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You work way too many hours and you believe if you were to leave even for a short vacation, things might fall apart, but boy, you are ready to work less! If you need to fall back in love with your business, a business coach is just the tool to help you do that. A business coach is a service you have to pay for and that can sometimes stop people from making the call.
Yes, that is sarcasm dripping off of that title, but it is a Friday and after a summer full of recruiting, I thought that it would get your attention. We all have our bad days, we all have times that we get caught up in our own emotions and sometimes the emotions of the game, but it is during those times that we should watch ourselves, bite our tongues, and keep our lips sealed. So, as a coach, I have made my list of things that I have seen parents do that make me want to cross their daughter off of our list.
3)   Belittling the decisions of the coach– This too can make a college recruiter wonder if this will happen at the next level and if they are behaviors that your daughter will exhibit as well. 4)   Stalking on the sidelines- Depending on the timing of the recruiting process and the level of division, there are times that college coaches are and are not allowed to speak to you or your daughter. 5)   Lying in the recruiting process- Coaches want to start out with honesty in the process, and as a parent, you would want the same from that coach.
6) Pitting one program against another– The coaching world can be small and many of us are close friends and honest colleagues with each other.
As coaches, we diligently take notes on the sideline, we watch the actions of your daughter, on the field and off.
These are a few examples of the negative aspects that can be seen on the recruiting sidelines or during the process. Through marketing their workout programs with infomercials, Beachbody eventually became a profitable company in 2000, doing just 4.3  million dollars in revenue.
It is important to know the history of Beachbody because knowing the history and seeing some of the actual numbers will help you determine whether or not Beachbody Coaching is a scam. Now let me ask you this, why would a profitable company, that already had a proven track record of success, and the #1 infomercial in the country, choose to launch some sort of scammy home business opportunity? If you have been reading along, you already know my opinion and that it being a Beachbody Coach is in no way a scam. Because most network marketing companies have a low start up cost, and have no requirements to join, anyone can get involved.

The truth is, having success as a Beachbody Coach, having success in any network marketing company, heck, having success in anything in life takes hard work and real effort. People that willing to approach things with an open mind, and that are willing to learn and try new things will see that network marketing is actually an awesomel business model that implements true teamwork and personal development.
When someone asks me if, or tells me that Beachbody Coaching and network marketing is a scam, I always like to drop Donald Trump’s name. Powerful techniques to build an online life coaching business, business coaching business, health and wellness coaching business, relationship coaching business and more. Many businesses, especially those that think outside the box, are recognizing that having a business coach is a powerful tool that your business can take advantage of. You can call the coaching by many names – executive coaching, small business coaching, business coaching and there are others – bottom line is that any one of these can help your company to become far more efficient.
If you aren’t making the profits you thought you would it’s time to change that and turn things around. If you are a parent, keep your eyes going and your mind open, as you may read something that helps your daughter in the recruiting process. It does make a recruiting coach wonder if those same actions will happen on the sidelines at the college level.
Even if your daughter is a star player, team dynamics and cohesion go a long way for most coaching staffs. Education of the NCAA rules will help with this and most of the time, if a coach can and wants to speak with you or your daughter, they will. We look for those all stars, those program changers, and we also look for those student athletes who are of character. With the competitiveness of this recruiting process, that positivity surrounding your daughter can go a long way in most coaches books. Most people think Beachbody is a brand new company, however they have actually been around since 1998. By 2003, because of the popularity of the hit workouts Slim On 6, and P90x, Beachbody’s annual revenue increased to 60 million dollars a year. As you can see from the charts above, Beachbody is on pace to be a billion dollars a year company by 2015. I’ve found that a lot of people have preconceived notions about network marketing in general, and assume that every company involved in network marketing is shady. Maybe these people were recruited under false pretenses or false hype, or maybe these people were just lazy. Many coaches get coach training, are excellent at their craft, but fail to get clients and make a profitable coaching business.

The coach of your daughter is probably doing the best that they can do for her and for the team.
Our notes are just not of what takes place on the field but of all the information that can be drawn out of the recruiting process. It makes me smile and it is noted when a parent gives encouragement not only to their daughter but to her teammates and her coaches. In this post I’m going to provide with all of the information you will need to make an informed decision on if this is a real opportunity, or just another scam. As with most companies, it took Beachbody a few years to get the ball rolling and become profitable. This has proved to be a wise decision, as Beachbody’s revenue has since grown to over 600 millions dollars, and expect that number to grow to over 1 billion dollars by 2015. There are many reasons why people might have negative feelings about this business model, and it mostly stems from not understanding how it works. It isn’t enough to be willing to learn new things, you will be to be eager to learn new things. A business coach can help you turn your old business model into a new business model that’s more powerful and profitable. When you build a team, it can motivate everyone and allow you to create a powerful team with the help of your business coach. Whether you are building a simple marketing plan or a full business your business coach is an excellent sounding board and can be an invaluable tool and sounding board to help you get your passion back! If there is a disagreement, a discussion off the field may be a better decision than letting it out for all to hear.
Honesty is the best policy and communicating through any difficult issues or conversations are best, for your daughter and for the future program.
I take note of how a parent meets their daughter after a hard fought loss and how they celebrate in a courageous win.
Your business coach isn’t there to make the decisions for you, but they are there to open you up and help you explore how you might reach the goals you have and make the profits you desire.
I observe their interactions with other parents and how they present themselves on the sideline and when they converse with the youth coaches.

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