The current average salary for a registered nurse is $74,000 per year according to indeed dot com. A contemporary education should not be difficult to obtain considering how convenient the education industry has become. If you’re like most people, you struggle with finding the time and motivation to exercise and take care of yourself. You like the idea of being vibrant your whole life, but find yourself distracted by the day-to-day challenges of life and work, or simply aren’t motivated to get started and keep going. Imagine having your own personal fitness training and success coach who works with you personally to overcome your unique challenges.
We are Certified Fitness Trainers and Health Coaches who know the challenges of maintaining vibrant health in today’s fast-paced world.
We live what we teach. Not only are we professionally trained and certified, but equally important, we live and model what we teach others. So, if you’re ready to experience the “advanced” difference, then we invite you to browse through our website. Individual Coaching includes: Bi-weekly workout programming utilizing TrainingPeaks(online training calendar), unlimited email contact with coach, ancillary services at a reduced rate. The question of who you want to be is one you will probably ask yourself several times over the course of your life. We are all works in progress and, as such, we all have moments that could have been better, that we are not proud of, and that caused grief for others as well as ourselves. Establishing Personal Development GoalsEstablishing goals for personal growth and development is not always an easy task. Specific - In order to achieve your personal growth and development goals you must first clearly define what they are. SMART Goal: I want to write a book on a€?How to Interpret Dreamsa€? that is at least 150 pages in length.
Measurable - The ability to measure progress is the key to keeping you motivated and moving in the right direction.
Attainable - When you begin setting goals, it is important that you do not aim too high or too low. While developing your plan for personal growth and development you should explore three basic questions. Laurasmother 3 years ago from Europe Thank you for interesting thoughts about personal development.
Marsha Musselman1 2 years ago from Michigan, USA Great hub with inspiration of thing to do to achieve success for all age groups.
Marilyn Fritz 17 months ago from Nevada I also totally agree with everything you said on your blog. Please click on the blue words below as they are links to essential additional information. Integrative Health Coaching is the most modern method of providing optimal care and education to people in hospitals, organizations, and communities in light of the health care crisis and changes in North America.   Hospitals have found an enormous difference in health care costs and their bottom lines, ultimately saving millions of dollars each year by increasing the number of health coaches that they hire. Integrative Health Coaching is the most modern and necessary career position in all forms of health care. Because of the mind-body-spirit connection, and all of the research indicating that negative thoughts and emotions cause physical pain and illnesses, that stress depletes the immune system making people more susceptible to cancer, that mindfulness strategies of relaxation create positive outcomes before and after surgeries, and that certain foods and lack of specific nutrients lead to mental health issues, integrative health coaching is very multi-dimensional.  These are just a few of the key aspects, however learning all of the information is crucial to optimal well being and to becoming an effective Integrative Health Coach. Integrative Health Coaches can develop their private practices within their communities or they can work in any health care system or organization. This uniquely designed Health Coach Training Program  differs from others as it focuses on psychological and emotional wellness in addition to nutrition and exercise.
Some of the weekly topics in my program include coaching guidelines and ethics, maintaining healthy boundaries, understanding how stress leads to mental, emotional, and physical disorders, developing listening and intuition skills, motivational interviewing, coping skills for depression and anxiety, assessing for suicide, strategies for dealing with grief and loss, specific foods and nutrients that are detrimental to brain functioning, mindfulness relaxation strategies, coping skills for the elderly, the power of forgiveness, developing advocacy skills, and strategies for helping teens struggling with substance abuse issues. If you would like to be on the cutting-edge of making a difference in your own life, your community, or your workplace, please do join me via the next upcoming Informational webinar. All education levels are appropriate, however some post secondary education or training is preferred. A Nationally Recognized Health and Wellness Coaching System with implementation in stress management, health risk and disease management support groups, and worksite wellness programs, hospitals, EAPs, the military, social service agencies, universities, medical practices, YMCAs, parishes, spas and fitness centers, and private practices.
The Circle of Life Process assesses and supports change and improvement in 12 areas of one's life using the powers of Support and Accountability.

The ONLY Coach Training that includes medically researched 1-5 minute Mind-Body MAX™ Self Care practices that are proven to reduce stress, increase health, productivity and enhance well-being. 15 Powers built into the Circle of Life Coaching Process™ that effectively support meeting wellness and life goals. These include the following: earning a Bachelors degree in nursing, Associates degree in nursing (ADN) or a diploma. Perhaps you’ve tried various approaches to losing weight, managing stress, changing eating habits, and getting in shape only to find yourself quitting or experiencing limited results. Imagine learning exactly what it takes to lose those unwanted pounds, gain inner and outer strength, move with greater ease and less discomfort, enjoy more energy, reduce harmful stress, and create a healthier way of living. Our goal is to work with you to create an inspiring collaboration that empowers you to fine-tune your way of life so you are skillful in maintaining a desired state of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. You’ll have your own personal fitness trainer and life coach who has real-world experiences, engages in on-going professional training, and is 100% committed to your success. The true answer to this question isn't rooted in your choice of career or the amount of money you make. Regardless of our successes there will always be something to improve upon, some goal to conquer, or some desire we have yet to pursue.A personal development plan is the ideal tool to examine the key aspects of of our lives in order to achieve growth and change where it is needed. Regardless of whether or not you decide to make a conscious effort to change certain aspects of your life, you are still changing and developing.
There are four simple rules to make you personal develop planning a painless yet effective process.
Be specific, make sure you can measure that success, reach for the attainable, keep it realistic, and set a timeframe for your success.
Using a personal development plan is a great way of developing goals, identifying what steps you need to take to achieve those goals, and ultimately realizing your dreams. Culture goes far behind race and ethnicity and it is the elements of culture that help define who we are.
I was hoping that you would mention something about personal improvement as far as keeping one's body in shape to prevent ailments that generally arrive in the later years of one's life.You have a great way of writing and getting your points across.
I am a firm believer in never allowing ourselves to be simply a passenger in our own lives. Most people think that health coaches only teach people how to eat healthily and develop an exercise program.  However, it involves so much more. They might provide presentations or talks in their communities or organizations teaching the newest methods of creating mind, body, and spirit wellness based on the latest research findings. Others use their expertise to provide individual health coaching sessions. You will need to commit to approximately 8-10 hours of weekly study and activity time, including our 90-minute weekly live virtual meeting. In addition, you will be provided guidance on how to develop your health coaching practice (developing proper forms, brochures, marketing strategies, etc.)  I provide you with post-graduate support in using your expertise to develop a career.
Those with nursing or nursing aid backgrounds would be qualified, however a medical background is not required.
Clients and coaches RAVE about how these practices give them access to their untapped powers to be healthy and successful! Approximately 45% of registered nurses are over age 50, which leads us to believe that several thousand nurses will leave their careers for retirement in the near future. Step-by-step you’ll learn and master the fundamentals to optimal health and vibrant living. If you are the kind of person that just lets things happen to them and who never takes responsibility, this is probably reflective in the state of your life today.
It requires effort, and anything that requires effort carries the risk of failure.This is a chance to invest in yourself. What you think influences your actions, and how you act influences the results you get out of life. If you truly believe a goal can be accomplished then it just may be a realistic goal for you.
Make sure your timeline isn't too far into the future, however, because this will lessen your motivation and make it easier to put things off. A personal development plan is ideal in helping you to sort out exactly where you currently are in relation to your goals and what steps you need to take to get to where you want to be.

The focus of this program is training the mind to heal mental, emotional, and physical illnesses. On the macro level, it can easily be integrated into a hospital, medical system, organization, or community.  On the micro level, it addresses the whole body, including the mind, emotions, spirit, and body.
Some are so passionate about this topic, that they are willing to volunteer their services in an effort to spread their knowledge. Ultimately, when we are feeling good psychologically, our bodies are less prone to illness and heal much faster if an illness has already occurred. Those who are self-taught in health and wellness would excel in this program.  Additionally, this program would be complementary to graduate degree education and knowledge. In addition to the educational requirements, registered nurses must pass the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN) to become a licensed registered nurse. There, a nurse can easily obtain a degree or certification without ever leaving the comfort of his or her own home. Enjoy a personal fitness training and health coaching experience that empowers you to live your best. It is typically not an easy task but can be quite rewarding as you become the person you have set out to be. The truth is that most of us inspire our own destinies by simply exploring the possibilities that life has to offer. Making sure your goals are attainable may require you to break your ultimate goal down into smaller pieces. Where you come from matters a lot less than where you are going, and achieving what you want requires you to first know what you want. Ultimately, Integrative Health Coaching has been determined as the missing link in healthcare, and the newest tool for sustainable change. After receiving the training, you will be in a position to safely and confidently coach and mentor others in the community, organization or hospital, to psychological, emotional, and physical health through the use of the most recent evidence-based coping skills and strategies.  Keep in mind that you will NOT be providing therapy. In 2009 approximately 16.7% of registered nurse employment was in a nursing home, outpatient care center or home health care setting. The NCLEX exam can be taken through your State Board of Nursing once the pre-requisite educational requirements have been fulfilled.
And while online schooling is a wonderful alternative to attending a physical school, even physical schools offer many programs, grants, and scholarships, that make attending school much easier. We’ll learn more about you, the challenges you are currently facing, what you’d like to accomplish by working together, and answer any questions you may have. For example, you wouldn't say I will run 10 miles every day when you've been a couch potato all your life.
Some find that starting with a list of their strengths and weaknesses really helps focus their efforts of identifying areas of improvement and setting goals that lead them to success. Take them along with you if this will help keep you focused and moving in the right direction.
Research studies have shown that health coaching has been extremely beneficial in decreasing healing times after surgery, decreasing chronic disease symptoms, providing education on foods that alleviate depression and anxiety, teaching coping skills to deal with chronic pain, providing support and advocacy for teens struggling with substance abuse, motivating patients for behavioral, psychological, emotional, and nutritional changes, and providing the most effective stress management skills for newly diagnosed cancer patients, just to name a few.
Within the next few years it is expected that this number will increase significantly and one third of RNs will be employed in a home health care setting and one fourth will work in a nursing care facility.
Instead, you may start with a short daily walk achieve it and then readjust your goal to possibly running one mile, then two, then three.
This increase is due to the millions of baby boomers who will soon be entering retirement age and will require home health care and reside in assisted living facilities.
Then we go to work to create a customized program that’s right for you and starts at your current level of health and fitness.
Then, step-by-step, you learn the skills, practices, and mindset necessary to succeed in achieving your specific goals. And we’ll be there along the way to hold you accountable while coaching you through the tough times – and celebrating with you during the good times!

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