Anger management coaching or small group classes that use Emotional Intelligence as the prime modality for assessment and intervention, indirectly address both of these important contributing factors in skill enhancement for self-awareness, self-control, social awareness and relationship management.
In addition, anger and depression are discrete disorders that are commonly seen in most mental health settings.While anxiety and depression are not commonly associated in popularpublications relative to anger management, anxiety or depression often precede feelings on anger, rage, hostility and or stress.
This is an area that deserves scholarly research.George Anderson, MSW, BCD, CAMFResponse from Dr.

I like your inclusion of Emotional Intelligence in your work with anger management.There is so much good work being done in this field (Emotional Intelligence), and as you point out, there are strong implications for the treatment of anxiety and depression as well as anger issues. The "emotional highjacking" that Goleman refers to can easily be seen as analogous to an anxiety attack or anger outburst.The beauty of working with Emotional Intelligence, if it is indepth work, is that the intervention gets to the underlying issues and therefore addresses cause, not just symtoms.

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