The Life Coach Directory: Find the Life Coach Just Perfect for YouWelcome to the Life Coach Directory and congratulations if you are considering hiring the services of a certified life coach! Every coach featured on the Life Coach Directory has successfully completed a rigorous certification process that involves mastering theory, embarking on extensive practical training, taking a written exam and signing a declaration to abide by a code of ethics modelled on that required by COMENSA (Coaches and Mentors Association of South Africa).
Each coach featured on this life coach directory acts in his or her own independent capacity.
Make Lasting Change in All Areas of Your LifeLife Coaching – also called Personal Coaching – is a solution-focused approach to personal development that can help you to make lasting change in all areas of your life. With the motivation, support and caring that a quality life coach can provide, you will find you are capable of achieving far more, and leading a much more fulfilling life, than if left to your own devices. A life coach will guide and inspire you to bring about a clearer understanding of your aspirations, goals and life purpose – and to effect the necessary changes in your current and future behaviour to ensure the realisation of those goals and aspirations. Our Featured Life CoachIt is our pleasure to present, below, our featured coach, who is ready to assist you to take your life to the next level of possibility. Berenice’s mission is to guide and inspire her clients to find their true potential and achieve the greatness that they deserve. Natalie has a track record of helping corporate and private clients to excel in achieving their goals and leverage coaching as the key to their ongoing success. One thing is certain, Marion enjoys coaching people, whether that be one-to-one or in a group.
As she says, “I take great pleasure in helping entrepreneurs in small and medium sized businesses develop and execute their future business plans. Through her coaching Marion aims to open people’s eyes to how easily they can be the best they can. Hilary, through hjer practice  Nuhorizons, specialises in coaching people through important changes in their lives.
Hilary’s background in Occupational Therapy has given her a very practical outlook on life and a fascination for human behaviour. The two main areas Hilary focuses on in coaching are retirement and starting or scaling up a small business. Mats seeks to uncover and eliminate destructive behavioural and thinking patterns that impede progress, while equipping his clients with empowering tools that have been scientifically proven to work.
Mats offers a solution-focused approach to personal growth that is designed to make lasting changes in all areas of his clients’ lives. Ataraxia is all about empowering your life.  In a supportive environment with one on one sessions you will be pushed to excel, to be the best you can be and live your dreams. Nomase Sonqishe is a professional banker who is passionate about encouraging others and sees herself as the champion for the underdog. Nomase’s life purpose, underpinned by a strong belief that God has given us everything needed to be the best that we can be, is to enourage people to reach within themselves for their God given resources and thereby reach their goals and dreams,  ultimately discovering their own life purpose.
Dulci is President of U-Thrive International and is a successful Life Coach, Entrepreneurial Marketing Mindsets Mentor and Image Consultant.
Dulci has been an entrepreneur for all of her adult life and has substantial experience in the fields of business marketing, image and mindsets. Under Dulci’s leadership, U-Thrive’s mission is to equip individuals and business clients with ambition, to Thrive beyond their wildest dreams!
Timothy is a Pretoria based life coach who provides a challenging, supportive and empowering environment within which to achieve your personal and professional goals. Timothy can provide coaching and motivational speaking throughout Gauteng and South Africa using Skype and the Telephone.
Marlene places great importance on building relationships with her clients within set boundaries. Evette is constantly amazed by the power we have within; the power we possess to make the changes we desire, the power to lead extraordinary lives … and yet the power that our minds have to convince us otherwise! Evette understands the power we have to dream courageous dreams and yet, as she says: “Dreams will stay dreams without the courage to take action fearlessly”. Evette’s own dream – and the dream she is realising as a life coach – is to set her clients free from the fears and limiting beliefs that hold them back and introduce empowering beliefs needed to live the lives they dream about. After the sudden death of her husband in a cycling accident at age 44 – and the traumatic experience of heroin addiction of a loved one – Frances embarked on an intense spiritual and life changing journey, which led her to find her purpose and passion in life: helping others to discover their own unique gifts and pursue their passions. Frances has been through the ‘school of life’ and uses her wisdom, intuition and experience to guide and equip her clients to find renewal and live a life of love, joy, peace and abundance.
If you are ready to start designing the life you know inside yourself you are truly capable of living, then Tania is the coach for you.
Herman boasts 30 years experience in business and management and specialises in business and personal development coaching. Herman feels privileged to help people become the best they can be in their business and in their personal lives. Studying Psychology increased Tobo’s interest in understanding human behaviour and how to help people understand the potential they have within.
Michelle worked in marketing and sales for some 25 years and couldn’t help but notice how clients always opened up to her, wanting to trust in her and share their personal problems and aspirations with her. Michelle took this as a cue to start looking into personal coaching and healing methods that would allow her to assist clients with difficulties and inspire them to be their best. Personal life goals setting ranks as one of those top ten things on everyone’s favorite things to do on a bright sunny afternoon. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. This site is geared to helping you find just the right coach for you, so you can get going fast, and be all you can be! Coaches facilitate this change using specific tools and scientifically tested techniques that work, thereby empowering you to be the very best you can be. Now, as a life coach, she is doing what comes naturally but with the added benefit of top quality training and certification to add to her extensive life and career experience.
Marion has also completed the executive coaching course at UCT and has now found her niche in business coaching.
Change is inevitable; it is how we deal with it that helps us achieve what we want out of life.

Many years of running her own small businesses have given Hilary great insight into this sector making her the ideal coach to help you bring about positive change in your SME. This allows his clients to heighten their awareness of who they really are and to live more consciously.
He aims to help you identify your passion and develop it with action, growth, confidence and motivation.
Nomase always sees potential for growth in everyone she comes across and knows that with encouragement this potential can be unleashed so that they may succeed in any chosen area of  life. Clients will learn how to turn frustration into liberation as well as how to change their image inside and out such that they will be successful, happy and financially rewarded. His passion is to see his clients lead their lives well and develop to their full potential.
She has over 30 years experience in corporate Human Resources, Finance and Training & Development leadership in various roles. Using a goal oriented approach, she helps her clients to face and overcome obstacles by seeking alternatives to find holistic solutions to issues. And with a powerful combination of advanced coach training and a wealth of business experience he is uniquely equipped to do just that! As a wife, mother of five and a business woman she would love to see all young people grow into responsible, focused, proactive adults who will not stop at anything to achieve their goals. This brought her to the realisation that her true passion lies not in products but in people. Knowing our destination gives us the opportunity to examine the gap between our destination and our current state. From Uniform to Uniform: Transitioning from the Military to the Civilian Job Market provides tips, exercises, and helps to military and others looking to transition from one career to another.
Husband of the same lovely lady for 36 years, father of two great kids, and grandfather of three red-heads. As such in this shrinking world that is getting united with advancement in technology and communication, English oral communication skills play an important role. She has the ability to offer compassion blended with the necessary firmness that ensures her clients are pushed to find their greatness.
Then she motivates them to take the actions they need to, always testing to ensure she is adding real value.
With those two points, we can establish a road map to get us from where we are to where we want to go. We get distracted by the million and one priorities that want to take first place and end up frustrated by the “wisdom” we’ve heard from all the voices around us. You are expected to be able to converse in this language if you wish to take part actively in all the happenings in this advanced and globalised world.In this modern era one needs to have the basic skills to communicate in English. I mean really put some short-term and long-term goals that are specific and in reach that you want to accomplish in a set time frame? And on the map, we can set up check points along the way to make sure we didn’t make a wrong turn or if we did, we can get back on track before we get completely lost.
However, many people lack the ability to communicate in English and hence, often, suffer from inferiority complex. They fall back and lag behind others in this competitive world and often fail to reach the pinnacle of their career owing to the lack of oral communication skills.
He or she can give you some processes to help you weed through the stack of “good” things to get clarity in your life and understand what you really want as your long-term life goals and how to achieve them. They often retreat from important conversations and events and fail to establish career growth.How to Start improving Oral Communication Skills?Oral communication skills start with understanding, reading, writing and then presenting.
I'm a certified change management advanced practitioner, executive coach, leadership trainer, and strategic planner. If you keep a safe distance from English conversation or stay away from articulate English speaking person, then you should improve your oral communication skills now.
Do not let the inability to converse in English become your major barrier in your career improvement.
Understanding the fundamentals of oral communication: Before you step into the reality and advance your oral communication skills, it is quite essential to understand the basics of communication skills.
Do not refrain from practicing oral communication in English in the fear of making mistakes and getting embarrassed. Initially, you might face difficulty, yet with practice and proper guidance, you will definitely improve.2. Kick off your hesitance: Hesitation and thinking about how people perceive you if you commit mistakes while speaking is the greatest fear that almost everyone, especially non-native English speakers experience. However, this fear will haunt you till the last day of your life, until and unless you start giving a damn to it. On the journey of developing exceptional oral communication skills, these kinds of thinking should not create hindrances.4.
In order to bring out your skills and fluency in speaking, you should practice speaking with your families, colleagues and friends in English!Effective Techniques to Improve Oral Communication Skills:Certainly, you cannot become skillful in communicating in English in a single day.
The learning process should be started from the scratch and must be completed successfully. Overcome all your fears and worries by practicing English speaking and participating in conversations spontaneously.1. Read as much as you can: Reading is considered to be the best practice that can enhance basic oral communication skills. Also, this will aid you in developing your thinking process and enhance your sharpness in gathering ideas and expressing them in English.2. Check out the dictionaries: Dictionary is a wizard of new words with its synonyms, meanings, adjective and noun forms. Also, dictionary explains the word with in-depth explanation and example, helping the readers to learn the worda€™s usage. In your spare time, you can always look for some uncommon words and their meaning with pronunciation in the dictionaries.3. Listen to learn: Listening is another practice that will help you to train yourself for oral communication.

Initially, you will be diverted from the listening as most of the words will appear to be unfamiliar and you might not be able to comprehend everything in one go. Also, the accent of a native English speaker might also be non-understandable as you might find difficulty in understanding the tone and accent of the spoken words and sentences. However, gradually you will learn, but for that you need to have lot of patience and perseverance. Listening to slow English songs, speech, presentations, news, debate or watching movies will help you a lot. Writing the necessary points: While you read, you generally come across some specific words that are tough to spell out. Also, writing helps you to become familiar with sentence construction, which will later help you in conversation.5. However, murmuring will certainly not help you in getting over your oral communication lags. Read loud so that you can clearly hear your own voice and make out the mistakes while reading. The golden tips for making your communication skills better are to pronounce each and every word clearly and loudly. Read whatever you get in your hand, whether a torn out page from old book or a column from news paper .6. Ask your guide or teacher: The communication issues or errors can be corrected at the bud if you approach your teacher or guide who holds expertise in English. Clearing the doubts related to both grammatical and sentence construction issues will significantly help you become skilled at oral communication.7. Take help from Google Translator: Google, being the best option for the e-learners, can help you in clearing your doubts.
If a particular pronunciation is bothering you, enter the word in Google Translator and click the audio version to listen to the actual accent.8. Look out for Online Dictionary: Other than Google Translator, you can take the assistance of Oxford online dictionary or other renowned dictionaries. These dictionaries, not only have wide range of words and their meanings, but there is an audio version available. Moreover, you would find the phonetic transcription of each and every word which will give you a clear idea of the accent and intonation of the given word.9. Enhance your vocabulary skills: A good orator has new words in his or her vocabulary and uses them intelligently while speaking. So, when you are on the way to becoming a good oral communicator, you should augment your vocabulary skills as well. Watch movies for learning more: If watching English movies during leisure is your favorite pass time, then you are a lucky one. Attend English-activities going around you: How about spending an evening in debate or discussion sessions in your locality? You may find many activities going on especially during the weekends in local community halls or auditoriums. Enroll yourself in conversation clubs: You may find ample of conversation clubs all around the city, where special classes for improving oral communications are held. Engaging in debates and discussions: If you have few willing friends who also want to boost up their English oral communication skills, then plan a debate or discussion session with them. A healthy and interactive session once or twice a week will definitely help you in learning and sharing.14.
Find out helping materials from the market: Better to avoid books quoting a€?learn to speak English in five daysa€™ or similar to this!
There are some really inspirational English learning books available in the market that will empower your oral communication skills.15. Inquisitiveness- the pillar to success: How inquisitiveness helps in improving English oral communication skills is not new to anyone. Curiosity brings in the urge to learn new words, accept the challenges and develop smooth communication skills.
Unless you are curious to learn new, you will never develop confidence and knowledge.How to Apply the oral Communication Skills You Have Learnt?Now, after you came to know about the techniques, you need to find out how to apply the skills that you learnt. Become friendly and approachable while speaking: Communication made in friendly tone always gets an upper hand compared to communication done in a formal manner.
Be brief and highlight on the points as often too lengthy and enlarged speech becomes monotonous and moves out of track.3. Apply gestures while speaking: While you speak, try making your point clear by including some gestures with the help of your hands and face. Confident body language: While you are engaged in oral communication, your body posture is a factor that will speak more than your words. A decent and approachable body language engages the audiences, while hunched shoulders and crossed arms reflect your unwillingness in speaking.5. A calm and composed attitude shows your patience, sincerity, respect, honesty and value for the work.6.
Stick to any one accent: While speaking you should apply your skills intelligently and shouldna€™t mix up the accents. Speak with humbleness: Besides patience, you should also work on improving your modesty while speaking.
This enhances your oral communication skills in English.By now, you have got the ways to improve the oral communication skills.
As a newbie, you might come across various hurdles, but keep your calm, dedication and patience and carry on! By practicing hard, you can reach greater heights and might end up becoming an English orator one day!

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