Sadly, just playing the game is only going get you so far because Theme Park pushes in-app purchases pretty heavily.
This whole "Free with no chance to play it without money" aka "Pay to win" along with the even worse: full price game with more IAP.
I bet that when a publisher would release a game in two versions: Free and with in app purchases, or full priced, but all in fine game balance, they would at least be even!
I wish they would just make 5-10 dollar games that are good instead of trying to drain people of 100 bucks in small increments over time, but some suckers fall for it, so they obviously keep pumping them out. If you're like me and spent counless hours of your childhood playing the original, then give this a download and see just how depressed you can get. EA if you're reading: I'm one of the vast majority of people that will NEVER EVER buy a game with in-app purchases.
I'll give EA more money just as soon as they update any of their previous games I bought which haven't been updated to work on any phones made in the past 12-18 months. EA, I loved you in the old days - my first gaming memory was hearing "EA Sports, it's in the game" on the Megadrive in 1995. Okay, so it's not a port of one of my favoured games, but I can live with that, if your alternative is any good. But the gameplay is slowed down to nothing thanks to a constant need for In-App Purchases, which ruin the game. I could maybe live with that, after an enjoyable-ish 10 minutes before going to work this morning.
But then I get on my tube, turn on the game, and get told repeatedly I need to be online so you can 'authorise' my session. I brought Amazon’s e-book reader along for a trip to Europe in August just to have something to do on the plane.

As it turns out, 3G-equipped Kindles can access the virtual bookstore in many different countries with no fee. During my Kindle-enhanced globetrotting, I went to Sony’s PlayStation Vita press conference in Tokyo, where it announced that the 3G version of its upcoming portable game system would have pay-as-you-go data plans in Japan. Of course, this price difference is explained by the fact that playing Vita games over wireless networks will take up exponentially more data than sending a few kilobytes of text and black-and-white JPGs to a Kindle. But if Sony wants to really sell downloadable games on Vita, it may want to find a way to let players idly browse its virtual store without worrying that they’re wasting those precious prepaid minutes. But then, I’m happy to pay $50 a month for unlimited data on my phone because it also means I have constant access to email, GPS, the web, etc.
Wouldn’t Sony sell more Vita games if users were able to browse the store while riding the bus, not worrying that they were using up their precious 3G minutes?
Moreover, would the added income from the extra game sales that such a move might generate be enough to make up for the expense plus a profit? There is cash to be had in the game, but a parallel currency system of tickets is used to construct many of the better attractions. It was very very good and was more about the business of running the park rather than designing rides like in Rollercoaster Tycoon. According to statistics which google offers to developers, freemium games are most popular because of the download count. I haven't yet, and I'm NOT going to download an app that forces me to inject real cash to play it. Let me play your game or don't let me play it, but don't tell me when and where I can use it.
I could also use the experimental web browser, which makes Kindle a pretty invaluable companion for the international traveler who wants to check email and Twitter without paying exorbitant data-roaming prices.

Who would pay that for Vita, even if Sony were to offer it, which it isn’t (at least not in Japan)? Perhaps they wouldn’t be able to actually download the games for free, but shouldn’t it also be trivial to, say, let a user queue up a download, then begin it as soon as the Vita gets in range of an open Wi-Fi hotspot? Would it even be possible to let Vita users browse the store while riding the bus, without using up their precious 3G minutes? What I do know is that selling downloadable products, whether games or e-books, is more than just hanging up your digital shingle and hoping that customers find you. And the sad thing is, most of the rides are premium rides unless you want a park filled with bouncy castle, french fry hut and heart maze. So, add us to your ad blocker’s whitelist or pay $1 per week for an ad-free version of WIRED.
EA's newest game, predictably named Theme Park, lets you design the amusement park of your dreams. To stay busy, you go around tapping on all sorts of things in your park to collect experience and money. So sad to see a greedy company completely ruin what might be a fun game to tinker with on your tablet or phone. The problem is that these in app purchases require a never ending stream of money to keep playing.
Don't ever get me started in games like Top Eleven where you have to pay money to actually compete against real people - so basically the richer you are the more you win.

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