Chalcedony Crystals come in two different variations, namely Blue Chalcedony and Pink Chalcedony. Healthwise this beautiful stone promotes correct flow of body fluids, and helps with allergies, particularly hay fever. Psychically Blue Chalcedony enhances communication with Angels, Spirit Guides and Animals, and increases telepathy.
Pink Chalcedony is the ideal stone to use on children whose parents are going through divorce or separation, as it eases insecure feelings.
Pink Chalcedony should be used in home environments with difficult children or relatives, increases coping abilities in such situations. Please Donate…Any Amount Helps!Your donation will help me keep sharing my experiences with hopes of spreading love & light to all. As you could see, the song features two sisters, Anna, a completely unpredictable young woman, and her sister Elsa, a newly crowned queen with an uncontrollable ability to freezeĀ  things. The featured song shows a particular conflict…Anna has complete faith in her sister, while Elsa is driven by extreme fear which leads her to almost destroy her own sister unintentionally. For The First Time In Forever reprise reminds me of the inner conflict we tend to have every now and then.
Remember, as long as you listen to your soul’s voice through your intuition, you will always make the right choice. Hope this blogpost today helps any of you who may be feeling uncertain about what path to take and what choices to make.
You look around for someone who can help pull you up from your misery, yet all those around you seem to be occupied with anything other than you. You do your best to uplift others who are feeling low at this point in time…yet there is nobody out there who seems to care to uplift you.
You will keep on falling into this pit of darkness unless you stop acting like a victim and start to put all your faith in yourself.
See, the problem is that when we find ourselves falling into a depressive state, what happens is we build tall, solid walls around us. This ending year I have been blessed by quite a good amount of people coming to me for a word of advice or just needing a friend to listen to them. Goldstone Crystals come in two varieties, namely Blue Goldstone Crystals and Brown Goldstone Crystals.
Although most animals do not like to be around Blue Goldstone Crystals, they can be used on children to help them beat their fear of darkness. Blue Goldstone is very much sought by those working in the public arena, especially actors and anyone working on television. Blue Goldstone Properties include health-related benefits such as relief from migraines, promoting a normal blood system and help with eye related problems.
Brown Goldstone Crystals have some properties similar to the Blue Goldstone Crystals, such as helping children alleviate their fears of darkness, benefiting land regeneration projects and increasing telepathy. Healthwise, Brown Goldstone Crystal Properties include an overall detoxification effect, and is particularly helpful to relieve effects of radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

Citrine Crystal Properties include ridding of negative energy from the environment it is placed within and also helps sort out relationship problems.
Citrine Crystals can also be used on animals which are weary of new environments, as they make them settle down faster. With regards to health Citrine aids the digestive system, reduces symptoms of depression, lessens phobias and also helps detoxify the body. Citrine crystals are also helpful to psychics, as they increase intuition, helps the flow of automatic writing, and also clears negativity caused by negative spirits. It was a conversation between two cartoon characters, one of which seemed to be a teacher of some sort. I wanted to share this example to show you how much guidance there is around us from the Spirit World…be it from God, Angels, Ascended Masters, or any other Divine Source you acknowledge. Opal Crystal Properties include prosperity of luck, protection, hope, relaxation, purification, overall balance and physical healing.
Opal Crystals help bring a sense of relaxation, making this an ideal stone to help with tension and anxiety.
Used on animals and children, Blue Chalcedony helps them be more playful through absorbing irritable and stressful energy.
What does it have to do with Disney’s Frozen’s For The First Time In Forever reprise? Slow down your thoughts and breathe in, breathe out, slowly, till you take a hold of yourself. Learn to recognise what you feel, whether the feelings you get are related to happiness or to fear, and by this you will know how to choose the most positive options for yourself at any given time and any given circumstances.
Your soul knows what is for your own highest good, while living in the present and accepting that all is as it should be and that all that comes to you is at the right time, allows you to be at peace, no matter what your current surroundings are. With regards to the World Population according to Wikipedia, as of today, it is estimated to number 7.134 billion by the United States Census Bureau (USCB). We become so afraid of hurting ourselves even more that we enter into a cocoon state so as to protect ourselves from further hurt. I’ve even had suicidal people I never knew before contacting me, yearning for someone to show them some care.
No matter what is troubling you right now, no matter what words have brought you tears, you are far greater than you can imagine! Additionally, Citrine Crystals help the wearer to feel loved and is also considered to be a prosperity crystal, thus ideal when working with the Law of Attraction. I don’t consider myself to be someone more special than others, but I have been told by my Spirit Guides over and over again, that by sharing my daily experiences and insights, I would be helping others along their journey as well. We may at times feel alone, we may at times yearn for some Divine Intervention, but it is when we open our hearts to such messages that we start taking notice and hear what messages they have to offer us! Green Opal Crystals are also helpful to aging symptoms such as lack of stamina and vitality. The thing is that when we do this, we close out any other potential friends who would be more than willing to listen to you and offer you words of advice or just a shoulder to lean on.

I am happy to say that most of these new friends have made drastic changes in the way they see life today.
And if you can’t find anyone you can trust and feel a need to connect with me, feel free to contact me anytime.
Use all that you have learned from past hurtful experiences in your favour, to move forward. Ironically enough, Divine Guidance came to me through this particular Hello Kitty animated movie. And always remember that their messages can come to us in ANY way, as shown in this blog post…even through Hello Kitty, funny as it may seem!
Sit down in a quiet spot in a comfortable position, inhale, exhale, let go of any tension you may have, and then quiet your mind. Do not dive in when waves hit your shore…instead surf the waves whilst noticing them and take note of every important thing that may be floating on your horizon. You are screaming from within, you are crying desperately for help, yet no one seems to be hearing you.
You yearn for arms to hold you, to not let you go, to show you that you are the best thing that has ever happened to them.
There are many others who are yearning to find someone like you with whom they can talk and be listened to. Listen to the stillness inside you…it is there where they speak to you and guide you.
You are yearning for someone to come save you from the misery you feel you have fallen into. It is okay to please yourself by pursuing your own dreams, even if it seems that those around you don’t agree with you. Once I accepted that it was really my ‘ego‘ demanding answers to feed my pride, I got a perfect answer, telling me to basically follow my heart because I am already where I should be! If you have built enough trust in your own intuition already, then you know that when something feels wrong, it probably is, and when it feels right, it also most probably is too. You are putting all your trust in others, as if there may be some superhero ready to come save you.
All I did was offering a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen and a friendly word of advice, but the drastic change came from themselves. So although logic helps with decisions, do listen to what your soul has to say by hearing its voice through your intuition.
And keep in mind that whatever decisions you need to take, you have to take them for yourself.

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