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RBL Check - you can run 20 RBL Check requests before you will be prompted to enter an Access Code. Revenue Performance is a strategic advisory firm, specialising in Revenue Management & Distribution solutions.
We help you invigorate your Revenue culture, optimise and align your Sales strategy and make more money.
You may have a need for training, or a new mobile optimised website with inbuilt SEO, a new application to better manage your clients, a daily business dashboard or group and events sales tool, or maybe you just want to improve your direct sales conversions.
Wea€™ve all experienced tougher trading conditions in the past two years, and never before has Revenue Management & Distribution been so vitally important. We are busy moving our hotels from Trust to Synxis; a little bit more for a little bit less. We're building a new booking platform to allow our Assegai customHospitalityers to push availability and negotiated rates to them. Our collaboration with the best European Hospitality Schools and Universities takes Revenue Academy by Revenue Performance to another high altitude.
Jan '14Revenue Performance Revenue Academy - our full Academy is now available online as a six month self paced learning tool. Dec '13MyDashboard, our online revenue management dashboard, implemented at The Cadogan, London, and Faircity Hotels, South Africa. October 9, 2015 by Academy of Learning Leave a Comment If you’re friendly, detail-oriented, and always willing to lend a helping hand, you’d make an excellent fit for a career in hospitality.
To guarantee that your investment in a diploma pays off, it’s important to research prospective colleges and programs to ensure they meet certain quality standards – from a trusted reputation to an encouraging learning environment, and beyond. For example, graduates with trusted hotel management training in Albertacan find themselves working in elite tourism environments like Banff’s iconic Chateau Lake Louise – where British royalty Prince William and Princess Kate have been known to stay! Only staff with trusted certification is hired to work in world-class locations like these, where they can be relied on to serve high profile guests with the highest standard of professionalism and care. In the tourism industry, employers look for people who can confidently interact with clients from all walks of life. Let’s say you want to work in one of the hundreds of positions available in Niagara Falls’ thriving hospitality industry.
The best hotel management programs practice what they preach by fostering a welcoming and encouraging learning environment. Support should start as soon as you reach out, with access to admissions guidance and knowledgeable, friendly staff at your first point of contact.

Whether you live in a rural township or an urban centre, a simple internet connection can be your link to a diploma.
For example, AOLC’s Integrated Learning SystemO lets students across Canada learn at their own pace through flexible online learning options. AOLC offers campuses in 45 communities nationwide, meaning access to education is at your fingertips no matter where you live.
For example, hotel management training in Saskatchewanhelps the industry meet demand in rural parts of the Prairie Provinces – because even there, where fields lay flat for acres, it’s hotels that help shape the skyline. With the ideal combination of skills from the right training program, graduates are guaranteed to achieve supervisory positions throughout Canada’s thriving tourism industry. The reputation of the Swiss Hotel Management School for hospitality management education results from an intensive training programme. Before you start your studies in Switzerland and arrive at Swiss Hotel Management School you need travel and visa documents. You can choose from programmes in Hotel Operations, Events, Resort, Spa, Food & Beverage or Restaurant Management.
Focused on practical Swiss hospitality expertise combined with international management competencies. For aspiring individuals, seeking to achieve their management potential and to stand out from the crowd. An intensive programme for career development in the field of international hospitality management. Part of the attraction of studying in a foreign country is the possibility to explore the country and experience its culture. Switzerland is a safe and friendly country, making it an easy place for students to combine study with the discovery of the culture and people of this beautiful country.
The International Recruitment Forum will give you exclusive access to the best career opportunities. This module aims to provide a knowledge and understanding of the management of food and beverage operations, incorporating the history of the food service industry, the composition of the sector, marketing, menu design, facilities design, layout and equipment. This module is designed to provide students with a working knowledge of the Opera Front Office software.
This module is designed to take the student through the basics of financial data collection, calculation (including various asset valuation techniques), organisation and reporting. This module explores the phenomenal growth of consumption on a global context and the role of marketing, and specifically promotion, in relation to this.
This module is designed to develop an appreciation of human resource management in general and in the specific contact of the hospitality industry. This module aims to provide the skills to make smart, strategic decisions about revenue and managing occupancy, pricing and marketing. The service economy relies on particular research method techniques in order to cope with the intangibility of the products and an inherent customer focus. The aim of this module is to enable students to explore the essential elements in the acquisition, maintenance, management quality systems and control of premises, plant and equipment used in the hospitality, leisure and tourism sectors. Professional career development equips students with both the specific business skills and the transferable skills needed to succeed in the highly competitive and fast-changing business environment of today.

This module enables students to consolidate the theoretical knowledge and practical skills acquired during the Postgraduate Diploma in Hotel Management programme in a real-life work environment.
We help hotels, resorts and Guest Houses to focus on a clear business strategy, generate demand and optimise that demand, leading to a positive gain in visibility and gains in market share. And all across Canada, employment opportunities are opening up for candidates with the right hotel management training. If a school has a positive reputation, its graduates are respected (and hired) by top employers.
The right training will help you build the advanced communication skills you need to stand out and get hired. In international tourist destinations like this one (officially the “Honeymoon Capital of the World”) you must engage professionally with clientele from all over the globe. If you’d like to go back to school and still hold on to your current job, look for a hotel management training program you can tailor to fit your needs. This flexibility helps you achieve certification while balancing family and work responsibilities. And Canada’s booming tourism industry needs skilled professionals everywhere from Victoria to Cape Breton Island. And with your own hotel management training, you can join them on the path to professional success.
The various aspects of the rooms division management, including systems and personnel that contribute to the effective running of this department are analysed in depth. In so doing, the module identifies links between the strategic marketing process and marketing roles within global competitive business environments.
Hotel revenue management is an increasingly vital function and involves a coordinated effort across the organisation. Understanding consumers’ wants and needs as well as satisfaction levels is still an underskilled and under-researched area. Through the introduction of business theory, close investigation and the analysis of business practices, students gain a thorough understanding of the workings and outcomes of professional approaches to the business environment.
The distorted symbols cannot be read by computer programs which are used for mass-collect email addresses and any customer information. But how do you know which training program will equip you with the skills today’s top employers are looking for? Hotels can increase revenue by balancing demand, reservation scheduling and variable pricing. Graduates with research skills and the ability to investigate consumer preferences are in demand by the industry.This module aims to develop the research and reporting skills of students. On completion of this course, students have acquired the high level of skills necessary for an international career. It is essentially selling the right room to the right person at the right time for the right price.This module employs a simulation exercise that focuses primarily on pricing, advertising and revenue forecasting as the prime decisions.

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