On the Plus Side, They Did Give Us More OptionsThough the swiping may be different now, the plus is that you have way more options now besides just delete. They Did Get a Few Things Right ThoughYou have easy access to screen brightness, music controls, and a finally—a freaking flashlight! However, Animations Do Make It Feel More LivelyAt least now it looks a little cooler than the stale, non-animated iOS 6 screens. But Hey, FaceTime Gets Its Own App!And the disorganization that it causes won't affect everyone, since not everyone will have their first couple Home screen pages full like I did. Most Apps Will Get Updated to Avoid Control CenterMost of your apps will get updated to fix this issue with Control Center, and an updated app is a happy app. Or, Just Make Your Own WallpapersCheck out our complete guide to customizing iOS 7 wallpapers for help. But the Music Player Is Huge on the Lock Screen!Overall, it's a vast improvement to the old lock screen player. But You Get More Browsing Real EstateYes, once you get used to how you access tabs, there is the benefit of more space on the screen being utilized for the webpage you're viewing. You Have to Swipe Left to Delete Emails NowBefore, I used to swipe right on an email to bring up the delete or archive option in the Mail app.
You can reply, forward, flag, mark as read, move the message to another folder, and my personal favorite—move to junk. You Can't Customize the Control CenterThe new Control Center is definitely a nice feature, but it's lacking any customization. Now you can have one less app on your iPhone, though, I really like my old flashlight app that controlled the brightness levels. Swiping Right on the Main Home Screen Does NothingBefore, you'd swipe right from the main Home screen to access Spotlight search, but now Spotlight is accessed by swiping down. Animations Are Still Too SlowIn the 5th beta, they did speed up animations, but it's still fairly slow.
The Control Center Messes with Other AppsThe easy-access Control Center is great, but there are other apps out there that use a swipe up from the bottom gesture, and the Control Center makes those harder to use.
You Can't Force Close NewsstandYes, you can finally put Newsstand in other folders, but there's one problem—you cannot force close Newsstand from the multitasking bar. Volume Controls Are Now TranslucentLet's say you're watching a video in the YouTube app, but want to turn the volume down. You Can Make the Text Easier to ReadYes, there is a fairly simple fix that makes the text on your Home screen easier to read with dynamic wallpapers. Yes, it's an optical illusion, but maybe they should have enlarged the app icons to make up for the lack of trim around the folder icon.

You Can't Get Rid of the Music Player on Lock ScreenThe lock screen has a huge music player now, and there's no way to get rid of it without first unlocking your phone. Sure, you can't ever get rid of it without unlocking, but how often do you need to see the date or have a craving for your lock screen wallpaper? You Have to Click Before You Can Switch Tabs in SafariBefore, tabs we're easily accessible in the bottom of Safari by clicking on the tab icon that was always there. Specifically, I have an issue with the bottom shortcut apps and how you can't set your own up.
Unfortunately, if you have a neat and tidy Home screen, it's going to throw it all off, because it force installs on your main Home screen page.Why is this a problem?If you're like me and utilize all of your app real estate, then your first and second pages are full. There may be some sort of patent out there blocking Apple from using slide-to-clear instead of X marks, but surely there's no patent out there for a "Clear All Notifications" button. I'm not talking about the idea of dynamic wallpapers—I love that they included some—but the ones they actually gave us don't work well with the new Home screen design.Just look at the blue and green ones below.
Before, the app icons seemed a little bigger, even though they weren't, and that's because of the little border around the folder icon. Before, you could view up to 16 apps in an opened folder, but now you're limited to only 9 before you have to view the next page. Before, double-pressing the Home button opened the music player, then you can hit the sleep button once to get rid of it.
That made it easy and fast to switch tabs.Now, that tab icon comes and goes when you scroll on a webpage. If not, they'll surely be things we can fine tune when an iOS 7 jailbreak comes out.And not everything is bad.
See how long it takes for the Home screen to settle after unlocking?Now try tapping on a folder and the Home button real fast. So, adding FaceTime to the first one pushed all of my pages over, leaving the app that was last on the main page in isolation. Twitter, Google Now, etc.) will probably get updated to address this issue, but for now, it's kind of a pain.
When it disappears, you have to tap on the search bar up top to bring up the tools at the bottom.
Visit our iOS 7 tips section, then check out our guide to the coolest 18 features of iOS 7 for some highlights from Apple's new mobile operating system. You can select a panoramic for your wallpapers, but all you'll get is the now-standard parallax effect.If you want to see how they used to work, check out our guide on how to set a panoramic photo as a live wallpaper in iOS 7 (an early beta version) and watch the video below. After that, make sure you know these 18 sneaky privacy-betraying settings to secure your iPhone.

Neither of these glass panels were flush with the skeleton of the handset, but were exposed all around. Instead of an antenna that wraps around the entire handset, the iPhone 5 has two antennas that aren’t connected. So long Antennagate.So you no longer need a Bumper to prevent you from accidentally giving your iPhone a death grip. In other words, you can no longer fracture the glass by dropping your iPhone on its edge: a metal band protects that from happening. The iPhone 5 uses Corning’s freakishly strong Gorilla Glass 2, which is 20 percent stronger than the glass the previous iPhone used.
And because the new iPhone has a unibody design, there’s not only less glass exposed, but the back of the device is almost entirely protected with aluminum. And since the iPhone 5 is also about 20% lighter than its predecessor, it’s even less likely to smash or splinter if you drop it.So why no Bumper for iPhone 5? Sure, third-parties will sell you one if you want to give your iPhone 5 some personality, but the iPhone 5 is Apple’s strongest phone yet. I was putting more strain on my thump while scrolling on the screen when the phone was out of a case.
But EVERYONE drops their phone sometimes, therefore it would be foolish not to have a case. Tried Invisible Shield but tends to detach at borders with timeThemetrisThe front is still all-glass so I can’t agree that Apple has rendered cases obsolete with the almighty 5. Bumpers, perhaps, having fixed the antenna issues, but a case is more utility and less personality. Even if the iPhone5 is more durable overall, IMHO this is just poor advice to discourage owners from buying cases.This is like telling a homeowner to STOP buying home insurance because their brand new expensive mansion just got painted with a coating of fire-resistant (or fire retardant) paint.
Ive had my iPhone for 14 days, when it felt out of my pocket and the front glass broke immediately. You shouldnt mislead peopple by saying they dont have to protect it.christopherhofmanJust saw Jack2397s comment.

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