months leading up to the official Black Ops 3 release date of November 6th, 2015. This is great for locating the exact spot campers are setup in or seeing who’s coming toward you. You shoot up some special sauce, remain inactive for a few seconds, then regenerate health and are able to move once again.
Works well for getting kills with the blast radius of the grenades or by getting direct impact hits. Pretty sure it won't be worth my time playing this.Though I'm sure the single player campaign will be pretty good. But, similar to Advanced Warfare, BO3 is bringing some new elements to the game, mechanics that have never been seen in a Black Ops title before. But Black Ops 3 is hurling us even more forward into an age where technology has advanced so much that humans are getting mechanical implants in their bodies to improve their physical and mental capabilities. This includes wall-running, boost jumping, and increased speed, and, of course, the new specialization classes. Those are nothing more than picture books that don’t have much more info than a regular game manual.

Use this emblem to showcase your love for Vault Boy and his assistance in keeping you safe in the Wastelands while you’re mowing down opponents in TDM, Domination, and other game modes. Visit the website and the channel for even more emblem designs to use in Black Ops 3 as well as other Call of Duty titles.
The second is an enhanced ability that gives the player advanced movements or capabilities that aid the player in getting kills.
If you want to level up you're going to need to claim as much XP during each game as you can.GunMP7 (customized)First let's start with the gun.
I'm sure every person who joins the military is just dying to become a Seraph or Prophet because those make a whole lot of COD sense, right? It's also got a decent amount of ammo before you need to reload, meaning you can take out 2, maybe 3 players before a reload is required.A slight downside with the sub machine gun is long range accuracy so we've added the grip and the laser sight to provide more stability. You'll find that the machine gun has a great accuracy rating at close range so you'll be able to pick off most people without even needing to aim down the sights. The key to making the MP7 effective is to constantly keep on the move and catch players by surprise.
If you find yourself on one of the larger maps (such as Yemen) then you're going to be in trouble with Snipers if you stay out in the open.Tactical and Lethal1 x Concussion1 x GrenadeWe're more concerned about picking players off with our gun than lobbing grenades at them. We also want to avoid appearing on the radar so we prefer to sacrifice one tactical in favour of an attachment. In our custom class we've gone for one simple grenade and a concussion.WildcardGreed 1 Perk We're assuming that you're at a low level hence the reason you want to level up fast. In our custom class we've gone for a stealthy, fast class with hardline for gaining scorestreaks faster. You'll notice that in Black Ops 2, supportive scorestreaks such as UAV help with assists and add to your points total. Lightweight and extreme conditioning are the perfect combination for running faster and for longer durations. We strongly recommend you choose UAV over RC-XD because the RC-XD is going to interfere with your gameplay while the UAV will assist both you and the rest of the team (who can collect points for you through assists).The carepackage is a gambling mans choice because it can give you something pretty measly like the counter UAV but could also give you one of the better scorestreaks too. Remember to drop the package in the corner of the map when you're surrounded by other team players (to help protect you while you claim the package).The guardian is deceiving, it looks pretty harmless but it's really effective when placed close to the spawn point of the enemy team.

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