HealthSciences Institute prepares health care professionals to use brief, highly effective approaches for partnering with people for better health and independence. Why CCP Health Coach?With 20+ health coach certifications, it's critical to choose the one credential recognized by industry and professional associations for over a decade.
Motivational Interviewing (MI) Skill-BuildingBuild individual or staff proficiency in the only approach that has been validated in over 300+ clinical studies. Health Coaching Assessment (HCPA)Are you proficient in best practice health coaching approaches? Health Coaching CommunityEach month learn from the experts, earn free Continuing Education and CCP recertification hours.
So the group gathered pinecones, soaked them (to shrink them) and bought wire wreath frames and adhesive to hold everything in place.
A few days before Christmas, they and their leaders delivered the finished crafts and sang Christmas carols. Through the years—as Sandy went through high school and college, then got married—we proudly hung up her wreath each Christmas. In 1986, the wreath was hanging on our door as usual when the temperature on Christmas Day reached 80 degrees.
That spring, as my husband, Don, was weeding the flower bed in front of our house, he was surprised to discover a small evergreen seedling.

Jasmina became interested in teaching the HeartMath® System after experiencing the extraordinary impact Heart Math’s techniques and technology had on her recovery from a brain tumor.
In addition to her clinical practice, Jasmina presents to organizations and groups of all kinds. Jasmina is the author of the Amazon bestseller, Mirror of My Soul, Sanctum of My Heart--a spiritual odyssey beyond the near death experience to living from the intuitive heart connection!
We translate research from health care and the behavioral sciences to engage people in better disease self-care and to facilitate positive lifestyle changes. Mark Evangelical Lutheran Girl Pioneers in sixth grade, the leaders thought it would be nice if the girls made pinecone wreaths for their families for Christmas gifts.
The adhesive began to break down and the pinecones started falling all over our front porch. We decided to move it again, this time to Sandy and her husband Joel’s new house in the country.
I’m happy to report that our brave evergreen is still growing, now producing pinecones of its own. She specializes in teaching others how they can access the extraordinary healing power of the heart to bring healing of the body-mind and create positive practical change in their lives. She is the author of an article A Whole New Life, published in Brainstorm Magazine in 2004; and a client case study cited in the 2003 New Harbinger publication, Transforming Anger and the 2006 New Harbinger publication, Transforming Anxiety.

They were afraid they were destroying so much of its root system that the tree wouldn’t survive.
One of the most frequent problems I see in this adrenalin-driven society is the need for people to find methods to balance their autonomic nervous system and lower adrenalin.
She is quoted in the 2008 HeartMath publication, the emWave Solution for Enhancing Meditation, Prayer & Self-Help.
Her Miracle Heart Coaching sessions are available by phone, internet via Skype, and in person. However it takes a skilled HeartMath specialist to help you get the most out of this approach. Her long experience with meditation and her skill in helping people to use heart math without becoming their guru or therapist makes her the perfect partner in your journey to health. As a Licensed HeartMath Provider she has been a Registered Counselor, an affiliate of the True North Functional Medicine Center, and a Certified Brain Injury Specialist. She is a member in support of MAP (Military Adjustment Program) for veterans in Maine, a member of the(Brain Injury Association) BIA of America, and Reiki International Association.

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