Nurcan Atli was born with heterochromia iridis, which caused her eyes to be different colors.
When babies make their big entrance into the world, some start life with light-colored eyes, while others have irises with a darker hue. Another option for changing eye color involves artificial implants that replace the irises entirely. If the chance of unwelcome side effects makes you nervous, you could always consider your odds for naturally occurring change over time.
For most of human history, the eye color you were born with was the color you were stuck with forever. California-based company Stroma Medical has reportedly developed a new technique that uses lasers to permanently alter the color of your eyes. The procedure only takes about 20 seconds, but results won’t become apparent until several weeks after, when the body has had ample time to remove the dead pigment layer.
Stroma Medical hasn’t been given the greenlight to offer the procedure here in the States, but has already perfomed it on a number of patients living in Mexico and Costa Rica. This month, scientific news sites have been abuzz about this latest in cosmetic surgery alterations: lasering brown eyes into blue!
I use to make a joke with Homorazzi co-owner Patrick about the fact that no one is ever gonna write poetry about his dirt-brown peepers but it was always just in jest as he was without recourse… until now.

The color of a baby's eyes is affected by melanin, a type of pigment that adds dark color to the iris. It's an interesting proposition, and it might soon be possible for a large percentage of the population. In a 15-minute-per-eye cosmetic procedure not yet approved in the United States, a surgeon can implant a lens of virtually any color under the cornea and over the iris. Scar tissue, infection and increased pressure that can lead to glaucoma are all potential problems that accompany the procedures to make eye color changes. Turns out, the eye color of adults can shift lighter or darker with age, disease and medication.
Due to the nature of the procedure, Stroma is only able to change brown eyes to blue (and not the other way around), but the treatment is completely non-invasive, and can apparently be performed in under a minute.
This determines whether a baby will have blue or brown eyes a€” or a color in-between a€” and by the time his or her first birthday rolls around, eye color is usually set. Rather than rely on the temporary hue adjustment offered by colored contact lenses, a laser treatment could turn brown eyes blue.
After this intense penetration, the eye will spend the next several weeks naturally sloughing off tissue a€” and with that discarded tissue is brown melatonin. When the surgery is complete, the patient's eye color will appear changed for the life of the implanted lens, which is expected to last decades.

People should take care when using colored contact lenses, too, and avoid those sold over the counter. Greg Homer from Stanford University is developing a laser that zaps your eyes and changes their color from brown to blue in 2 weeks after only 20 seconds of exposure. As a result, more light can be reflected from the fibers around the iris, and the eye appears to turn blue [source: Shadbolt].
Without a physician-dispensed prescription, there's increased risk of damaged eyes due to ill-fitting lenses or infection. Some medications that combat glaucoma can make eye pigment darker, while the ocular disease acquired heterochromia iridis can result in eyes of two different colors, such as one blue eye and one brown eye. Working to remove the pigment from the eye he argues that because it only affects the coloring aspect there isn’t worry that it will hurt your eyesight! The most important thing to note is that this surgery is one-way only and is NOT reversible as yet. And, for some genetically predisposed people, eye color simply becomes a bit darker with age.

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