The economic slump that began in 2008 hit a lot of industries hard, causing many to rethink how they do business. Today, the industry is rebounding with some estimates projecting growth to triple by the next decade and profits to soar. Higher education has long been known to fuel higher earnings and levels of job security for professionals across industries, and the same holds true for the hospitality industry.
While hospitality management degrees will get you in the door, experience will help you move up the career ladder and into management positions and higher salaries. The hospitality industry is broad with tremendous career opportunities for professionals with a college degree.
Hospitality management degrees are a valuable credential in a fast-paced industry and provide you with a platform for entry. The seafood industry is using traceability technology to boost transparency and efficiency along its supply chain. The need for human resources managers opens opportunities for those in other fields to transition into the human resources profession. Knowledge of marketing, accounting, leadership and other management abilities can be essential to a restaurant's success.
Using business analytics, companies explore data to make smart decisions based on relevant information extracted. The business world has embraced the use of analytics to streamline operations and improve processes. MSU is now offering for-certificate graduate certificates in Human Resources, Leadership and Management. Business professionals around the globe can improve leadership skills through MSU's Broad College 100% online courses. Professionals everywhere can access MSU's world-class education through courses offered 100% online. MSU now offers you the opportunity to work towards your Advanced Procurement Master Certificate, all online! Hailed as the original hospitality business school and ranked among the top hospitality programs in the nation, The School of Hospitality Business at Michigan State University is a recognized authority in hospitality business education, research and service. Management Certificate in the Business of Hospitality MSU’s online certificate program, offered through The School of Hospitality Business, is designed for hospitality professionals within hotels, restaurants and corporate offices seeking a comprehensive understanding of hospitality operations, management and leadership. Hospitality Mini-Courses Gain targeted skills to boost your career in as little as two weeks! Hospitality Management Courses MSU’s online certificates feature eight-week courses presented by some of the same faculty who teach on campus. All courses in the online Hospitality Management Food and Beverage Management program are 8-week classes. Heads Up HSP_MGMT 1043: Introduction to Hospitality Management is a prerequisite for many of the following courses, so make sure to take this early in your course of study. In addition to the core hospitality management courses, you may have to take classes in general education, business, and electives to fulfill the 120 credit hours that are required to earn a bachelor's degree.
A three years enriching hotel management programme focusing on hospitality, travel, tourism and general management leading to careers in the hospitality and services sector.
Complementing prescribed syllabi with periodic real world exposure that will blend both, theory and practice, and significantly enhance confidence and self-assurance.

We invite young minds and hearts that synchronize with the rhythm of the Hospitality Industry to experience exceptional Hospitality Education at the Sheila Raheja Institute of Hotel Management as a prelude to their career in an industry where skill and knowledge are integral to comprehensive management. We are in the midst of a paradigm shift towards the service sector and the adage that the customer is king has never been more relevant than today.
As careers in restaurant, catering and venue management become increasingly popular, the University of Missouri is answering the call for higher education in the food and beverage industry by adding an online option to its bachelor's degree in hospitality management, emphasis in food and beverage management.
Courses will build off of the practical experience you bring from culinary programs and military training, transitioning you from a food service operator into thinking and leading like a manager. The online food and beverage management program is one of the first undergraduate online offerings from the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (CAFNR) at the University of Missouri.
The on-campus hospitality management program has been recognized nationally for its hands-on approach and focus on the business and management side of the food and beverage industry. Our faculty members bring their experiences in the hospitality industry into the virtual world to help the class come alive. Hospitality Management is a degree completion program, with 33 of the 53 required credit hours of industry-focused and technical course work available online. We realize this is a hands-on industry, so each course is designed to take advantage of innovative educational resources such as instructional videos, demonstrations, class discussions and online chats to enable you to connect with your instructors and classmates.
What courses will transfer will depend on the type of previous credit earned, and the institutions' accreditation and transfer equivalencies to Mizzou. The Admissions office will determine your transfer credit once they receive your official transcripts and application for admission.
Visit the University of Missouri Course Equivalency site to determine credit equivalencies from courses taken at other Missouri institutions. The University of Missouri is accredited by the Commission on Higher Learning of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.
However, if you are looking for that five-star paycheck, you need to arm yourself with the right credentials.
We examine the earning potential for professionals with hospitality management degrees and how you can gain your footing in this fast-paced industry.
The hospitality industry was forced to reimagine what it meant to vacation with hotels, as they turned to attractions, restaurants and shopping centers in local market to support them through this slump. Jobs are expected to hit record highs with positions becoming available for industry veterans and newcomers alike.
PayScale has outlined the median hospitality management salary by years of experience for those professionals with a bachelor’s degree in hospitality management. Your salary may be greatly affected by the size of the hotel, restaurant or attraction you work for as well as the area or region in which it is located. Employers are looking for qualified professionals to lead the charge in a recovering economy to stay ahead, competitive and profitable in today’s emerging hospitality industry. Paul is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association. Students can improve their job performance and marketability by mastering the essential components of hospitality management: financial planning, marketing, human resources, operations, information systems, quality service, accounting, facilities, foodservices management and leadership.
Choose the mini-course that most aligns to your goals and start immediately with instant access. These comprehensive professional development programs use a step-by-step approach, preparing students to excel in today’s most in-demand disciplines.

This means you may be able to finish two classes within one semester with the flexibility to complete at times most convenient to you. At SR IHM we have done exactly that with an unparalleled infrastructure spread over an expanse of 40,000 square feet (all of it is air-conditioned!) and encompassing state of the art facilities and equipment that would probably make even a full - fledged hotel envious.
What could benefit the student immensely to think beyond and apply the knowledge taught in practical ways. MU's online courses allow you to complete assignments within given time frames wherever you are. Your culinary education and any previous hospitality courses will be taken into account when evaluating your transfer equivalencies. If your course work is transferred from outside Missouri, your credit may require faculty review.
Your education level, industry experience and location have a lot to do with your annual hospitality management salary.
With expendable income becoming limited for many travelers, families opted for “staycations” when looking to get away. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), job growth in the hospitality industry has increased by 17 percent over the past decade, generating more than two million new jobs in the U.S.
A general manager of a five-star hotel in New York City will earn a higher salary than the general manager of a local boutique hotel in a small town.
You’ll learn from campus-based faculty, as well as industry experts – but with the added convenience of 100% online video-based e-learning.
Students can gain the skills, knowledge and credentials necessary to enter or get promoted within a field that has income growth and career advancement potential.
Plus, the mini-courses are made up of the same content from the full 8-week courses, making it possible to complete the same Management Certificate credential in smaller segments, on your schedule and within your budget.
Keep in mind, deadlines will approach at a faster rate and some courses may require daily assignment submissions. The calendar of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities round the year will excite, extend, exceed, excel and empower students, motivating them to participate and contribute to the already vibrant ambiance. The final capstone course, HSP_MGMT 4985 Commercial Food Production Management, also requires students to come to campus and complete a hands-on experience.
You may be able to enter the program with up to a maximum of 18 credit hours of course work toward the bachelor's degree based on your culinary training or hospitality courses.
The hospitality industry also started to use the Internet to connect to prospective guests by offering fire-sale rate specials and admission discounts for online bookings in addition to complimentary services and meals. Your online adviser will assist you with planning your course schedule and confirm that you have met course prerequisites prior to enrollment. All tuition, housing and food costs for this capstone course will be included in the course fees.
While the hospitality industry has always been in the business of serving its customers, customer service took on a new meaning during these past few years as businesses were looking to take over market share from their competitors during the downturn.

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