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10th CBSE students, lucky students now since the board exams have been abolished but not lucky enough to get a good competition which is must required as it is the right time to prepare for the competitions. Pioneer Mathematics will not only prepare you for your future competitions but also prepare you for 10th CBSE examinations. Formative assessment-I, Formative assessment-II in the form of Online tests to make the students online savvy with instant results and result graphs.
Vedic mathematics to train you become human calcluator and do calculations lightning fast.
Till now there has been confusion among the students as well as the teachers regarding the CCE papers, its working and implementation.

The abolition of board exams in turn gives an oppurtunity to 10th CBSE students for competition preparation.
10th class Olympiad Foundation course will provide exposure to students at international level. Pioneer Mathematics CBSE 10th class online coaching along with content quality and quantity will force the student to mould, sharpen his brain and surely help him become a mathematics champion. Sharma solution is not available anywhere and this is the most important book for getting extra mathematics knowledge and strengthening the base. Objective practice with smart solutions will give them 2-way thinking of solving the question and thus sharpening their perspective. Due to reduction in stress and mental burden of board exams students can now lay stong base and foundation for their future competition exam.
The recommended textbooks for this content are NCERT Mathematics textbooks for classes IX and X.

10th class IIT Foundation Course in most useful specially for IIT and engineering aspirants and even for Commerce and Medical students. Pioneer Mathematics provides completes preparation of 10th CBSE mathematics according to latest CCE pattern. 10th class Olympiad Foundation Program will lay the strong base for olympiad preparation for the students who will be trained on regional mathematics Olympiad, national and international level.

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