How long will it take to complete a home organizing project?Ever spent an entire weekend organizing things, only to be baffled by why you didn’t get it done? If you have several different types of items packed into one area, container, closet, corner, pile, etc, and these multitude of items belong in several different parts of the home, then each area of the home that will need your attention should be taken into your organizing project time consideration. It’s a funny thing this being organised business, it really is worth the initial trouble. They came originally from Italy, Germany and Austria (including German and Austrian Jewish refugees).

I suppose I need one container exclusively for those things that like to hide when I need them most.
On the 2nd July, 1940, 1,300 of these internees were put on board the former Blue Star luxury liner, Arandora Star. A group of the Italian internees came from small communities in Wales, where they had lived, raised families and built up businesses. Just a few hours into their journey, off the north coast of Ireland, a U-Boat fired a torpedo at the military grey Arandora Star and sunk it.

The internees who survived were brought back to the UK, and then immediately shipped to a prison camp in Australia.

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