One need but glance at any 8-bit emulation site's 'guestbook' to note that a certain 'timeless' quality of some golden oldie games is the sole reason why many install an emulator on their PC. But whilst the testimonials applauding this platform egg and ladder romp prove it the favourite tipple of the retro-gaming classes, there is not yet any improved version making use of the advanced features of the PC. Although all baddies, from the Monty Python style naked foot to a dancing goat, move in set patterns, devising a strategy to navigate the room to an exit makes the game infuriatingly difficult.
None of the elements mentioned above have escaped the attention of Andy Noble in his remastered version. Another fault in this conversion is the spinning round on the spot which is possible in the BBC and Electron games of JSW but not in the PC version. JSW PC employs a speedometer effect where CTRL-F1 to CTRL-F5 can be used to take the game from very fast to normal speed.
In fact, this PC version of Jet Set Willy will not simply entertain you for a few hours but its sheer sophisticated presentation will actually have your friends fighting for a go, possibly without even suspecting its aged origins. Mathew Smith named his game in tribute to Bill Hogue's miner 2049er which was released in 1982 with 10 screens the development of Manic Miner with 20 screens took Mathew at the age of 17 six weeks to complete this iconic masterpiece arrived with its stand-out features including in-game music and sound effects, excellent playability, and colourful graphics which were thought impossible at the time.
Eric McCown spent four years resto-customizing his 1962 23-Window Deluxe Microbus, which which has made many an onlooker wish they owned such an attractive Type 2.
In a sense, the game, coupled with an insatiable desire to play it again, sells the emulator. The result would be to offer a more stunning-looking PC title without encroaching the classic version requiring an 8-bit emulator. It's fair to surmise that this title, despite a stupendously high frustration factor, is almost as beloved by retro players as the likes of Chuckie Egg and Impossible Mission. A sometime sequel to Manic Miner (also available revamped from Andy Noble), it departed from the then traditional 'complete one room before proceeding to the next' format and allowed the player to roam freely between over eighty rooms. This is compounded by the fact that, although Willy begins with seven lives, entering a room from the 'wrong' direction can be enough to take out all seven! The character of Willy, on all retro formats one colour only, has remained the same size as the 8-bit counterpart but is now fully dressed in a suit in varying degrees of black and grey, a bowler hat and brown shoes, from which his pink face and hands peep out.

After describing the problems above, few will doubt the enormous benefit this bestows upon the player.
Firstly, the keys are too close together and it is far too easy to hit the wrong one (particularly when under pressure). If you are facing left and turn right on these machines, you will not move from the spot, meaning if you are poised pixel-perfect between two baddies you can look left and right without dying. Playing at anything above normal speed is actually only useful for running across the bottom of screens you have previously completed. The music has to set this version head and shoulders above even the best retro version (the C64 one!). Offering something for all in its heyday, the rejuvenation has in all except the slight difference in the turning pixellation made it even better. And although the story is mostly about growing up with surfing during the '70s, it does feature a few classic VWs. Check out all the details of this Classic Best of Show winner, and all the other amazing feature cars, in the June 2016 issue of Hot VWs magazine. Subsequently, the playability of a retro classic may be present in all its glory to the PC gamer, but the game itself on the PC machine can appear (graphically) a little blocky and somewhat 'tacky'.
It concerns not, as you might expect, a jetpack-wearing hero in outer space but rather a member of the jet set upper class with a very big and messy house and a very big and angry housekeeper demanding he cleans it up before retiring to his bed. On machines such as the C16 and Acorn Electron, this represented a miniature miracle of programming.
The idea, described in the instructions as foolhardy, is to collect every last item, of which there are 83, in the mansion and surrounding environs. So though you may never set out to complete it, you may intend to find out if one particular room can be traversed without dying and, on achieving it, feel satisfied in this alone. The same transformation has been applied to all other characters, the 'Kitchen's' chefs and some other baddies have become very cartoony whilst Maria is able-bodied and meaty, yet all sprites bear a very strong resemblance to the original CHR$.
If Willy is plummeting towards certain death, a quick tap of F7 and he will be restored to wherever he was when F8 was last pressed.

However, doing the same on the PC version moves Willy one pixel in the opposite direction and occasionally this is enough for him to bite the dust. The documentation supplied with the PC version also notes "There is a CHEAT, you know" but doesn't tell you what it is. With that in mind, another Big Wednesday was created a number of years back, to celebrate summer, surfing and of course, old Volkswagens. With each room of the mansion titled on screen - text ranging from the simple 'Bathroom' to the perplexing 'We Must Perform A Quickafleeg' - each was also packed with a dazzling array of CHR$ definition sprites in 100% machine code. A satisfying blip accompanies each successful collection, and objects range from bottles and glasses to flagpoles and candles. So if he has fallen into it from a height, for example, all seven Willys will fall into the room from that height and die, one after another. So, for the past few years, the second Wednesday in August has been set aside for a day at San Onofre Beach, in southern California. There were also very nice touches such as housemaid Maria standing guard at Willy's bedroom, tapping her feet and pointing sternly to the rest of the mansion when Willy got close.
And today, dozens have called in sick at work, and are enjoying the day with their buddies. This is because you are still faced with working out the strategy required to collect the objects and still must complete whole rooms without dying.
F8 works by saving your position when you entered that room, not where you are physically standing when it is pressed. I have frequently been killed in a room, pressed it to attempt the room again with the maximum number of lives, completed the room and then realised my original game had not been retrieved!

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