I pray this CD Tract also awakens your spirit and encourages you to walk in the light of God's Word. Special Thanks to Tim Juillet for allowing us to share his special CD Tract with folks around the world. The plain and simple truth is that there is a God in heaven who knows you and loves you and wants you to be with Him. You can know without a doubt that you are forgiven, accepted by God, and destined for eternal life in heaven with Him.
Wouldn't you rather confess Jesus Christ as your Lord now instead of waiting before you have to stand before a holy, righteous God uncovered with the atoning blood of Jesus? God wants no one to perish in hell for all eternity, but he still allows a person the choice to decide for himself. Everyone on the face of this earth has a very exciting inheritance that we are all responsible to receive.
Jesus Christ never committed a single sin, yet He was put to a cruel death on the cross. At Famous Quote Cards we aim to create and collect the most inspiring and beautiful quote cards online.
If you find yourself at odds with the Bible repent and receive Christ today as your Lord and Savior.

In it, He explains that all mankind has sinned, and has become helplessly separated from God.
He is returning for His church (all those who love Him and have personally chosen to make Him their Lord and Savior). You see, Hell was prepared for the devil and his angels, but because man will not believe and obey the gospel of Jesus Christ there is no other place for them to go. God did not create us like a puppet on a string that forces us to love Him, but with a will that can choose to obey (love) or disobey (hate) Him. It is an inheritance much more wonderful and superior than millions of dollars, a new mansion, or a new car.
He suffered this knowing that His death would be for payment for the sins of anyone who would ask. The combination of wise quotes on beautiful photos makes famous quote cards a place to keep visiting! Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever and He came to save, heal, and deliver all those who will let Him. Jesus suffered greatly, shedding His blood and dying a horrible, cruel death on the cross.
If you were to inherit a million dollars for example, I'm sure you would go to receive or claim it.

So when we disbelieve or do not obey the gospel of Christ we actually condemn ourselves to hell. To accept Him as your Savior you believe that Jesus shed His precious blood for you on the cross to forgive your sins. Yet He chose to leave the beauty of heaven and die on the cross to save men from their sins.
After 40 days of appearing to his disciples and over 500 people and others, He ascended back into heaven from which He came, and now sits at the right hand of God the Father. I receive Jesus to change and take control of my life that I may live for Him from this day forth and from now on.
By asking this, you will acknowledge your sin and its consequences, your desire to change, and the power of Jesus to save you.
Almighty God was willing to give His own Son Jesus so that we can be spared from eternity in hell.

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