Today, I’m going to impart one the world’s most colorful entrepreneur’s secrets to building lasting wealth. Statistically, the likelihood of a crash coming on any given day is small, but eventually all investors get whacked.
November 21, 2012 By Mike Cernovich 11 Comments I once drove a 33-year old friend of mine to the ER. The first thing you’ll notice about How to Get Rich (here) is that the author did not get rich selling people self-help advice on getting rich.
How to Get Rich is something ever-so-slightly new in the world, or at least I have tried to make it so.
My book points out, in harsh detail, the damage to your present contentment and the risk to future and existing relationships that you run by seeking to get rich. Getting rich means getting divorced, paying alimony and child support, having nervous breakdowns, using massive amounts of drugs, paying whores to have sex with you (there’s no time for game when you are chasing real paper), never being able to trust people who claim to love you, dreading talking to people because you know they are all looking for a way to get into your pockets.
He tells you to work 14-18 hour days, ruin your relationships with friends and families, destroy your health…all for the chance at being rich. Read this book awhile back and it is a great read because it is not the usual inspirational BS that anyone can get rich with ease.
Motivating but also makes you question if you are really willing to pay the price that it will take. Of course it may happen, but the point is you will have to commit to risks that may ruin them. But when I see and hear about the hours some guys are working to make someone else rich…What the fuck?
I agree with him, they’re is absolutely no way of becoming rich quick (unless you have some shitty parents who are always giving you money). But what I tend to disagree with him on is, these two points that I read on the amazon summary for his book, and yes I am judging the book by its cover(summary?).
The reason I disagree with his philosophy on great ideas being overrated is because if you believe your idea is great enough, then shit by all means take it to its limits, and people will see that.
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Today, he recalls this life-changing experience, and…Bill BonnerAre Investors Idiots? Graduating magna cum laude with a degree in finance and an MBA from the University of Maryland, he began his business career as a corporate banker. It is an anti-self-improvement book – because it admits openly that the chances of anyone reading it it and then become rich are minuscule.
It also deals with the coarsening of your nature that will accompany the rough and tumble of acquiring a piece of pie from another’s table.

His point was you have to be a covetous asshole and screw a fair number of people to get that kind of money.
And if you end up failing, you’ve still succeeded by gaining experience in what you were doing, and using that for next venture. By Bill Bonner Posted May 23, 2016Statistically, the likelihood of a crash coming on any given day is small, but eventually all investors get whacked.
By Bill BonnerPosted May 23, 2016Statistically, the likelihood of a crash coming on any given day is small, but eventually all investors get whacked. It points out, too, that avarice is tremendously time-consuming and that time is in somewhat short supply – our lives are way too short. But $10M is totally achievable without being a dick to anyone, and sane people would regard that as rich. By Greg Guenthner Posted March 29, 2016Does oil’s huge rally mean it’s time for us to bet on higher prices? If you’ve never read his book, How to Get Rich, you’re missing out on the best book of its kind. Each issue is packed full of incredible insight from some of the most respected names in finances, as well as several chances for you to discover real profit opportunities.
His book, Invest Like a Dealmaker, Secrets of a Former Banking Insider, documents his ability to analyze macro issues and micro investment opportunities to produce an exceptional long-term track record of winning ideas.
By Michael Covel Posted May 18, 2016Warren Buffett just took a big bite out of Apple to the tune of $1.1 billion. Dennis made his money publishing hobbyist and lifestyle magazines, beginning with Kung-Fu Monthly in 1974.
In today’s Pfennig, Chuck…Markets, Manias and Cranks, Part II By Brian Maher Posted May 20, 2016Is cash becoming a “barbarous relic”?
In today’s Pfennig, Chuck Butler outlines what is going to happen… Markets, Manias and Cranks, Part II By Brian MaherPosted May 20, 2016Is cash becoming a “barbarous relic”? He became fond of planting trees and created a charity that planted its millionth tree last September. Since then, he’s written a number of well-regarded books of poetry.I’ve read a bunch of obituaries on the man. Bill Bonner explains…How the Fed Is Fooling You Again? By Michael Covel Posted May 23, 2016Michael Covel reveals why you should ignore the noise coming from Janet Yellen and her minions at the Fed. He owned many businesses, houses, cars, thousands of acres of land, bronze statues, art on the walls and libraries stuffed with first editions. Michael Covel reveals what his trend following…The REAL Story You Missed Yesterday By Greg Guenthner Posted March 17, 2016The financial noise machine has drowned out the real story behind this week’s biggest market moves. Paul Getty, who once said, “If you can actually count your money, then you are not really a rich man.” Forced to guess, Dennis put his fortune between $400–900 million.

It is a little gem of a book.Felix Dennis (1947–2014)For one thing, unlike a lot of such books, Dennis wrote it himself.
A good thing, too, because it turns out Dennis is a pretty good writer.Second, of course, he did get rich before he wrote the book. Which is more than you can say about some of these kinds of books.More importantly, though, the tone of this book is entirely different than anything in the genre because Dennis writes a lot about the personal costs of getting rich. Because in the quest to get rich, getting rich must be at the top of the list.That means you can’t care about what your neighbors might think. He says if you have “artistic inclinations and fear that the search for wealth will coarsen such talents,” you’ll never get rich. If you are not prepared to work more than anyone else, you won’t get rich.You have to forget about the idea of having a “career” or working for someone else.
It is an “anti-self-improvement” book — because it admits openly that the chances of anyone reading it and then becoming rich are minuscule. He notes the world is full of people incessantly telling you why something won’t work and who seem to delight in spreading their outlook of doom. I would rather have tried and failed, in most cases, than have taken the safer course that so often appears wiser in the abstract.Lack of fear is a good start, but there is much more.
He was in the business because he found out that he could make a lot of money publishing them.“And so I became a magazine publisher,” he writes. At least in his case, the answer seems to be yes.The most important part of the book is found on Pages 238-242.
It’s in a chapter called “A Recap for Idlers.” The key point is that the richest are those with the most time. Or, at least, only occasionally, when I am walking in the woods alone, or deeply ensconced in composing a difficult piece of verse, or sitting quietly with old friends over a bottle of wine. Or feeding a stray cat… I could do all those things without wealth.As should be clear by now, you to don’t have to make yourself a slave to getting rich to take some lessons from Dennis.
Yet investing well can make you very well off indeed, as well as enrich your life in many other ways as you learn about the world around you and all kinds of interesting people.Dennis is one of those interesting characters whom I think we can learn something from.
I would also say that it makes a great book to pass on to a young person bent on getting a lot of money.

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