Help prevent early morning light disturbing your child's sleep with our kids' blackout curtains; they're a great help on light summer evenings too. Colorful and certainly effective to produce a great ambiance in my five year old grandsons bedroom.
I bought these for my little girl's bedroom having previously bought the sorbet spot curtains for my other daughter.
Love the colour of them perfect for my toddlers bedroom (boy and girl share a room) perfect unisex colours and great that they are black out too! Our themed Nursery Rhymes Rainbow blackout fabric is bright, fun and cheerful, full of rolling hills and blue skies. Additional Information Delivery is 5-10 working days from date of order. Roller blinds larger than 180cm (width) OR 180cm (drop) may require a join or the fabric turning. Please review our policy to find out about which cookies we use and what information we collect on our website.
The size we provide for the panel is 42 inches wide x 84 inches long, then per panel is 42 inches wide x 84 inches long.If need one set, pls choose 2 panels. Installed rome rod – tell customer service installed single or double rome rod(s) length and height from rod top to floor. The golden rate of fabric curtain uses is 1:2, in other words, it is usually to use twice drape.
If you install curtain track, you only can choose the form of hook; if you install decorative rod, you can choose form of hooks or grommets. After the height is defined, the short section of curtain usually has a best effect when the curtain’s end below the window 30cm to 40cm, while the long one is above 4cm to 5cm.
Generally, the length of the grommet top curtain is twice or three times longer than decorative rod. A: Generally speaking, the inner diameter of curtain hole is 5 cm while the outer diameter is 7 cm.
When you have high requirement for curtains quality, you can add lining with similar color on the back to cover the back to be even more refined and complete. A: The grommet top has color in black, silver or gold one, metal hooks usually has color in white and silver, if you have request with them, Pls leave message by the order, if no, it will Sent at random with curtains.
Q: What is transparent behind the curtain,Dose each pair of curtains has matched window screening? A: Our curtains are strictly well made according to your needed size, so you can directly install them on your windows. Here is the basic process: information confirmation – clipping - top thread – pleated - sewing lines - quality exam – ironing – packing - logistics.
Good Curtain Has Good Blackout FeatureHome is the house of soul, it need a peaceful environment. By machine drilling, the use of metal materials Roman rings which has long life and looks more beautiful. The high end suede fabric with beautiful embossed craft to make the floral pattern graceful and elegant. Many beautiful fabric with good decorative is affected by craft which looks relatively loose, thin or even transparent.
The blackout lining used A-level environmental physics sun cloth with more than 95% refractive index which can achieve complete blackout effect with original curtain material. Blackout lining is sewn directly to the back of the curtain with fine workmanship to look totally natural. Pleased with the quality and effectiveness, hoping that the design will last us years as not too childish like some of the other kids blackout curtains I looked at.

My bugbear is that the tape for the curtain hooks doesn't have any space to tuck the string ends in once you have gathered the top of the curtains. If your blind has a pattern on it we may have blown up the image so you can see the pattern more clearly. After you place the order, we will produce the perfect curtains for you in the shortest time. Now professional physical shade cloth on the market is limited by craft which has fewer colors and most beautiful blackout fabrics are basically semi-shade. Therefore, if you want to buy window screening, you can choose window screening in the products details page. Although they are standard end products, in order to avoid the situation that customers are not sure how to measure size or details confirmation, our customer service will contact our customers to confirm the specific height, multiple pleating, and hook way. Generally speaking, it will takes 2 work days to deliver the goods, and will arrive in destination within 2—13 work days (which is determined by distance). So if you do forget your passwords, please log in register page, and click "Forget Password", the system will automatically send your passwords by emails.
Cotton and polyester blended curtain is high quality that has a good vertical sense and tactile impression.
This light grey curtain with solid design can decorate your room and your room will become more generous and graceful. Coffee and beige curtain is elegant and your room will become more graceful for the decoration of this curtain. This curtain can decorate your room and also can black out the sunlight so as to create a comfortable environment for you. This curtain belongs to blackout curtain that can protect you from the sunlight so as to give you a good rest time. This purple pink curtain is beautiful, which can decorate your room and make it become more romantic.
These kind of curtains can be used in many situations, which can build a warm environment for children. Semi blackout quality kids room curtains made of polyester fabric in white background color printed with colorful apple pattern cute to look at and make it best for kids room and nursery occasion. The thick polyester fabric can block majority light to darken the room and good at privacy protection. Darken the room to provide kids a quiet and peaceful room with these insulated nursery curtains. The thick polyester fabric work perfectly on light shading and heat insulation, also can muffle some unwanted noise. Thick polyester and cotton blend fabric has good blackout feature, cute cartoon elephant pattern matching with white base color suit for kids. Cute blue elephant pattern looks very lovely, matching with beige base color on polyester and cotton blend fabric with good blackout feature. Custom kids curtain has light teal color matching with cartoon fish pattern suit for kids bedroom hanging, has good blackout feature. Thick polyester fabric to make this cute kids curtain to have good blackout feature, matching with green color and bear pattern looks full of interesting. Cute zoo curtain has lovely giraffe elephant and horse pattern, matching with baby blue color looks suit for kids room, thick fabric has good blackout feature. Cute animal patterned curtain has chic cartoon owl pattern looks so lovely, used polyester fabric to have good blackout feature, matching with beige color suit for girls bedroom.
This curtain has features of room darkening and soundproof that can give kids a good environment.
Pure curtain used cotton and linen blend fabric which is breathable and light to use, has solid pattern with blue color looks rustic, has most comfortable touching feeling.

Used cotton and linen blend fabric which is environmental and breathable, solid pattern with green color looks fresh and graceful, full of nature texture.
This beige curtain matching with green apple trees patterns is very suited to use in the kids room.
Custom kids curtain used polyester and cotton blend fabric with good print craft, cute brid and tree pattern on the light yellow color looks very delicate.
Pure curtain used linen and cotton blend fabric with solid pattern looks classical, has beige color to match looks graceful, thick fabric can blackout 60% sunlight. Suit for girls bedroom for the lovely pink color, full of interesting for the cartoon elephant pattern and floral pattern on the thick polyester and cotton blend fabric. Cute kids curtains used thick polyester fabric to have good blackout feature, matching with green color and cool pattern looks like living in the country side. Cute curtain suit for boys bedroom used polyester and cotton fabric to blackout 80% sunlight, has striped pattern and cartoon bear pattern on the white and blue color. This curtain can create a good environment for you to rest and do other things because of the feature of blackout. Lovely curtain used polyester fabric with good print craft to make the cartoon owl pattern realistic and cute, matching with baby blue color very suit for boys bedroom. I love the idea of being able to store things away but still being able to make a feature of them. The multicoloured star pattern is cheerful but does not dominate the room, so would fit with a range of decor.
Blackout fabric blinds will not only help you get a great nights sleep, they provide the ultimate level of privacy. So in order to achieve the balance between beautiful color and good blackout feature we need to add environmental physics shade cloth in the back. If you see a picture of nice curtains or other kinds of curtains somewhere, you can send the picture to us.
This curtain can create a comfortable environment without disturbing of noise and sunlight.
The color fastness is good so that the beautiful color and delicate floral pattern will keep for a long time. This patterns are cool and the polyester material has good vertical sense and tactile impression.
Polyester material is this curtain's material that has good vertical sense and tactile impression. And reactive print technology is health and eco-friendly that does not harmful to kids and also can keep color bright as before after a long time.
The material of this curtain is cotton and polyester blended that has good vertical sense and tactile impression. Passionate about healthy food & herbalism, crystal healing, lucid dreaming, jungian psychology, quantum physics and art. Young and healthy knights and natural scenery can help you keep the country romance at home.
Making grommets is our work and the one thing you need do is that put the decorative rod on. UO has some of the most beautiful, unique selection of wall art, tapestries, pillows, accessories and vintage housewares.

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