Confidence to be a success in marketing comes with knowing how to tap intoA  your personal powerA  for success in your business and personal relationships. We can begin to shift the positive emotions we may have during a football game and use those emotions to begin associating a positive feeling about something we have perceived as a negative. If we want a positive destiny and make a difference in people lives, reconditioning our negative mindset is the best investment we can make in ourselves. I suggest you pick 3 areas where you have positive mindset and choose 3 areas you have a negative attitude about. We have the power to recondition our thinking and we can have a positive attitude about God as well. Author of "Branding You The Brand New You", Caryn home-schooled her 3 children before creating her blog in 2010. Catch a glimpse of my coaching before you work with me!Just love this FREE Coaching series!!! COACHING VIDEOS HERE "Click here for 10 video tips that help you prosper quickly in any business." Get some practical tips to 'get unstuck and begin to thrive again!' ! Sometimes we need books to give us a kick in the pants when we are stuck in the same ole same ole!
Two data sets can be correlated, they can even be highly correlated, but that doesn’t mean one caused the other. Media spend caused sales: We will return to this scenario shortly, but to be clear we have witnessed examples of this really being the case.
However, while this does show a cause between media spend and sales, it does not enumerate the relationship. Let’s return to our five possible explanations of the marketing-sales relationship and understand what Granger Causality would tell us in each case. Can your relationship be fine-tuned, ensuring its stability and increased strength, by applying some mathematical principles gleaned from scientific research? According to this recent article, researchers at Radboud University Nijmegen in the Netherlands have come up with a model that may help improve communication in relationships by revealing just how certain emotional reactions prove troublesome or helpful.
The mathematical model of a relationship may look like nothing more than a bunch of lines on a graph that indicate how partners respond — or more specifically, react — to one another.
And it’s the quality of those reactions that can make the difference between celebrating another anniversary with your beloved or renting a U-Haul and bidding a bitter adieu. While the model makes room for all kinds of specific differences between people — for example, it considers the individual partner’s past relationships as well as how that past affects their current relationship — the researchers were still able to come up with a few broad strokes that apply universally. It seems timing is really everything when it comes to dealing with conflict in relationships. The trick in improving communication (and therefore stability) may lie in tempering one’s immediate reactions to an emotional trigger — housework, finances, in-laws!
By clicking "Create Account", I confirm that I have read and understood each of the website terms of service and privacy policy and that I agree to be bound by them. I would like Chatelaine to send me alerts, event notifications and special deals or information from our carefully screened partners that may be of interest to me. Moving to UIUC, my significant other and I were forced to live almost a hundred miles apart, and many others’ relationships have to suffer through even further distances. When you see long distance relationships always ending around you, it might seem like the odds are stacked against you, but there are tricks to help make your relationship run as smoothly as possible when the conditions are less than ideal. It’s really important not to forget your significant other in these times, even if it is a quick text to let them know that they are on your mind. When you have more time, making a point to talk on the phone or on Skype everyday or every other day is incredibly important.
Although this point is true with any relationship, it especially rings true when you aren’t able to actually be with each other in person. You can change your life when you know the secrets of reconditioning those negative beliefs to create a more positive mindset. We have 2 perspectives generally and move away from pain and move toward pleasure or the lesser painful choice.

Teaching since 1986, Caryn authored, edited and self published several books including Brincely The Brave, The Mastermind eBook, My Grandma's Birthday, Top Tips For Spiritual Living and More.
Leave your feedback or comment on the ways you began seeing a future that's more positive after watching! While it is tempting to jump to the conclusion of causality, due to our personal bias or long-standing experience, it is easy to misdiagnose the situation. In other words, it would not necessarily be correct to conclude that an additional 10 percent increase in media spend would always result in an additional 5 percent increase in sales. The tests for Granger Causality would show a statistically significant improvement when adding media spend into the sales model. In the auto industry, regional and dealer marketing efforts tend to be very price and incentive focused which has an impact on near term sales, hence the G-Causality between media and sales. But it is often a complex relationship, which must account for several factors such as media lag, incentives, and changes in the broader economy and competitive activities. We recommend upgrading your browser, checking your Compatibility Settings or switching to another browser for an optimal experience. The model indicates that couples who fly off the handle regularly — or react too quickly in emotional situations — have a greater risk of instability than those who don’t. We knew that to make our relationship work, we were going to have to work hard for each other. In a healthy relationship, you both will recognize that life gets in the way sometimes, but making a point to reach out, however briefly it might be, will reassure your significant other that they are still important in your life. The long distance relationship is going to be a lot harder if all you do is wait around for the next time you have a chance to talk to your significant other.
But following these tips has kept my relationship incredibly healthy and I hope they can help others into success as well. While entering into a choice, if we are conditioned to see it as painful, we will sabotage our success.
But we can recondition our minds toward the positive life and positive relationships if the things we are conditioned towards do not serve our potential positive destiny. While thinking about the positive feelings and thoughts about something we are passionate about, begin to associate the more the same feelings with the areas in our life that we have a feeling a pain towards. We can recondition the negative mindset about God and unblock our spirit life to live more sound in God. Featured by eZine as an article writing expert, Caryn specializes in Network marketing using the internet.
In these cases we will look at metrics beyond just media spend and incentives to determine how different variables could have caused sales. Sales caused media spending: Someone with no knowledge of how a thermometer works may conclude that every time the line on the thermometer goes up it gets warmer outside. To gain this level of understanding, an ROI model, which has been discussed in detail, would be needed to enumerate how effective each individual type of media channel is on increasing sales. It is always good form to test the inverse relationship (Sales -> Media) to see if there is a feedback system in play. Interestingly, we also found that sales have a weaker G-Causal relationship with media spend.
In the longer term, media budgets tend to be cut based on low sales performance, hence the weaker G-Causality between sales and media.
Good marketers are constantly at work to discern which marketing activities are not merely correlated with sales but actually have a causal relationship. Surviving the trials of a long distance relationship can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be impossible.
I’m not claiming to be an expert in relationships by any means; I know what has worked in my relationship. You get swamped with school and work and it seems almost impossible to find a spare minute for yourself. Know what is going on in each other’s lives since you can’t be around to have as many experiences together as you would under other conditions.

It isn’t a matter of asking permission from your significant other, but instead a matter of respect. Every visit doesn’t have to be a mini vacation, but be present instead of glued to your phone or laptop.
Even if it is as simple as finding a show you love to watch on Netflix, you need to have a life outside of the relationship. If there is other evidence to suggest they might be unfaithful, then you have every right to question them, but don’t freak out every time you are simply feeling paranoid. The Nobel Prize-winning economist Clive Granger came up with a method known as Granger Causality. In the case where marketing is the driver of sales there may be a significant inverse relationship but to a lesser extent.
Please check your email, click the link to verify your address, and then submit your comment. Going back to our question, were sales already steadily increasing before the media spend increased?
In our example, to prove G-Causality we create a statistical model that determines how well prior months of sales data predict the current month’s sales.
This is often the case for brands that have both effective sales operations and media plans.
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These activities will help keep your mind away from the fact that you two can’t be together when you want to be.
Higher sales frequently mean higher media budgets, and historically, the largest media spends occur during peak sales months. Then we would create a second model that used prior sales data and prior media spends to predict the current month’s sales.
Sales caused media spend: G-Causality would show no improvement when adding media spend into the model. Perhaps sales had been steadily growing for the last six months and increased media spend followed this trend.
If a test comparing the two models shows that the inclusion of media spend is a better model, statistically speaking, we conclude that marketing spend G-Caused sales.
When testing the inverse relationship we would see that adding sales into the media model increases predictability. Could it be that it was an ongoing increase in sales that really led to and justified the increased media spend and not the other way around?An unknown third factor caused sales to occur: In our example, was the media spend the only budget that increased? An unknown third factor caused sales to occur: G-Causality would show no improvement when adding media spend into the model and the inverse relationship would be equally as fruitless.
Did unemployment drop, housing starts increase, and other leading economic indicators suddenly shift so that the economy as a whole picked up significantly this month? Any combination of these events could be the largest contributor to the increase in sales and not the increased media spend. But at the same time, the increased oil pressure causes the oil to lubricate less effectively, leading to higher engine temperature. If you flip a coin once, and it comes up heads, you’ve really gleaned no information.
Back to the question at hand; just because we observed one time that an increase in media spend led to an increase in sales, are we really ready to conclude it will happen again? Or would you like to gather more data before you’re ready to stake you career on that claim?

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