In every corner of our day, we have the chance to express our creativity and bring light into people’s lives.
When it comes to customer service, we have so many opportunities to kick things up a notch. We have opportunities for self expression, sharing the vision of our company and bringing a ray of sunshine to someone’s day. I am a HUGE fan of their humorous and catchy way to hook their customers in with funny ways of saying every day normal things about shipping their products, return policy and even general questions about how to use. Poo Pourri does a great way of tying their vision, branding and customer experience together with a shared voice. BarkBox, a dog treat delivery company, is another company that I feel does an incredible job with their voice.
How can you incorporate humor into your branding, while still remaining professional and getting the work that needs to be done, done? In all honesty, I feel a little weird about the title of this blog post, but let me spend the next five hundred or so words telling you why it’s important. In the book, he talks about these languages and that different people have different ways of feeling loved. Like any relationship, there can sometimes be a disconnect where the information we provide to clients is not of any value to them and doesn’t help them make effective business decisions.
Our training manager, Sheri Kendall-DuPont defines compassion as “empathy coupled with action.”  Isn’t that great?
In a way, wouldn’t you say that empathy is like a superpower that allows us to recognize the love language of the customers we are speaking with?
Quality time – More and more companies are moving away from strictly managing handle times and are focusing more on the customer experience.

The moral of this story is that personal, business and customer service relationships aren’t really all that different.
On my drive to work, the local radio station made a joke about a new mobile app that allows you to type the bad news you have to deliver in English then spits out the translation in Spanish. A recent study shows that Spanish is the happiest language, using more positive words than negative. While you can only spin something so many ways, we recommend moving toward the side of honesty over frosted smiles. Think Before You Speak: Review your words and your facts before you share them with the customer.
I work very hard at making sure when I depart company with someone I leave them happier than when we met. Picture yourself in a stressful situation with a customer–you are doing all you can to help them, but as we know, this is not always easy. Recovery: Recovery anchors are powerful yet quick methods for you to get back on your feet again.
Maintenance: Maintenance anchors are more consistent to help you keep balance in the first place. I had already planned on getting a tattoo with my sister during my visit home to California…but then cancelled it last minute. Tattoos are not for everyone and you might think I’m a bit crazy for doing this, but here you have it. I now have absolutely no excuse to forget to use my attitude anchors and now you all can hold me accountable as well. By the end of this PowerPoint Da`wah presentation, our dear readers will have acquired the most important communication skills needed for Islamic Da`wah.

Confidence is one’s greatest intimate friend through which you make and sustain friendships, build productive relations, and become better friend yourself, making us feel good about ourselves and others. Did you know that the sound of your voice has a profound influence on the mood and receptivity of the person you are talking to? With over a decade of customer service experience, Jenny has been recognized through social media channels as a thought leader.
Take full responsibility for what happened and see it through to the end and make sure you have done everything in your power to get it fixed and follow up with the customer.
To avoid burnout, excess stress and other service related conditions, we must figure out how to remain in a balanced state of mind to ensure the success of our customers. I  know I can easily be affected by stress and being able to pull myself out of it is tough. Watch public speaking and presentation skills expert Jason Teteak give a presentation modeling exact techniques for how to do an amazing presentation.
When I post to twitter and FB I like to add a pic often times that is humorous, inspirational and branded. Remember, the better your presentation skills are the more effective your public speaking will be.

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