I attended national real estate conventions to witness first-hand the activity behind the scenes. Assuming you follow our advice of maintaining a reserve account for each of your properties to cover future maintenance and repairs, you will have made $12,000 in net profit over those five years. If you’re going to put your investment capital, credit, and possibly your income at “risk” for $12,000, then you’ll need more than just cash flow to make it worthwhile. Going back to our example above, what would happen if we averaged only 5% appreciation per year in addition to the $2,400 in cash flow? With only 5% appreciation per year you’d make over two (2) times more money in equity than cash flow alone. Did you forget that appreciation in many markets used to be over 10% as recently as four years ago? Of course, in addition to the positive cash flow and money made through appreciation, you also benefit from the amortization of the mortgage and the tax benefits through depreciation, tax deferred exchanges and lower capital gains when holding your property for more than a year and a day. Now is the time to be investing with so many markets near their cyclical bottom or turning back up. If you’d like more insight and actionable advice, consider a free strategy session with one of our Investment Counselors. Matthew: I think the main idea is that cashflow alone still has issues and just buying rentals for beginning investors will not make them rich. Always invest for cash flow first, then if you have an opportunity to realize a big gain due to some circumstance then you now have 2 ways to win. Do you typically advice investors to base their investment strategies on projected appreciation? Your commitment to always give value to your prospects (web site tools, blog, personal time, etc.) is a terrific distinguishing attribute and sets Norada apart from other real estate firms.
Marco was professional, helpful and informative throughout my initial investment opportunity.  His knowledge, guidance and support made my experience exceptional!
The process was incredibly easy and the investment exceeded our objectives.  Thank you for providing us the opportunity to hit a home run and strengthen our financial portfolio!

I appreciate the great level of service that you guys gave, and will definitely keep you in mind for future deals. The entire investment property ordeal was very foreign to me, despite the research that I was able to do prior. Norada provided me with great service and they were flexible with some of my issues during the transaction process. I would definitely consider Norada since Marco is very active in BP.  In addition, he is very responsive and knowledgeable! Marco stepped up to the plate and became an exceptionally well versed, educated and valuable provider of quality properties and resources for anyone buying. I appreciate the continued excellent customer service and advice that was provided along the way.
I am looking forward to expanding my real estate portfolio and would not hesitate to use Marco and Norada again. One thing I like about your company is the ability to be in several different markets to help diversify my real estate portfolio. Marco was a great help in helping to simplify the process of looking for an investment property.  Thanks Marco!
They proclaim that the magical mystery tour is coming to your town, for one day only, and one phone call can secure your reservation, but hurry because seats are limited!These masters of real estate secrets have a secret all right to share with you. Of course, the fact that you can borrow money against your real estate, use that money to make more investments and not have to pay tax on the borrowed money… now THAT is a great reason to get into real estate. It requires a LOT of properties with cashflow (spread the risk accross multiple properties) and then you are rich.
Although we were talking about cash flow where the money is involve the fact of doing this is a good experience how is your money used as a tool for having a business which sometimes makes you happy and that I would say being happy is more rich because it is hard to find but the money was just there. Speculate first and you can only with by finding a bigger fool to pay you more than you paid. I want to commend Marco for being so transparent, informative, and diligent with me; you are a great businessman!

There are exceptions like flagstaff, AZ which limits the number of new builds… Portland and other cities do the same. The difference is the price of the material and labor due to inflation or the perceived value of a location.
Of course, I agree with you that if you can have enough passive income from NOT working then you are rich!
Would it be more prudent to wait out rental market property prices as well, to make sure there’s more appreciation when the cycle finally kicks up? Keep looking for the ideal investments and as long as you keep looking and are realist with the time frames and the parameters of your investments, you should be fine.
You can enjoy life while you are becomming wealthy and at the same time you set a good example for the ones watching you.
This identified the financial situation of likely suspects by the seminar speaker's crew, as the various colored dots each represented a specific investment goal. For example, those with red dots might have $100,000 to invest; whereas those with blue dots might have less than $10,000 in the bank. During the course of our conversation, I mentioned a specific method I discovered that encouraged tenants to buy real estate.
Right after lunch I walked by this guy's seminar room and heard him sharing my idea with his class, claiming to have put together such a transaction himself, when in fact he had not. He repeated this statement over and over until he himself believed it, but the truth was he owned nothing. The techniques are not geared toward the average investor regardless of the promises and hype. Reed maintains an excellent Web site that exposes seminar frauds.At the time of writing, Elizabeth Weintraub, DRE # 00697006, is a Broker-Associate at Lyon Real Estate in Sacramento, California.

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