Free online educational courses that includes four one hour segments for pediatric healthcare providers designed to improve knowledge, self-efficacy and practice in the area of childhood obesity.
Copyright by Kansas Chapter American Academy of Pediatrics - Dedicated to the health of children and adolescents. Independent engagement agency Maverick has reinforced its credentials as leaders in educational partnerships launching the Healthy Habits School Program for the Reckitt Benckiser brand, Dettol. Engaging 1,000 primary schools and 300,000 students across the country, the program reaches into schools providing each student with an interactive CD-Rom designed to help them learn about a range of healthy eating, exercising and hygiene habits.
If you ask any runner who wins races about their “secret sauce,” chances are good they’ll taut the benefits of consistency. Minimalism, maximalism, carbo-loading, Paleo, heel striking, barefoot running—all the theories and trends can leave you running in circles. Training for a race provides instant structure to your running in the form of a training plan and a race date.
Runners are pack rats—we save all our medals, bibs, moldy water bottles, training logs, sweat-stained everything and, most importantly, shoes. In the office, at the cube, under the car seat, in the trunk, on the floor—there’s running gear EVERYWHERE.
If you’re a female, you have a friend who spends hundreds on hiding awkward tan lines during the summer months.
Upon completion of the online series, a free toolkit which includes Obesity Management Tools, Reimbursement Coding Information, and a BMI Wheel will be available.
After you are logged in scroll down the right hand side and add the course number for Module 1 to the Search by Course ID field.
Though we come from all walks of life and certainly have our own methods in pursuing our passion, it seems that most runners have common bonds between us—things we do, quirks we accept, lifestyle choices we embrace. Mixing up your routine by adding in swimming, skiing, weight lifting, cycling, yoga or a new class stimulates your mind, gives your body a break from the same repetitive motion by engaging different muscles and keeps training entertaining. Still, there is much to be gained from paying attention to the latest research and innovative products.
According to recent studies, getting enough sleep not only helps with concentration (imperative for overanalyzing race splits) and makes it easier to shed pounds and maintain weight loss (those 1 a.m.

But underneath the pile of mismatched brands, dirt and offensive aromas lies the golden ticket—the one pair of trainers that never disappoints and always leaves us satisfied. It helps you stay alive, hydrated, healthy and functional during those longer runs and races. As runners, we know to forgive the legs, lungs and running libido following a poor performance—we are addicts, so there’s always another fix (race) on the horizon, a chance to redeem ourselves.
You'll also get access to top running content including training plans and stories on gear, nutrition and recovery.
Choose a login ID and password that are easy to remember and write the information in a safe place.
Cross-training also helps runners increase upper body and core strength (and makes you look good!), contributing to improved form and running efficiency. It does mean establishing a routine, even a loosely structured one, such as having a long run on Sundays, a tempo day on Tuesdays and using Thursdays for speed work. Sure, you can do things the way you’ve always done them, but the learning process that comes with trying a new training method, running in a different style of shoes or switching up your routine can make you a better, healthier and happier runner.
No, you don’t always need to have a race on the calendar, but how else are you going to get new tech T’s? We love to test new shoes and products and brag about new brands we saw first, but we always come home to our one and only, that one model that gets us to the perfect stride every single time. Neon sports drinks are never out of style either, replenishing electrolytes and salt lost during a good sweat session. We give ourselves a metaphorical pat on the back, take some time off to recover, drink a few beers and come back refreshed for another round of training. How much sleep is necessary varies from person to person, but aiming for seven to nine hours a night is a good goal. If racing isn’t your thing, try running a new route, booking a running vacation, increasing your mileage, running with a group once a week or seeing if you can increase your speed. And when the shoe is tired and worn, we buy the exact same one (usually an updated version with some minor tweaks).
Be the designated runner—if you’re ever stranded in the middle of nowhere with 10 miles to go until civilization (at least we think it might happen), you always have already worn socks and your backup-to-the-backup shirt.

Our back seats and trucks are cluttered with half-drank water bottles and questionable concoctions our friends told us we HAD TO TRY.
As unflattering as short tan lines can be, we either totally dig them or don’t mind them.
We love to run, hate to rest and suck at forgiveness—but we understand that rest is necessary and forgiveness hurts less than physically punishing our bodies for not delivering on race day. But a wide variety of ever-evolving options give more people the opportunity to enjoy running to the fullest—including you.
Power naps work too, as long as they don’t interfere with a solid, rejuvenating sleep cycle. If your co-workers scrunch their faces in disgust at the idea of a lunchtime jaunt, keep your handy gear in a desk drawer or in your car.
It’s also no coincidence that beer miles are totally trending—runners love beer more than Gatorade.
It’s not a priority to smother the white patches in bronzer only to make the white whiter and the dark darker the next day during a high-noon lunch run.
Time is of the essence, people—running is an unflattering sport if done right, and we don’t seem to have the patience (or the extra time) to worry about pasty body markings. Guzzling one or five beers after a hard run is just as beneficial (and necessary) as chugging H20 on a daily basis. Plus, wristwatch tans are a sure-tell sign of a runner, if you’re in the market for a new training partner. OK, maybe water is a smidge more important, but don’t underestimate the power of the brew.
And before you know what’s happened, training and running becomes a regular part of your life.

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