In the fall of 2003, faculty and staff from the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE) and the Harvard Business School (HBS) joined together to examine how the art and science of management could help public schools improve student performance. The celebration of the new HBS campus on June 4, 1927 began with an academic procession in the morning and dedication addresses in the afternoon.
If you are looking for someone who is willing to consider the unfamiliiar, Paul is your man.

If you are looking for a leader with insight and vision that emanates out of vast personal experience, Paul is your man. A reported four thousand people, including business leaders, senators, representatives, and university presidents, attended the festivities held on the steps and lawn of Baker Library. Paul provided excellent counselling to me in my role as Chairman and I found him to be extremely supportive as well as knowledgeable.

He succeeded me as Chairman and worked to ensure the long term sustainability of the organisation.

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