Why is dating coaching such an important part of a person's dating success in today's busy dating world?
People are often so caught up in their career success, that they forget how to achieve the same level of success in their personal lives. I work with clients on an individual basis, but the IDCA certification sets standards in building a rapport with clients and structuring coaching with basics in mind.
Twenty-eight years in sales and management split between a Fortune 500 company and a small manufacturing company, have provided Dave with a wealth of experience. Fifteen years ago, Dave transitioned into full-time ministry and is now an ordained pastor in the Wesleyan Church. Being a lifelong learner, Dave focuses on encouraging people to look inward to identify strengths and leverage those strengths along with their passion to unleash their potential in unprecedented ways. Gayle is passionate about coaching for positive change, exploring life balance, establishing a clear focus, and discovering new possibilities.

Gayle was in Bible Study Fellowship for 11 years and has served on a local church staff for 25 years, while ministering to married couples, families, and women.
Dave & Gayle have been concentrating their efforts, working with marriages for 16 years.
Together, Dave & Gayle love to spend time at the beach, travel, biking and time with our 3 married children and 9 grandchildren. I work to teach men especially, to slow down and ask questions, alter their approach and consider the long term as opposed to immediate desired result. While working with a variety of people he was able to consistently meet challenges head-on which allowed him to positively influence people during those years.
He serves in the areas of adult ministries, discipleship formation and ministry with men in a local church in West Michigan.
It's always a good day when he can spend time with Gayle, his wife of 40+ years, his 3 married kids and his 9 life-infusing grandkids.

This is what led her to pursue further education and to become a certified professional coach. True courtship and etiquette has been replaced with apps and self-serve dating platforms online. Her values include family, marriage, authenticity, spiritual growth, joy, encouragement, friendships, making an impact, and leaving a legacy. This experience further fueled their pursuit of education in coaching and certification as professional coaches.

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