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Hello and thank you for your interest in the wellness coaching training programs offered through the Spencer Institute.
From ExpertRating, gives you an excellent opportunity to learn vital aspects of health coaching to guide your clients to get a lean, fit and healthy body. The ExpertRating Health Coaching Course leading to Certification offers you a unique opportunity to get yourself certified as a health coach from one of the leaders in online skills testing and certifications, and gain vital knowledge about weight management, disease management, calorie balance, aerobic training, strength training etc.
All over the world people are becoming increasingly conscious about maintaining and improving their health, and as a result health coaching is becoming a much sought after field of expertise.
The Online Health Coaching course includes the in-depth Health Coaching Courseware and the exam fee. In a world struggling with poor health, health coaching professionals are one set of people everyone seems to be hankering for.
The ExpertRating Online Personal Trainer Certification has been developed for people who would like to start a career in the fitness industry or would like to get their fitness training skills formally certified.
Athletes and sportspersons are increasingly turning to sports nutritionists to improve their nutritional status and optimize their diet so as to maximize their performance and output.
As a Youth Fitness Trainer, not only will you be concerned with the supervision of exercises and fitness routines, you will also play the multifaceted role of an advisor, supervisor and evaluator of several activities taking place during your work. The ExpertRating Online CPR Course (leading to CPR Certification) is a well researched online course that has been developed for people who would like to understand every aspect of CPR. Online CPR and Online First Aid Courses are well researched online First aid training courses developed for people who would like to learn about leveling First Aid and master the science of First Aid.
As an aerobics trainer, you will not only be concerned with the supervision of exercises and fitness routines, but play the multifaceted role of an advisor, supervisor and evaluator of several activities taking place during your work. Meditation instructors train their clients an extensive range of practices and methods that inculcate relaxation, develop and strengthen internal energy and incorporate love, patience, compassion, and forgiveness. Our website is certified by McAfee SECURE™ to be safe from potential hacking threats. While we have always thought that those “granola-fed Californians” are a bunch of health food nuts, researchers from UCLA have recently determined that 55 percent of California adults either have diabetes or pre-diabetes.
Unless American families change the way they eat and live, one-third of American children are destined to become diabetic. What is the prevent-diabetes diet?  Very simply, the real food diet – eat outside out of the box. Intended for fitness, wellness, health care, human resources and allied health professionals who want to make a resounding difference in the way people live, ACE Health Coach emphasizes fitness, nutrition and the science behind true behavior modification. Fitness professionals are constantly faced with the day to day challenge of encouraging clients to alter their current training direction toward a less travelled path that is built on evidence-based fitness programming and nutrition education.
This Health Coach Certification is the only NCCA-accredited certification program in the health coaching profession. The Health Coach Certification course comes complete with a Health Coach Manual written specifically by a team of health experts incorporating behaviour psychologists, sport psychologists, medical doctors, registered dieticians, exercise physiologists and health coaches. How to form effective networks of like-minded professionals who together can give each and every client the very best chance of long term success. How to build rapport and establish strong connections along with a heavy focus on communication techniques and how to best facilitate the process of behavioural change. Case Studies designed to walk the reader through the process of helping each client, from communication and goal setting strategies to exercise and nutritional programming. The Health Coach exam assesses the core competencies required of a coach, working independently and with other professionals, to help a wide variety of individuals and groups adopt structured behavioural change programs that focus on lifestyle and weight management through physical activity, nutrition and education necessary to improve and maintain health, fitness, weight, body composition and metabolism.

Although the below requirements are necessary to register for the ACE Health Coach Certification Exam, they are not required to purchase the study materials. Build client independence through teaching nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle modification skills and by emphasizing the importance of a social support network to enhance self-efficacy, motivation, program adherence, and behaviour change. Educate and work with clients on key behavioural-change strategies in order to impart the knowledge and skills necessary for program adoption and success. Select and conduct appropriate assessments based on clients’ unique health, fitness, nutritional, and lifestyle data and goals to facilitate program design and implementation. Design and implement programs based on clients’ interview, screening and assessment data, and goals to progress clients toward healthy lifestyle, weight management, and behaviour change. Continuously revisit goals with clients and recognize achievements, challenges, and barriers in order to maintain and progress program participation, motivation, and success.
Adhere to legal and ethical codes, scope of practice, and standards of care in order to protect the client, maintain professional standards, and manage risk.
Maintain and enhance competency by staying current on scientifically based research, theories, and best practices using credible resources such as continuing education, professional organizations, industry journals, and periodicals to provide safe and effective services and education. Document client-related data, communications, and progress using a recordkeeping system that is secure, confidential, accurate, current, and retrievable in order to manage risk. Prepare for, practice, and respond to facility emergencies, acute medical conditions, and injuries by following established protocols and documentation requirements in order to maximize clients’ safety and manage risk.
All four ACE certification programs have competency-based assessments comprised of multiple-choice exams with 125 scored items and 25 experimental items that make up the entire credentialing exam.
ACE employs Castle Worldwide, Inc., a full-service, third-party testing company, to ensure that ACE certifications adhere to national testing standards.
ACE certification exams include three types of multiple-choice questions: recall, application, and analysis. Application and analysis questions make up the majority (70 to 85%) of the questions on ACE multiple-choice exams. Due to the high costs occurred in hosting international exams in South Africa, ACE require a minimum of 25 students per exam venue in order for an exam date to be confirmed. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.
Changes in lifestyle, increased stress in personal and professional lives or the desire to have a toned body is causing people to visit health coaches. From working in traditional set-ups like health centers to being employed by companies, there are job opportunities galore for health coaching professionals.
The personal trainer course has been designed so that it is easily understood by beginners and people new to personal training and fitness concepts. This is your best chance to get yourself certified as a sports nutritionist from one of the leaders in online skill testing and certification.
This Online Youth Fitness Program will cover several of the Youth Fitness Trainer responsibilities together with different concepts of youth fitness in detail.
The course has been designed so that it is easily understood by beginners and people new to CPR apart from seasoned healthcare professionals. The Online First Aid Course and First Aid Training enables you to learn how to handle a first aid kit and serves as a complete First Aid guide.
This online aerobics course and program will cover several of the aerobics trainer responsibilities, aerobics fitness theory and aerobics exercises, besides other important aerobics concepts in detail. Therefore, if you have been contemplating becoming a Meditation Instructor yourself and have been wondering how to get started, then this online Meditation Instructor Certification is for you. As the only certification of its kind accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA), ACE Health Coach helps professionals connect with people in a way that makes them not only want to change, but believe they can do it long term. It can be a nurse, an occupational therapist, or even a corporate wellness representative who helps change the behaviors that have kept their clients and employees from losing weight, changing the way they eat, incorporating physical activity into their lives, and improving their overall health and well-being.

They have a good understanding of the interrelated emotional, behavioural, physical, nutritional, exercise and lifestyle factors that must be addressed to help clients make lasting change, and they furthermore possess the knowledge and tools to coach clients throughout the process.
As the accreditation body of the Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE), the NCCA helps to ensure the health, welfare and safety of the public by setting standards for how organizations should conduct professional certifications.
Creating an understanding of why a client wants to change and using this understanding to navigate the ups and downs of the process of change.
If you have a desire to help people make a resounding difference in the way they live, we encourage you check out the ACE Health Coach Manual. Candidates are given three hours to complete an ACE multiple-choice exam for any of the four ACE certification programs. These questions provide assessments of problem solving and decision making skills through realistic scenarios that require candidates to apply their knowledge in circumstances they can expect to experience in the field. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois).
We've been providing wellness coach certifications and wellness education for people in your area since 1992. From weight management o disease management, and from calorie balance to aerobic and strength training, health coaches perform a wide range of functions. The online Personal Training Certification Course includes over 120 animated and explained exercises.
The Online First Aid Courseware has been designed so that it is easily understood by beginners and persons new to First Aid apart from seasoned First Aid Trainers.
An ACE Health Coach helps people with strategies and systems to change the fitness, nutrition and lifestyle behaviors that may be holding them back. The present day Health Coach merges the best practices of exercise programming, nutrition, education and health promotion with behaviour change techniques from coaching and positive psychology. The knowledge and skills learnt and adopted are sought by employers in commercial and medical fitness, healthcare, corporate wellness and insurance industries.
The NCCA accreditation serves as a benchmark for identifying qualified fitness professionals. The text will help you expand your knowledge of fitness and nutrition, and learn the principles of behavior modification that will help people make long-lasting change. The rest of the questions on an ACE multiple-choice exam are recall questions, which are cognitive in nature and test the candidate’s ability to recall knowledge.
In the time since, we have watched our graduates become highly successful wellness coaches, and have the opportunity to help hundreds and even thousands of clients to attain high levels of health and wellness, while building a solid wellness coaching practice which is financially fulfilling. The ExpertRating Health Coach Certification is designed to give you insights into vital aspects of health management to achieve your goal of guiding your clients towards great health. This is a rapidly growing field in fitness, healthcare and corporate wellness with people moving into health and wellness coaching from a variety of professions including personal training, dietetics, nursing, health education and counselling. While many are qualified health professionals in their respective areas, many lack the comprehensive skills to perform all that is required in this new frontier.
Spencer Institute Certified Wellness Coaches are trained to track the assumptions and thinking processes of the client reflected in their use of language.
Being able to track the clients beliefs, behaviors and metaphors of life enable the wellness coach to ask appropriate and pertinent questions of the client.
This facilitates a deep self-exploration for the client that often leads to subtle shifts in the coaching client's awareness.

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