Your plan will be personalized for your needs and will address concerns that are specific to you and your body. You’ve got a lot going on in your life, and planning healthy meals is just another item on your to-do list.
Initial consultation (45 mins) – We assess your overall health, nutritional needs, and dietary preferences to ensure the meal plans created are suitable for your lifestyle. How to makeover your kitchen – We’ll discuss the great, the good, the bad, and the ugly items in your kitchen, and how to replace the bad and the ugly with better-for-you choices.
Meal planning – Whether you’re dealing with a too-busy schedule or too many leftovers going bad in your fridge, I’ll help you develop a plan for healthy meals that you can’t wait to eat! You will also receive plenty of recipes, handouts, my monthly newsletter, and of course, unlimited support via email throughout the duration of our time together. Weekly meal plans: Built based on your dietary needs, accompanied by a grocery list, recipes and snack suggestions. Helpful handouts: These cover a variety of topics from eating out, healthy travel, foods that promote detoxification, etc.
Get your copy of BLESSED ASSURANCE: Success Despite the Odds securely and speedily via Paypal by visiting the link below. Sweating, which burns calories and therefore lowers blood sugar, can lead to hypoglycemic  episodes (low blood sugar). Dehydration due to excess heat can cause hyperglycemia (high blood sugar).  Since dehydration occurs when there is low fluid level in the blood stream, there is a high concentration of glucose, causing hyperglycemia. Medication, such as insulin, and supplies can be damaged by excess heat and manufacturer’s recommendations regarding storing medication and supplies must be followed. Keep diabetes medication and supplies cool without subjecting them to freezing temperatures.
Excessive sweating—not even dehydration–can cause creatinine levels (a measure of kidney function) to increase.
Again, this should be done by always having water, decaffeinated and non alcoholic, beverages handy to sip on all day. Come out May 18, 2013 to join a fabulous gathering of people with diabetes, medical professionals and researchers for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation’s DIABETES TODAY AND TOMORROW. This is an educational and networking conference for persons living with type 1 diabetes and insulin dependent type 2 diabetes, their families, and the medical care community. While diabetes can be a chronic illness that brings about devastating consequences and long term complications (like kidney failure, blindness and amputations), managed well, diabetes can become a cheerleader for success. It is my belief that the regimen that diabetes requires encourages the same discipline in other areas of your life.
With goals like most of us have, diabetes has to be something that we are aware of, however something that we manage in the background of our lives.
And so it is no surprise that people with diabetes work hard in other aspects of their lives to strive or perfection.  Can you imagine balancing Billie Jean King’s glucose levels while she’s in the middle of a tennis match; or during a day of practice for that matter? What I urge is to listen to your body and note how it reacts to various stimuli such as exercise, food, emotions like fear, nervousness and anger to see how it impacts blood sugar. Successful people with diabetes understand this and know what happens to their bodies in these, and other circumstances. THE NEW INTRODUCTION TO EXERCISE VIDEO FEATURING JAMIE BROOKS IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE!
When you decide not to listen to your doctor’s advice and eat whenever you want to or miss doses of critical medication, what’s the big deal?
A woman living in the sandwich generation (sandwiched by needing to take care of college students and aging parents) was perplexed because her mother complained that she never visited her father.
Stephanie’s father suffered from insulin-dependent Type 2 diabetes and found it difficult to walk and to see due to the onset of neuropathy and retinopathy, complications of uncontrolled diabetes. One day after receiving a tongue lashing from her mother about not visiting them and her father in particular, Stephanie decided to confide in a close friend about the situation. This holiday season, if you don’t take care of yourself for you, do it for someone who loves you.

Try these tips for festive gatherings this holiday season, brought to you from across the pond.
It’s a good idea to let you your family know in advance of the Christmas meal too so they won’t offer you anything you’ve planned not to have. Say you actually wanted to overeat, the best way would be to make yourself very hungry before eating. Having a glass of water before you start your meal is an easy and effective way of reducing your food intake; it makes you feel full earlier on, thus reducing your appetite. Eating with the family is a nice occasion but if you’re a fast eater, it can make things more difficult. Eating slowly will help with this and will also allow you to savor and better enjoy the food you’re eating. Feeling stuffed can be quite unpleasant by itself and it’s also worth bearing in mind that the body’s natural reaction to having to digest a particularly large meal is to release extra sugar into the bloodstream. Remember the classic Christmas cracker joke about a ‘sea food’ diet – “I see food and I eat it”? A couple of mince pies will typically have over 500 calories, a quarter of a woman’s daily energy, and a fifth of a man’s; not forgetting the 70 plus grams of fast acting carbohydrates. If temptation is proving a taxing task and hard to avoid, it can help to literally walk away from the craving.
If you self test, commit yourself to testing your blood sugar more regularly, over the Christmas period, to catch those blood sugar fluctuations early. When first diagnosed with diabetes it is likely that you have to develop a new routine and change some bad habits. Much like fad dieting, biting the bullet and deciding to try to eat the right food and  test like a robot three times a day, doesn’t create a routine and you are likely to slip back into old habits. TERMINATION – for some types of change like smoking cessation, the maintenance phase may no longer be necessary, however for Diabetes Control, the maintenance routine never ends and provides a very healthy lifestyle whether a person has diabetes or not.
Chronic diseases or conditions like diabetes, multiple sclerosis, hypoglycemia, asthma, kidney disease, hypertension, heart disease and transplant living all require a regimen that requires strict adherence. This can seem overwhelming for someone first diagnosed with a chronic illness, and it can continue if the patient doesn’t develop a regimen to accommodate the medicine schedule, the dietary restrictions and timing, and exercise requirements. In other words, you break down what needs to happen and put it up against your usual daily schedule. The key is to make sure that what your condition requires, you make available and convenient so that it is easy to be compliant to your doctor’s orders. As we work together, you’ll develop a deeper understanding of the food and lifestyle choices that work best for you.
I’ll also give you an idea of what you can expect from working with me, and we’ll determine how I can best support you in achieving your goals. High creatine levels can potentially lead to kidney transplant rejection, or worsening of chronic kidney disease.
It requires a consistent routine so that we can function well during other demands placed on our lives. For instance, at age 7, when my diabetes was diagnosed, like other people with diabetes, I had to learn to give myself an insulin shot, pay attention to how I felt, test my glucose levels, plan to marry exercise and meals, etc. Similarly can you imagine the emotional ups and downs as well as the blood sugar ups and downs Howard Hughes endured.
Once you’ve mastered this approach, you can create regimens around music, sports, business, relationships and other aspects of your life.
The woman’s parents were both in their eighties and somehow Stephanie found it difficult between work and immediate family commitments to visit her parents.
He especially felt bad when Stephanie would abruptly end a phone call needing to return to work, and forgetting to return the call. To reduce the chance of this happening plan how much you intend to eat and make a point of sticking to it. Don’t forget to factor in that alcohol contains high calorie content and also causes sugar levels to fluctuate.

Apply the rule ‘out of sight, out of mind’ and this can help to avoid between meal snacking. A 20 minute walk in the crisp air should be enough to increase endorphins and serotonin which can help to overcome cravings.
While many young people with Type 1 diabetes haven’t established a routine and so the prescribed routine from their doctor easily becomes their routine, often people newly diagnosed with Type 2, Gestational or Pre diabetes have a more difficult time making change to their established routines and habits. On the other hand, understanding the reasons for eating certain foods and testing glucose levels with a purpose in mind will bring about permanent change.
Not following these regimens or staying within the guidelines can cause serious problems, long term complications or even sudden death.
The restrictions that a chronic condition requires can feel overwhelmingly restrictive, but consider the alternative. Now blend the lists by figuring out what the breakfast requirements translate into as far as a meal; what you will eat for lunch (whether purchased at a restaurant or packed in a  brown bag lunch) and how you will complete dinner requirements.
Finally look over the list of requirements and make sure that you determine what supplies you need to make this regimen work. I’ll assist you in implementing lasting changes that will empower you to live a more balanced, fulfilled life. This program will provide you with the strong foundation you need for building your best self. If we know what to do in most if not all circumstances, then all we have to do is test to find out what circumstance we’re in. For instance, when you have an insulin reaction, do you need 1,2 or 3 glucose tablets to cure it? If you cannot resist pudding make sure you stick to at most one and keep the serving sensible, remembering that sweet dishes are very fast absorbed. Almost all of these conditions require a special diet or dietary restrictions.  Some of them can be controlled with diet alone.
If a diabetic doesn’t develop a regimen to consistently take medication, follow a low glycemic diet with the prescribed carbohydrate restrictions and exercise as suggested, then blood sugars can dip too low and cause a severe hypoglycemic reaction resulting in loss of consciousness or even death. For instance if you work 8am until 5pm, and you travel 10%  of the time, typically Tuesday through Friday.
For instance, if carrying blood testing supplies and the machine is not convenient, then you might want to consider keeping an  extra set at work in a locker or in your desk.
As your personal Health Coach, I will listen to your personal goals and support you on your journey to achieving them. During your first session, we will discuss your overall health, any concerns you may have, and set goals.
Not only did Halle Berry have to control her blood sugar in order to jump into her Bond Girl role, but especially while pregnant and preparing for her most important role as Mommy. Yes of course, I wanted grow into a healthy adult, however my dreams were to get good grades, make friends, become a cheerleader, attend a good college, enjoy my job, marry and have children.
I believe that the reason that you haven’t made time for your father is because you have watched him ignore advice from his doctor, refuse to monitor his glucose and eat regularly.
Other chronic conditions can result in similar serious conditions as well as sudden death.  This is why a regimen to prevent these severe reactions is important.
If that means keeping medicine at work as well, make sure to consider the storage requirements of the medication.
When you lead a meeting or do public speaking, does your blood sugar drop from the jitters? For instance, insulin doesn’t need to be refrigerated; however it shouldn’t be kept in direct sunlight either. He has passed out requiring EMS to treat ailments that wouldn’t occur if he better managed his diabetes.

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