October 11, 2011 by Dana Bosley Leave a Comment When asking yourself “How do you become a full-fledged professional in counseling?”you may be wondering what’s the job description. Another thing you may be wondering when asking “How do you become a full-fledged professional in counseling?” is what are the fields can I work in?
Mental Health Counselors aiding people dealing with emotional and mental distress such as depression, stress, addictions and substance abuse. Trauma Counselors serving people experiencing emotional and physical troubles as a result of a traumatic event such as abuse, violence, war, accident, crime and disaster. Vocational Counselors facilitating those looking for a job or helping with how to find vocational training. The education requirements in answer to “How do you become a full-fledged professional in counseling?” is a lot more than becoming a coach. The education requirements is more stringent than for coaching and many counselors have a master’s degree.
Some alcohol and other drug abuse counselors may only need an associate’s degree to practice. Psychologists must have a doctorate in psychology, which requires five to seven years of postgraduate work. You’ll also need at least two years of clinical training after you receive your degree. When asking “How do you become a full-fledged professional in counseling?” don’t forget the licensing needed. Counseling licenses vary as much as counselor types, so be sure to check the requirements for the type of counselor you are or want to become.
There are other licenses available as well, depending on what type of counselor you want to be.
This is just a brief overview, in answer to the question “How do you become full-fledged professionals in counseling?” An alternative is considering becoming a coach instead, which is very rewarding and fulfilling work, albeit different from counseling with a different approach and a lot less education and licensing. By the way… you’re invited to claim your FREE step-by-step “Life Coach Salary Secrets” video toolkit.
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