Pop-up Everything You Need To Create - Children Pop-Up Books Children Pop-Up BooksYou and your kids will love these wonderful pop-up books.
Whether your dream wedding dress is diamond encrusted or over flowing with florals this book will help you on your way to creating that perfect dress. When I wrote the InDesign Help topic on creating multi-level lists, I wasn’t able to go into the detail that I wanted to. To create an outline, you need to define a list and then create a set of paragraph styles that reference that list.
I think this outline feature is great, but believe if I want to build a bulleted list with levels, I have to do this manually. Is there any way to create a paragraph style with numbered list that allow me to create this list on InDesign CS4?
Follow this step by step Illustrator and Photoshop tutorial to create a retro style book cover featuring a stylized vector illustration of Superman. The design we’ll be creating has similar traits to old book covers from publishers such as Penguin. Continue drawing and overlapping shapes with the Rounded Rectangle tool to create the arms and legs. Select all the shapes that make up the body and merge them together with the Pathfinder palette.
Draw the remainder of the cape using the points of the previous shape as starting and ending positions. Overlay another paper texture, this time choose one with less creases and folds, but with more prominent grain.

Use the marquee tool to draw selections across the top and bottom of the design and fill them with blue. Change the blending mode of the character to Multiply at 35%, then duplicate the layer and change the mode to Linear Burn at 50%.
Use the Text tool to type in the title of the book using a classic font such as Helvetica or Gill Sans.
These handy price tag brushes from DeviantArt user chokingonstatic come in handy to add a retro style sticker to the cover. The mixture of the basic design style, limited colour palette and various textures all help replicate that vintage style of aged books. Access All Areas members gain instant access to 100s of premium design resources & source files. With this Top Model book you can Stencil, Sticker and Colour your dream dress onto one of the redrawn mannequins.
Sure, a person can use the steps to figure out how to create multi-level lists, but without concrete examples, it’s not exactly easy. Make sure that at least one of the paragraphs wraps to the next line so that you can see if the hanging indents work properly.
I want to have a numbered list paragraph style, but whenever I make a numbered list into a paragraph style it changes each item of the list to 1. We’ll create the Superman illustration with simple vector shapes before laying out the complete retro style book cover with textures in Photoshop. The colour palette replicates the basic printing method of the originals while paper textures with burns and creases give the design that ages and retro appearance.

Select each of these shapes individually along with the main body shape then click the subtract icon in the Pathfinder to punch out the shape. Fill this duplicate with blue then punch out the hand areas with temporary shapes using the Pathfinder palette. This time fill it with red, then draw a large temporary shape over the whole body excluding the lower legs.
The Smart Guides will help lock the points exactly in place over the original body outline.
If you enjoyed this tutorial, why not create a complete series for all your favourite super heroes?
If you want numbering to restart when in different stories or documents, deselect one of both options, and click OK. I have them set up in the document properly and when I first apply them they work, but after a couple of hours working in the document, they stop working. Also, try the same approach in a new document to make sure the problem isn’t a corrupt document.
I’m such a novice when it comes to Photoshop but how did you get the brush to be two different colors?

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