Once upon a time he is haunted by continuous flops and at last he has found the secret behind his success.
The fun-n-frolic begins with the very first scene, and it continues till the very end of the film. After years of lull, Disney Animation has been on a roll recently with Tangled, Wreck-It Ralph and last year's Frozen. The film acts as an origin story for the gang, who will surely return in sequels to fight crime again. The film is probably the most action-packed animation film that you'll see, with chases, strikes and counter-strikes taking chances alternatively to get your adrenaline pumping. The fun-n-frolic begins before the movie has even started with the charming short film "Feast", and it continues till the very last scene of the film. We are talking about young hero Nitin, who is still basking in the success of 'Ishq'.Even after attacking with a dozen of movies, Nitin scored big success only with 'Dil' and 'Ishq', while the credit of his debut flick 'Jayam' goes to Teja.
Their golden run continues with Big Hero 6, an adaptation of a comic series by Marvel that follows a group of 5 ordinary teenagers and a robot who turn into crime fighters to protect people from unscrupulous villains. But while most origin films are marked by directors trying too hard to establish base and shoving situations down your throat, directors Chris Williams and Don Hall let circumstances take their own course.

Couple that with probably the most gorgeous animation quality and there isn't a single moment that doesn't command your attention.
Knowing that the viewers today don't just consist of young children easily enamored by a few action scenes, it gives the adult viewers something to emotionally invest in. While understandable, it is also more cliche than the use of the word "cliche" and lacks any conviction whatsoever.
They litter the film with recognizable characters and give them an understandable cause to fight for. Also unconvincing is the robotics genius of the 14 year old leader of the team, Hiro Hamada. Miller as Fred and Genesis Rodriguez as Honey Lemon are all charming, adding a lot to their characters through their voice acting.
His job is to take care of any medical needs that you might possibly have, and also to make you all giggly and lovestruck with him, so that you could ignore any flaws that the film might have. The story has a lot of heart, which is common for animation fare, but not so much for superhero films. He is shown to be smarter at building tech than all the others put together, but this fact is neither stated explicitly nor is it explained.

But the scene stealer, by design, is Scott Adsit as Baymax, with his semi- robotic voice that can invoke both laughter and tears with equal skill.
Insiders revealed that our young hero is struck with this 'Hindi Words Syndrome' and roped in a couple of Bollywood writers to suggest him good Hindi title before ending up with this. Also unlike animated fare, there are a few surprising twists in the tales that keep the viewers on their toes. On the flip side he has rid off this sentiment for his 'Courier Boy Kalyan' due to the pressures from producer Gautham Menon.As long as Nitin plays subtle in his movies, people love to watch him irrespective of the movie title.
Then of course, there's the master-stroke Baymax, who's likely to be lapped up by the young and adults alike.
The hero should notice that his larger than life characters are the culprits that have given him flop flicks.

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