By tracking these situations throughout the project, everything is fresh in your head as it has just occurred.  You can then compile the information at the end and develop a more comprehensive lessons learned.
Detail also areas where the team performed exceptionally on the project and areas where improvement is needed.  Delineate options for improvement – be specific. Here is a simple template you may find of use in capturing lessons learned.  Customize the template to include components important to your project.
The more mature the project management function within the organization, the more likely that lessons learned are captured, internalized and applied to all future projects. How frequently do you capture lessons learned?  Do you have a formal process for doing so?  Please share with others in the Comments field below.  Thanks! I am so impressed the way you summarize essential things about how capturing lesson learned of the project. At the start of each project, be sure to take the time with the project team to review lessons learned from future projects. The teacher will ask for a student’s response to the “Do Now.”A student will answer that cells divide to produce new cells to repair the cut in the skin.

The teacher will state, “Yesterday we talked about how cell division is needed for the growth and repair of cells.” The teacher will then ask the students to think about a cell and what the process of cell division consists of. The teacher will show the students a picture of an animal cell and ask, "What would each new cell need?" The students will respond with organelles such as nucleus, vacuole, mitochondria, endoplasmic reticulum, etc. The teacher will show the students a baby picture and ask them if this baby has all the cells it will need for the rest of its life. The teacher will then show the same baby a few months later to illustrate that this baby has produced new blood cells, skin cells, muscle cells and bone cells as it has grown.
The teacher will tell the students that cells need to undergo a series of steps to fully divide. The teacher will have the students draw and take notes on each stage of mitosis via a SMART Notebook presentation.
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We’ll be posting an article on an ROI study of a lessons learned initiative over the next couple of weeks.
But I would like to know how we differentiate between evaluation question and lesson learned question ? If a project team on a past project spent significant time resolving a technical problem; you would certainly want to have them capture what the problem was and how they resolved it so you could use that information on the next project.

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