These bring back fond memories from when I was young and I and my children have had a great time making them together. Japan Trend Shop is a web retailer that sells -- among other things -- a whole bunch of wacky health and beauty products that offer unconventional alternatives to plastic surgery.
Among the weirdest is the "Face Slimmer Exercise Mouthpiece," a silicone rubber device that supposedly targets "sagging facial skin and muscles" by essentially providing a bit for the user to maw on like a teething child.
For $85, it doesn't look like the Face Slimmer is worth it -- even for the sake of novelty.

And here's the "Face Trainer," a vibrating mouth plug that promises a non-surgical face-lift.
They are really easy, and kids of all ages can have loads of laughs inventing funny, cryptic or cheeky sayings to write as fortunes. The makers recommend you say vowel sounds out loud over and over again, producing regular and methodical exercises that will strength the twelve facial expression muscles in a comprehensive way. Although she reported subtle differences, including a "plumper and more toned" face, the supposed benefits of the fad product did not outweigh the fact that using it made her feel like a complete idiot.

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