HealthSciences Institute prepares health care professionals to use of brief, highly effective approaches for partnering with people for better health and independence.
There's no point in starting a fitness program that tells you to run every day if you hate running. You will see the following payment options again after you have submitted your booking above. Complete the booking form and pay in full or deposit payment of £100 using the Payment button. The Registered Health Coach (RHC) program is designed to build patient engagement and behavior change skills grounded in the only approach proven effective, practical and appropriate in a health care environments focused on delivering measurable patient results: Motivational Interviewing (MI) Health Coaching.
First described by psychologist Bill Miller over 25 years ago, MI is backed by over 200 rigorous clinical trials, with dozens of studies on health care topics ranging from weight management, disease self-care, treatment adherence, among others. Measurement plays an important role in evaluating the effectiveness of any training program. Who is Eligible for Registered Health Coach?Any clinical or nonclinical health care professional is eligible for RHC. Practitioners are welcome to submit documentation for a program completed that matches the framework as described above, including the CCP curriculum. To achieve RHC-I certification, practitioners must complete CCP and the RHC-I MI Health Coaching Intensive program (given the synergy between CCP and RHC), for the ideal learning experience and the best value, we recommend our RHC-I All-Inclusive Option, which combines CCP and the RHC-I MI Intensive course (which includes the final HCPA proficiency assessment) and saves the applicant $500. Registrants for the All-inclusive Registered Health Coach (RHC-I) program must complete each of the program requirements within a two-year time-frame.
In either case, all RHC candidates must submit a health coaching audio sample and which is evaluated using a software-based, standardized, MITI-validated tool (HCPA).
CCP Health Coaching Program ($1,395)Since 2003, the award-winning core curriculum in population health improvement, chronic diseases, lifestyle management and MI-based health coaching.
MI Health Coaching Workshop OR RHC-I MI Health Coaching IntensiveThe MI workshop and the RHC-I MI Health Coaching Intensive (includes the final HCPA proficiency test) are two options for intensive training in MI health coaching. Final HCPA Proficiency Evaluation, Report, Feedback & Coaching Session ($250)*Upon completion of the training requirements, self-study, and practice as needed, candidate submits an audio work sample with an actual patient (de-identified) or a real health coaching session with a friend or colleague. Listing in the National Health Coach Registry The Registered Health Coach Program recognizes excellence and provides a pathway for building health coaching knowledge and proficiency.
To avoid duplication of recertification requirements and costs, you will simply recertify at your highest level of certification (on your CCP recertification date, which is now your RHC recertification date). Building and maintaining your MI Health Coaching skills, like any other type of complex skill-set will be a lifelong endeavor. If you have achieved RHC-III, and would like to be an MI trainer, we encourage you to consider the MINT New Trainer Program, which is the only recognized credential for trainers in MI.
A Nationally Recognized Health and Wellness Coaching System with implementation in stress management, health risk and disease management support groups, and worksite wellness programs, hospitals, EAPs, the military, social service agencies, universities, medical practices, YMCAs, parishes, spas and fitness centers, and private practices.

The Circle of Life Process assesses and supports change and improvement in 12 areas of one's life using the powers of Support and Accountability.
The ONLY Coach Training that includes medically researched 1-5 minute Mind-Body MAX™ Self Care practices that are proven to reduce stress, increase health, productivity and enhance well-being. 15 Powers built into the Circle of Life Coaching Process™ that effectively support meeting wellness and life goals. We translate research from health care and the behavioral sciences to engage people in better disease self-care and to facilitate positive lifestyle changes. And you’re never going to stick with a nutrition regime that tells you to completely avoid the things you love to eat. I am there to encourage you to push yourself when you feel like giving up, to run that last short hill that leaves you gasping but satisfied and bring you step by step to achieve the once unachievable! RHC combines this brief and highly effective behavior change method  with online, interactive, competency-based learning activities. Two recent meta-analyses (studies that compare and contrast findings from several studies) find MI to be both effective and well-suited for health care.
Mentor training through HealthSciences or another organization is required Following RHC-III, practitioners may choose to apply for the MINT New Trainer Program sponsored by the MINT group. Organizations have chosen both the on-site worksite and the RHC-I MI Health Coaching Intensive online option. HealthSciences has demonstrated that CCP and RHC programs can deliver significant improvements in workforce proficiency and adherence. Population health improvement, including wellness, health management and care management are among the fastest growing fields in health care. For others, while CCP is a highly recommended prelude to RHC-I MI Health Coaching Intensive, it is not required. Unlike traditional MI workshops, the sole focus of both is the use of MI in brief health care encounters to support lifestyle management, treatment adherence, disease self-care, care transitions.
Susan Butterworth, a lead contributor to the development of the HCPA and RHC program, hosted a webinar session overviewing the program. While you will technically maintain your CCP certification, if you are an RHC-I, for example, you will receive a new RHC-I certificate valid for three years at the time of recertification. CCP and RHC-I are appropriate for members of the interdisciplinary health care team or beginning health coaches. Clients and coaches RAVE about how these practices give them access to their untapped powers to be healthy and successful! Given the strong preliminary results achieved with the RHC-I MI Health Coaching Intensive, and its integration of the key requirements, it will be HealthSciences preferred method of delivery. In addition, independent evaluations have found that this level of increased proficiency is associated with improvements in member engagement in large telephonic programs.

The demand for individuals who have completed an evidence-based curriculum and demonstrated proficiency in the only brief, highly effective approach for health coaching will only grow in coming years as the two primary drivers of unsustainable health care costs are the reliance on acute care-oriented approaches for problems that cannot be solved medically, combined with the persistent rise in chronic disease prevalence (the U.S. RHC reflects a competency modeling approach and framework, whereby each level builds on a previous level. One four-week course extension is allowed (a $100 administrative fee is due) and the extension must be requested within twelve weeks of registration. Students who do not achieve RHC-I proficiency will be eligible to resubmit a sample for re-assessment at the $250 fee after 30-days.
You will continue to be required to complete 15 CE hours every three years, and we will continue to provide CE opportunities to RHCs as we do CCPs. At a minimum, designated health coaches, case managers, or wellness coaches should be at the RHC-II (Health Coach Specialist level) or RHC-III (Health Coach Expert level). Stephen Shortell, who emphasized engaging and preparing the health care workforce in population health management, chronic care, self-care support, and more effective, patient-centered care approaches played a key role in health care improvement. HealthSciences Institute's programs require standardized knowledge (CCP) or practice proficiency (RHC) assessment.
Once RHC-I MI Health Coaching program has been completed, the student may either register for the RHC-II MI Health Coaching Intensive, or complete skill-building alone or with the help of an MI mentor.
This option allows HealthSciences the option to extend the reach of our people and our programs and reduces travel feeds and expense for clients. However, with an estimated 85% of avoidable costs due to health behaviors and choices, we cannot change health care without being prepared to effectively and briefly guide patients at all risk levels through change.
This is a major reason why the ParnersInImprovement Alliance and Health Coach Registry is the #1 health coach credentialing verification source for population health management (PHM) professionals: Wellness, Health and Care Management (in addition to the valuable CCMC for case managers). To date, HealthSciences has invested over $2 Million in research, project development and technology to support our behavior change innovation, software tools, and free or reduced fee programming. Both remark on the fact that MI is particularly effective in brief contact, as few as one in number. Since no other approach remotely reaches this  effect, MI is the basis for RHC because MI is more than an evidence-based approach, it is the only evidence based approach. By focusing on building and recognizing knowledge, skills and abilities that link with better patient outcomes versus those advocated by specialty organizations.

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